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3. april 2024

Seems like it should work well but the yellow check doesn't go away after creating a text checkout?

12 måneder bruger appen
Secomapp svarede 22. april 2024

Hi there. This is Stark from UpPromote support. Following our recent communication, you confirmed that the issue was not originating from UpPromote. We really hope that you share your experience specifically regarding UpPromote and refrain from referencing any other applications. Your feedback is highly valued as it helps us continuously enhance our services. Thank you for using UpPromote.

3. december 2023

I am giving this 2 stars because of the very low quality of affiliates they allow to sign up on the platform. Mostly foreign coupon sites inquired. Further, I do not believe they have remotely the number they claim. I sell a fairly common mens fashion product. Yet when I search for affiliates there was only ONE affiliate that turned up. An amatuer with no audience. The tools might work fine, I don't know. But if you are signing up because there is a great base of quality affilaites to contact, don't bother.

Bristol Aviator Watches
9 måneder bruger appen
Secomapp svarede 10. december 2023

Hello there. This is Stark from UpPromote support. Thank you for the feedback. We built UpPromote as a tool for users to build and manage the affiliate. Although the app does have some features to support users get more affiliates, providing affiliates has never been a main point of the app. However, we do have ambition of making our own network. Therefore, improving the Marketplace will be our focus in 2024. We hope that in 2024, we can show you what we can do with it.
For now, I hope you can keep enjoying the app. In case you need assistance with finding affiliates, feel free to reach us via the in-app chat.

16. august 2023

Everything is excellent!!! except.... auto payments through paypal and store credit are only on the $89.99 a month plan, otherwise you have to process manual payments for everyone. I am used to using Impact where the financing portion is completely taken care of on their end where I only fund Impact and they distribute. This affiliate software is still a good user friendly software that would probably work amazingly well only for a handful number affiliates that do over $600 a year since you have to issue out the 1099s yourself.

Earth Harmony Retail
9 dage bruger appen
Secomapp svarede 18. august 2023

Hello there. This is Stark from UpPromote support. Thank you for the feedback. Our pricing plan has been tailored to match different sizes of businesses. Compared to Impact, we believe that our pricing is much lower. Anyway, we do understand you requirements and would love to give you a hand there. We've sent you a message via the in-app chat, so please check that out.

19. oktober 2023

I have not receive any sales through it yet

ReemohAccessories - Unleash Your Inner Shine
3 måneder bruger appen
Secomapp svarede 24. oktober 2023

Hi there. This is Stark from UpPromote Support. I do understand the frustration of waiting for affiliates to start bringing sales. We're here to help starters like you. I've just sent you an email with some recommendations. Please take a look at it and we can discuss further.

17. juli 2023

tried to ask for a bit of support only shared links,not interested in helping just interested in getting rid of me and telling me to join your webinar. It is your app shopify at least says we can't help with 3rd party apps

Cirka en time bruger appen
Secomapp svarede 24. juli 2023

Hello there. This is Stark from UpPromote support. Thank you for the feedback. After reviewing you conversation with our agent, I think there might be some misunderstanding. We would love to hear you out and have a chance working with you to resolve any issue you've been having. Please feel free to reach us at or the in-app chat anytime.

14. januar 2020

Pretty expensive for only 50 referrals a month. Absolutely not worth the price as there are others that have unlimited for half the monthly price

Power of Mjolnir
Mere end et år bruger appen
Secomapp svarede 14. januar 2020

Thanks for your feedback.
We set our pricing rules based on general market pricing as well as the value that we can bring to all merchants.

Our team always care and listen to customers in order to optimize user experience, we also do regular research to update new features to meet users' requirement and make sure the system would run seamlessly with high accuracy. And i believe it's the reason why you're still using our Growth plan so if you think of any suggestion to our team about pricing plans, just feel free to send us an email to

*Update: We have just increased referrals a month for our plans:
Free version : from 30 to 200 referrals / month
Growth version: from 50 to 300 referrals / month
Pro version : from 300 to 600 referrals / month

The price doesn't change.

Redigeret 26. oktober 2020

Be aware of that sometimes google ad orders appear on affiliate orders too. Also a couple of my very old b2b orders appeared like an affiliate order. Which I made the agreement via phone than the customer visited the website organically and made the purchase. I have sent many screenshots and emailed them about these issues and the reply was "These referral orders are tracked probably because the customer clicked on the affiliate link before" Well, I have tracked them, and both Shopify analytics and google analytics disagree with you. 3 stars because I used it for free and I still have little doubts about if they were right or not. I removed the app. Wish you luck.

Cirka et år bruger appen
31. marts 2022

Hi, I have running my Shopify shop for more than one year. I do Dropshipping, recently Shopify needed me to provide BRC or tax document. I was retired and a sole propriator, no above document, so I cannot use the Shopify payment in my shop.
Now I want to change the mode to do Affiliate marketing, so I have no experience on UpPromote, but I believe I can learn it fast. If it can help me gain profit, sure I will rate it good.

SAR Hongkong
Cirka et år bruger appen
Secomapp svarede 6. april 2022

Hello there. This is Stark from UpPromote support. Thank you for the feedback. You must be needing some assistance from us. We would love to hear you out and to have a chance working with you to resolve any issue you've been having. Please feel free to reach us at anytime.

Redigeret 5. januar 2020

I set up my account with them I just want to test it before I leave a review I will write another review once I see results.

10 måneder bruger appen
27. oktober 2022

The recent changes made to this App are not great. Affiliates struggle to see their networks. The App does not open directly anymore.

Amaryllis Apparel
8 måneder bruger appen
Secomapp svarede 28. oktober 2022

Hi there! I'm Stark from UpPromote Support. Thank you for the insights. The recent change is just the beginning of our huge plan for UpPromote in the near future. We're aiming for a much greater user experience by developing a whole new app interface embedded in Shopify. With that, you can easily navigate UpPromote functions and Shopify admin sections all in one page/browser tab. We hope to get your empathy on this temporary change as we believe the next changes will definitely be worth your patience. Thank you very much <3