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12. Juni 2024

Does not work and there is no access to customer service. It has been a year. No one has contacted me. My affiliates are selling things but getting no credit so they abandoned it. We lost a lot of business pursuing affiliates who then thought we were just not paying them for links they could SEE from their end. No response ever from customer service.

CPLI (Command Performance Books)
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5. Juni 2024

BEWARE! I signed up for the $89.99 Professional plan with a two week free trial. Unfortunately, it took more than two weeks to find all the flaws with this app, such as the coupon automation not working for all the "outreach" programs and, most importantly, the "Post Purchase" outreach is not linked to purchases in any way. It's linked to acquiring new email addresses. Therefore, if you are asking customers to sign up for email marketing when they enter your store, they'll receive a "post purchase" ambassadorship email - even without purchasing your product.

When I realized all the flaws with their software and canceled, unsubscribed, and deleted the app, we were halfway through the first billing cycle. When I asked them to refund the prorated amount for the second half of the billing cycle, they refused. Therefore, they essentially STOLE half a month worth of my money when I wasn't even subscribed to or using their app.

Stay away! There are other cheaper apps that do not have flaws and have better customer service in which they do not steal from their customers.

dog Sap
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Etwa ein monat mit der App
Secomapp hat geantwortet 7. Juni 2024

Hello there,

This is Stark from UpPromote support. Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts. I believe there might be some confusion about our two features: Post-purchase popup and Convert signed-up customers. Let me clarify:

- The Post-purchase popup appears after a successful purchase, inviting customers to become your affiliates.
- The Convert signed-up customers feature automatically creates affiliate accounts for all customers listed in your Shopify admin > Customers section, including those who signed up an account on your store and those who made a purchase.
Due to the nature of these features, they cannot be used simultaneously.

Regarding your refund request, I feel we haven't discussed this thoroughly enough. We never intend to "steal" any users' money. I've sent you a follow-up email about this matter and hope you can review it so we can resolve this for you.

Best regards,

30. Mai 2024

Our company is looking for affiliates. Non of the affiliates we contacted in the Uppromote Market Place had any interest in our product, even with a very fair % commission. Invites were submitted to over thirty affiliates.
The app appears to be more suited for those that already have affiliates, and not for companies that are starting with affiliates or are looking for more affiliates. It's too bad as the app is user friendly and appears to function perfectly for companies that have affiliates.

Florida Nutrition Centre
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24 tage mit der App
11. Juni 2024

I’ve uninstalled the app but they still charged me $69, this is unacceptable, I don’t recommend

Elhar Body
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18. Februar 2024

This app has done nothing for us. In the first few months something was missing. We were charged without getting notified that there was an issue. This was fixed. In the subsequent months still nothing was happening; we weren't getting any referrals or sales from this app. For us this app was waste of money. Maybe for other stores it works; looks like this app is getting high ratings. I don't know how. We didn't get much support to replicate other stores' success, if indeed this app boosted their sales.
Vereinigte Staaten
12 monate mit der App
Secomapp hat geantwortet 25. Februar 2024

Hi there. This is Stark from UpPromote support. It's sad that the app didn't work out well for you. Active engagement and motivation of affiliates are crucial for your business' success. UpPromote is a tool that you should utilize with proactive effort on your part as well. We do hope to get another chance to assist and help you with your affiliate marketing campaign.

19. Januar 2024

WARNING! Those who upgrade to this FROM THE $300 OPTION get offered ZERO discount... That is UNLESS you cancel the next day and they knock off $150 off THE $800, if you select "Was too expensive" - What about those that just buy it? Oh, they get nothing by the way.

For me, that's a disgrace in terms of business-to-business ethics

The basic set of features are lacking, you cannot even setup auto payment to paypal with the basic version, and the accounting options are all greyed out/missing, or constantly saying upgrade to pro next to them - If you have any subscription-based products where it requires a VERY simple , 3 minute bit of code, they force you to go onto pro which $800 a year

HCS Voice Packs Ltd
Vereinigtes Königreich
3 monate mit der App
Secomapp hat geantwortet 20. Januar 2024

Hi there. This is Stark - CS manager at UpPromote. I'm sorry that our discount offer has upset you in such an unexpected way. We do acknowledge that some users need to use a single feature in a higher plan while cannot afford the whole subscription plan. Therefore, we consider the discount offer to be some help from us. As with any other SaaS business, offering discounts for users who want to leave is a very common effort to retain users. We never meant to upset our users like that.
Anyway, in the first quarter of 2024, we're going to do some testing and consider applying a new subscription model in which users can subscribe to separate features. We hope that with this new model, we can reach and assist more small businesses. Anyway, we always value feedback from users, so thank you for sharing your insights.


29. Dezember 2023

I am super frustrated with the service
I had the help of various affiliates to promove the product. We achieved a great success in Christmas sales but the affiliates did not receive nothing. We found it weird, than we tested it and what happened was that the platform was updating. Even though they were selling the platform did not show them neither de number of sales nor the accesses. It made us seem scammy for them. Please help me to solve

Hans Riche
2 monate mit der App
Secomapp hat geantwortet 7. Januar 2024

Hello there. This is Stark from UpPromote support. Thank you for the feedback. Upon checking, we found no issue with tracking in your account. Every referrals have been tracked and showed up in the app, both for you and your affiliates. We'd love to hear more from you about what made you think so. Please feel free to reach us at or the in-app chat anytime.

28. November 2023

Such a bad Customer services , I tried many times to connect with them , there is no feedback , they mentioned they have 24/7 Live chat option , but after waiting few days , I still not able to find it

Sonderverwaltungsregion Hongkong
5 monate mit der App
Secomapp hat geantwortet 4. Dezember 2023

Hi there. This is Stark from UpPromote support. We actually replied to your email but we received no response from you at all. We recently tried to reach you again. We hope you can check your mail box once again and give us another chance to assist you. Looking forward to hearing from you :)

24. Oktober 2023

We had used another App (BOGOS) developed by Secomapp. The experience was so bad: because of their failure to warn Merchants about a bug of their app that allow users to place 0 value orders from the app, we lost a large sum of money.

As a result of this experience, we would not recommend this app to any merchants. And we would warn all Shopify users that we know not to use any app developed by Secomapp.

EcoFlow UK
5 monate mit der App
Secomapp hat geantwortet 25. Oktober 2023

Hi there. I'm Stark from UpPromote support. Since UpPromote always strives to give users the best experience possible, we appreciate the reviews from users very much. Therefore, we can't help but feel truly sad receiving a review about an app which is not UpPromote. I've contacted the BOGO team and had them reach you as soon as possible. We hope that they will have a solution and clarify all misunderstandings.

All the best.

1. November 2023

the worst company in the world i gave them nearly 100,000 affilates and they completely screwed up everything you speak with 7 different people a day i have no idea how they have these reviews

Cali Tiger
3 monate mit der App
Secomapp hat geantwortet 2. November 2023

Hi there. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. Just a clarification here, all 100,000 affiliates you mentioned are for your own use only, and UpPromote will not initiate any contact with any of them. Also, we're sorry that we don't have any agents who can be available 24/7 just to support you. We had no choice but to support you with different agents. We believe all of our agents are capable of assisting you with your concerns in a timely manner. We have been trying our best to do every single one of your extra requests. Unfortunately, our team effort seems to not meet your expectations. We will keep trying to show you how we deserve those reviews.