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5 febbraio 2020

People of customer service not very helpful. I send them few simple and constructive questions and they replied me to find other app and not waste them time. I don't understand why this tone... Nice app but customer service need to improve how talk with customers.

3 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Secomapp ha risposto 5 febbraio 2020

We are so sorry for your unhappy experience.
The thing is you required a huge customization that affects our whole system as well as requires massive resources to process, so we had to confirm that we cannot execute your requirement and recommended you to find another solution because we don’t want to waste your time for unfit solution and have new direction sooner.

Also, we tried to look for other apps on the app store but none seems to meet your request, that’s why we didn't suggest you a specific app name.
Again we would like to confirm that we never want to ignore our customer, on the other hand, we want to save your time actually.

26 gennaio 2022

I believe this company is a scam. I have an affiliate by the name "Puja Regmi" who somehow is getting orders, sometimes multiple, per day. This person has never ordered from me. I also searched this persons code and it has never been used. How can you generate multiple orders every single day, without your code ever being used? SCAM. Do not pay if something seems fishy!

Stati Uniti
2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Secomapp ha risposto 26 gennaio 2022

Hi there. This is Stark from UpPromote team. I believe that there's some misunderstanding here. Upon checking, we could see that the affiliate promoted your shop and brought referrals using the affiliate link instead of the coupon code. Also, if you suspect any referral, you can go to the Referrals tab and deny it. I hope that has cleared things out for you.
Please feel free to reach us at or the in-app chat channel if you need our assistance. Cheers!

22 marzo 2021

I can figure out this app sine 7 days no reall life personal to put me tru am confused all my client already join my program can see or continue from there is not easy my coupon or lik is not working

Tina toner skin
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Circa un mese di utilizzo dell’app
Secomapp ha risposto 23 marzo 2021

Hi Tina. thanks for bringing this up to our attention. We've fixed the issue for you. In case you find any further difficulty or concern, please feel free to reach us again at . Cheers!

28 gennaio 2023

The worst app ever! If you care about your SEO, do not install it. The app populates pages in a foreign language that are getting indexed. You can check it on your google search console. As soon as I removed the app the problem disappeared

Beauty & Cutie
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Circa un mese di utilizzo dell’app
Secomapp ha risposto 28 gennaio 2023

Hi there. Thank you for sharing your feedback. The generated pages you mentioned are meant to support our 4 specific functions: Embedded form, Embedded login, Customer Referral and Third-party tracking. However, we've never received any report about those pages affecting the store's SEO of users. We suspect that there might be some misunderstanding here. We do hope to get a chance working with you to investigate further. Those 4 pages totally can be removed and handled anyway. We have already sent you more details via this email address in**@bea******** . We hope you can check your mailbox as well as give us another chance to help growing your business.
Cheers <3

20 gennaio 2020

I have 800 affiliates and the only affiliate orders I ever get are the actual affiliate ordering for themselves. Additionally, they are double dipping on the orders. I removed this app because it is a scammers heaven and slows down my funnel by giving options to shady people.

Black Sands
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15 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Secomapp ha risposto 30 gennaio 2020

Hi Black Sands,
First of all, we are sorry for your unhappy experience. We've checked our database and saw that you have over 800 affiliates in total and 756 affiliates that are generated from Convert customer feature (most of their accounts are automatically created because they sign up on your shop) while other 55 affiliates are not customers.
When you enable Convert customer feature, we believe that you want to turn your customer to affiliate and keep them as loyal customers. The fact that the affiliate can buy from their own link can help to keep them as your customer, but if you find that is unfair, we will add a setting to select if affiliate can buy from their own link or not.

After scanning the database, we see that just within 15 days, you have got a pretty big number of organic affiliates and they DID GENERATE referral orders for your store, so in our opinion, your system is running smoothly and could bring success in long-term.
However, as an app developer, we always want to support our merchant to use the app in the most effective way, in your case, if you use Convert customer feature, I recommend you use a combination of several features in order to bring the most success:
1. Create another program for your converted customer and offer a lower commission rate for them.
2. Set Store credit as a payment method so your customers can get store coupons to keep buying on your shop instead of getting direct money.
3. You should disable Convert sign-up customer feature if you find it unhelpful.

On our side, we will definitely launch more features support you as well as other merchants better:
1. Add settings to allow/forbid affiliates buying from their own link
2.Add setting to setup payment method for each program (so your converted customers can only be paid in Store credit)

Since you use our paid plan from 6/1/2020, your trial days is over and you will be charged next month, but we are ready to refund your money for this month and offer you another month using the app free so you can try it out more to see if it actually works.
Hope with my suggestion and my offer above, I sincerely hope you can give our app another chance.

16 febbraio 2021

Not impressed to see the brand signup page has been indexed on google! Limited App without paying leaving no real incentive to want to pay.

Regno Unito
10 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Secomapp ha risposto 17 febbraio 2021

I'm truly sorry for the unhappy experience you had with the app. The affiliate registration is indexed on Google but we surely can support you to hide it from the search engines. We've contacted you via email for the solution and hope to hear back from you soon. Plus, our system also supports paying affiliates in-app automatically via PayPal, which might help to simplify your affiliate management process.
We really hope you would give us another chance, please reach us at if you change your mind.

16 marzo 2020

no videos to help or explain how we install or use the app and when i was tray ti contact the support they sent a videos sines 2017
9 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Secomapp ha risposto 20 marzo 2020

Hi, We sent you this video on our support ticket:, this is a quick guide for beginners we've just launched this March to explain briefly about affiliate marketing and how our system works. Besides, there are five basic settings on our Quickstart and each of them has an illustration video to make sure you know where to get.
We also sent you an email to make sure there would be no confusion between us, if you still need other assist, please send us an email at

23 novembre 2021

This app fails to capture any orders that are checked out with ShopPay and their customer support confirmed that ShopPay is not supported. Given that a large percentage of orders check out with ShopPay, that makes this app nearly useless - at least to me.

Dakota Curling Supplies
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3 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Secomapp ha risposto 24 novembre 2021

Hello there. This is Stark from UpPromote support. We're sorry the inconvenience. Upon checking, we believe that there's some misunderstanding in this case.
UpPromote can still track the orders paid using Shop Pay as long as the orders were made via the cart page or the check out page. I've just sent you an email with details and the solution. We hope that you could consider giving us another chance on this.
Please feel free to reach us at anytime.

5 febbraio 2020

Low customer service quality. They Don't help too much... the app is ok but need some points to be improves, special the customer service...

2 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Secomapp ha risposto 5 febbraio 2020

We are so sorry if you are disappointed at some point.
We only received a ticket asking for instruction to remove the app on Jan 24 08:43 and we walked you through all the steps, then we got no reply from you, we hope you could share more about your unhappy experience with our support service so we can improve better in the future.

Data modifica: 6 dicembre 2019

Since writing this review I've received a steady stream of emails and also been contacted on Facebook by a fake profile that has Ava Sambora as "her" profile picture in some kind of attempt of.. well, I don't know what actually. Just surprised they haven't called me yet.. Anyways, shady business practices just went up by 73%

I suspect this has something to do with shedding light on a somewhat flawed review system where developers specifically ask kindly for reviews in a gesture that feels very honest - in order to get the most important marketing you can get today. A good review score.

I'll keep updating this review on what happens next - if next happens, stay tuned friends! ;)


Since I'm a curious person I had to dig a little deeper, turns out "Michelle Lee", the person that contacted me on Facebook with a fake profile is posting on Quora Forums, copy+paste answering questions and ofc recommending Secomapp apps to people. With the same fake profile picture of Ava Sambora claiming to be "Shopify adviser, specialize in store design and customer retention", not a word about representing the company "she" advice people to use on her profile. To be fair "She" DID however have a short streak of copy+paste answering a couple of questions with "WE HAVE A FREE APP" but apparently went back to not be transparent about representing the company she suggests to beginners asking questions about setting up their stores.

Shady business practices up by 86%
(if you've done your math the're currently at 159%, impressive)


This review is a statement against something I'm getting more and more tired of. Developers asking for a review after just a couple of days using their apps or services. When choosing a service or app, the reviews are the biggest deciding factor for most people but if 252 people have given this app a 5 star rating after 3-4 days of use then these reviews don't really mean anything!

This review and rating has NOTHING to do with the usefulness of this app. I'm sure it's great. I just wouldn't know. I decided to go with another app for my affiliate program because I wanted a more streamlined system to pay affiliates so this wasn't the app for me. It doesn't mean it's bad at all.

The 1 score is just there to get more readers aware of the core issue. Reviews are the most important marketing tool for an app developer but it's also the most important tool for customers to make informed decisions. If I get asked to write a review 3-4 days after installing the app, I'm going to assume most of the 5-scores was asked to do the same and honestly - that doesn't help me make an informed decision at all.

There are simple apps out there that do very simple things and you can rate them after a couple of minutes and be confident you give them a fair score but this is an app for affiliate marketing, I don't see how anyone can write a fair review before using it for at least a month.

Dear developers. I get that reviews are important for you, but they're important for us too. Anyone asking me to write a review within the first week of use is going to get a 1 no matter how great your product is.

Dear consumer, this doesn't mean the app is bad, it can possibly be amazing. But it might help you read the overall rating in a different way.

Circa 8 ore di utilizzo dell’app
Secomapp ha risposto 5 dicembre 2019

We appreciate your feedback and we sincere sorry for the unhappy experience you had with our app.

Our team always work hard to provide our users with the best service and improve our app quality through time, that's why not just this app but all apps from Secomapp always have high rankings on the app store.

Asking for feedback is a way for us to know we are on the right track, and we surely never meant to let it be an obstacle for our users to use the app, because all users can leave their review on their own choice.

Lots of other merchants have shared the positive impact of our app on their businesses as you can see so we believe our app is totally worth the high rating it's having now.

However, we will definitely pay more attention on user experience so no further confusion would happen as it did with you.