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Updated: I can say that after we left our original review, Brett and his team did jump right in to remedy the situation. They do very much care about the users of Affliencer are want to make sure they are completely satisfied. They did a lot of different things to try and help us be successful. We do appreciate their efforts.

We have tried Afluencer for a few month and it has not been a great experience. They say that they have real influencers with real followers but what we have found is that all the influencers just follow and promote each other, however, they are hard to find. So we have paid "influencers" to influence other influencers, not real people. If you look at their posts of our products, all the people leaving comments in the comment section have over 10k+ followers and are just trying to help their fellow influencer community. Be sure to do your research on the people you chose to work with.

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Afluencer respondió 8 de febrero de 2024

Hi again Andy, I just left you a voicemail. Please give me a call back when you can (916) 480-8425 x104

I am going to enable Matching Mode on your Collab so that we can improve the quality of your influencer applicants.

Would appreciate chatting about your previous post experience. Agreed that we want to find end users who are going to buy your drinkware and accessories.




I'm sorry to hear this, Andy - as I mentioned in my emails, we have sent refunds for your app charges back to your Shopify store. We don't want your money if we are not providing value.

On that note, I checked your Collab and I see that you don't yet have the Matching Mode setting enabled. I would enable this because it will then require the Criteria you set for your Collab, and you'll then see influencer applications only from those who meet your Criteria. Higher quality and more complete profiles. The "Anyone Can Apply" setting is more of a grab bag, works well for affiliate programs that prioritize quantity, not great for your Collab which requires quality.

I'll give you a call tomorrow to watch through this and to share some other ideas I have to boost the quality of the influencers you are seeing apply.

Thanks again for reaching out, sorry it was under these circumstances, but I'll talk to you soon.