Afterpay Attract

Afterpay Attract

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Offer Afterpay on your store!

2.6 van 5 sterren(4 recensie)

Seamless integration

Use our tools to easily integrate Afterpay and customize the on-site messaging to match your store.

Get paid upfront

Get paid upfront, while your customers pay over time.

Higher conversion

Our partners see a lift in conversion and order value.

Over Afterpay Attract

About Afterpay Attract

Afterpay Attract is the official Shopify integration from Afterpay - add Afterpay to your store in seconds! Only available for US stores. This tool makes it easy to add the official on-site messaging to your product and cart pages, so customers know they can buy now and pay later. With Afterpay Attract, you'll get:

Seamless integration

  • Our tool makes it simple to integrate Afterpay onto your store and customize it to match your theme.

Sales benefits

  • Our partners generally see an increase in total sales and decrease in return rates.

Afterpay Attract is the free and easy way for Shopify merchants to get started with Afterpay.





2.6 van 5 sterren

De algemene beoordeling geeft de huidige status van de app weer. Het is verantwoordelijk voor alle app-recensies, maar geeft voorrang aan de meest recente.

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Most horrendous customer service. I have been trying to reach them for weeks now about the recent upgrade and can't speak with anyone on the phone. Left several messages and no one returns phone calls. I will be removing the app shortly from my store.

Rogue Steel

We have a niche very small business and reached out to this company ahead of applying to ask questions about their approval process. We received a reply that completely ignored our questions and instead just vigorously encouraged us to apply instead. We were quickly denied service, after application, with no reason given. Ultimately a good thing, since we will not want to do business with a completely impersonal company that shows themselves to be untrustworthy.

Scandal Candles Co.

It took some time, but Afterpay was thorough and complete with my approval and setup. It's great being a part of their community.