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5 de abril de 2023

La información que encontré en la página me resultó muy útil y me permitió encontrar mejores formas . En resumen, AfterSell es una herramienta para un website y estoy muy agradecido por su ayuda."

Summer & Winter
Estados Unidos
4 meses usando o app
AfterSell by Rokt deixou uma resposta 6 de abril de 2023

Hey there, thanks for your honest review!

Please let us know if there's any ways we can improve AfterSell for you!

You can reach out to support if you have any suggestions. I'm not seeing any downsides mentioned in your review, so your feedback on what we can improve would be extremely helpful!

Thanks so much and we hope to hear from you soon! :)


¡Hola, gracias por tu honesta evaluación!

¡Háganos saber si hay alguna forma en que podamos mejorar AfterSell para usted!

Puede comunicarse con soporte si tiene alguna sugerencia. No veo ninguna desventaja mencionada en su revisión, por lo que sus comentarios sobre lo que podemos mejorar serían extremadamente útiles.

¡Muchas gracias y esperamos saber de usted pronto! :)

7 de julho de 2020

Wish it had pre-authorizations for payments. Looks like a decent app with enough amount of customization options.

Estados Unidos
4 meses usando o app
AfterSell by Rokt deixou uma resposta 11 de julho de 2020

Hello, thanks for the feedback.

We would love to implement pre-authorizations for payments. However, due to limitations imposed by Shopify this is unfortunately not the most straightforward process. Shopify does not allow apps that are publicly listed to act as or alter payment gateways and it is actually listed in their prohibited and restricted app configurations section.


Can I ask what functionality you would like to use pre-authorizations for? We can see if there are other ways to get the functionally implemented without modifying the payment gateway.

I tried to get in contact via email and phone call but was not able to get through. I would love to chat about this further if you are available.

Armon from AfterSell

2 de novembro de 2021

It's a good app, but it doesn't fit for me because i use an alternative payment app that blocks this app usability and i found the plan's price so much expensive for the condition and the country i live, by the way they have a very attentive and excellent customer service that answers within a few seconds to minutes.

Rezende Esportes
Aproximadamente 2 horas usando o app
24 de fevereiro de 2021

It would be nice if it did not bring ads to y website. It made it look very unprofessional and led to me not using the app.

Liit clothing
África do Sul
40 minutos usando o app
AfterSell by Rokt deixou uma resposta 25 de fevereiro de 2021

Hello, hope you are doing well!

I wanted to provide some clarity on the provided comments. To clarify, AfterSell did not place ads on your store. In fact, we have never placed ads on any merchants store! We do not believe in that sort of practice as it decreases conversion rates. I took a look at your website and I noticed you are using an app called "SixAds". This is the app that placed the ads on your store, it was not from AfterSell.

Here is a screenshot showing the source code to prove this:

We would love it if you would reconsider your review, it would mean a lot to me and our team. If you need help with removing the ads that "SixAds" has placed, let me know. Our development team would be happy to help you with that!

I have sent you an email and would love to follow up there if you would like.