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Datum úprav: 20. říjen 2020

Normally wouldn't leave a review but to downgrade your plan you have to. Don't like the fact that the tracking pages dont use your header or footer and have aftership branding. If i had to title this review i would call it a bad impression made worse.

Home Safe Health
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Vývojář AfterShip & Automizely odpověděl 20. říjen 2020

We apologize for the inconvenience. We have sent you an email on the registered email address with further instructions to downgrade your plan and to discuss the issue you are facing with the tracking page.

You can always contact us at (24X7).

Kind regards,
Nitesh Pandey

5. říjen 2020

I'm not even sure what this plugin does beyond the basic capabilities for Shopify. $200 /month so customers can have a streamlined tracking page? no thanks

SaltWrap Store
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Vývojář AfterShip & Automizely odpověděl 6. říjen 2020


We can have a quick discussion in order to explain the features, provided by AfterShip.

One of the members of the concerned team will reach out to you over the email.

Mukul Saxena

29. září 2020

Didn't do enough business to continue to pay for the app. I'm sure it would work for dropshipping companies excelling in high sales volume.

Absolute Accessory Store
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Čas strávený používáním aplikace: Asi 2 měsíci
Datum úprav: 6. září 2020

L'application semble facile d'utilisation. On y est très bien guider. la satisfaction sera au rendez-vous.

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Datum úprav: 20. srpen 2020

My initial experience with Aftership was poor.

I had a problem and sent 5 emails over the course of 22 days without getting a response.

My review on 20th Aug 2020 was 1 star and read as follows:


AVOID. Hands down the worst customer service of ANY app I've installed. I have sent around 5 emails over the last 22 days without ever getting a response to my query.

This also isn't a small issue. It relates to the fundamental working of the tracking function.

If it wasn't for the fact that currently this is the only app to have integrations with certain other apps that I am using, then I would long since have deleted it, because this company honestly has such appalling customer service.

They simply appear not to care at all about their customers.

They never answer emails. They ignore support requests.

This is definitely one to avoid if at all possible.


UPDATE 20th August 2020: Mukul at Aftership reached out to me quickly (within an hour) after I posted this review and helped to remedy the issue over a Zoom call. He said that they hadn't recieved my emails. While, honestly, I'm slightly dubious. I do accept that in this age of spam filters it is possible. So given his subsequent very helpful call, I'm happy to give Aftership the benefit of the doubt.

One thing I would advise future readers of this is that if you don't hear from Aftership after a couple of days, then possibly try a different email address, as they may not have recieved it.

Posting an honest review of your experience here also seems to work.

I haven't had enough 'real world' usage of the app to rate it in the functional sense of the app.

My initial first 22 day experience with Aftership was 1 Star.

My experience with Mukul today was 5 star.

So, I'll settle on an average of 3 stars until I know more about how the app performs in the real-world, and whether my support experience for the first couple of weeks was an unfortunate technical mistake and an aberation; or indicative of a more usual pattern.

Time will tell.

For now though, it does seem to be working.

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19. srpen 2020

Thank you for the app it helped me a lot in my store i am really thankful for the app god bless!

Fnote Loza
Čas strávený používáním aplikace: Asi 2 měsíci
Datum úprav: 12. srpen 2020

Just got it, looks okei. Had to "fix" little on the page first time i got in (pop-up from maker) so i did not need to start 14 day trail. But this is not so good i think. You should let people choose or have to upgrade after x trackings and so. Me that just started might not get all up in 14 days so i dont know what i need and not. but apart from that , looks good. And also do not "force" to review as this is doing now. take "away" or change that little and you will have more stars without asking/forcing me ;)

Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 33 minutami
11. srpen 2020

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Portal Retro
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4. srpen 2020

The app does not collect all my shippings automatically and not even when I sync the shop manually. I can not find how to solve that issue.
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29. červen 2020

I can see how the app could be useful. But it isn't returning delivery dates for NZ Post - so is effectively only telling me half the information it could be.

J-Lube NZ
Nový Zéland
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