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5. mai 2020

There is no free plan in the app. Misinformation
Not pleased so far

4 minutter bruker appen
AfterShip & Automizely svarte 21. mai 2020

Thanks for the review, please check the pricing page for the free plan information at

26. februar 2021

After 1 year using the app, found out there was a bug and it didnt work.
Support tried over and over to solve it and eventually did. they confirmed the bug and could see in the analytics that I didnt use it for a whole year. yet, refused to give me any compensation.
Stay away! poor service poor support.

3 minutter bruker appen
AfterShip & Automizely svarte 26. februar 2021


Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

As you are connected with us on the email for your issues.
We will update you soon on this in the meanwhile you can always reach out to us via the chat option available on your account or email us at We are available 24 X 7.


12. august 2020

It doesn't show how much order tracking limit is there in free version before installing the app. It's 50 order tracking per month. Why so less, you can redirect to your page completely and just show our Brand logo. You should keep order tracking limit unlimited for us Indian people who are just starting.

Noiisy Shop
3 minutter bruker appen
AfterShip & Automizely svarte 14. august 2020

Thanks for the review.
The Forever free plan is just to test if the platform works for you.
As of now we only provide 50 tracking free under this. Any other plan usage is chargable.

Redigert 13. desember 2016

Fucking email spammers fuck off. All I did was look at this fucking app and you fucks are spamming me daily with fucking bullshit..FUCK OFF

1 minutt bruker appen
23. oktober 2017

Just like everything else on the internet, once they have your email, they will send TONS of email. Really tired of it.

Our Wishful Shrinking
26. oktober 2020

This review is purely in regards to working with support as I was never able to get it working correctly after 6 days and review functionality of the app. PROS: - Response times are fast CONS: - It seems support lacks technical knowledge to support the product. - Replies were canned answers to questions I never asked
- They completely ignored one of the issues I was experiencing After installing the app I ran into two issues: 1. Some orders from Shopify are not in AfterShip - Support ignored this question on 2 occasions so it was never looked at 2. Orders that have synchronized to AfterShip are all in pending state
- Final answer I was given was that all of my previous orders were tied to a wrong Supplier and the only way to adjust it was to manually update each order. It seems if your supplier order/settings are not correct then your orders are permanently broken (unless you manually fix each). This doesn't make sense to me because orders get synchronized as soon as you install the app but at this point I had no more willpower to keep re-explaining myself. If that statement was correct then I would not be able to go live with this app anyways since all of my previous orders would not be able to track anymore. UPDATE: Another resource reached out at the end to offer remote assistance support and review the issues. However by this time I had already tested successfully another tracking app and no longer needed support.

AfterShip & Automizely svarte 26. oktober 2020


We are always there to help you. Our support team works diligently in order to improve the user experience.
One of our experts will get in touch with you so that we can resolve the issue.

Mukul Saxena

28. april 2020

I cannot express enough the amount of frustration we are experiencing right now. We have around 400 tracking numbers saved with the wrong couriers, which means over 400 customers cannot track their orders. The app misread the couriers, or something happened there (I don't know because support does not want to have a look).

I have been sending emails to support ONE WEEK!! They asked me to grant them access to our Shopify store, as they would need to delete all wrong tracks and replace them. And that was it. No one has checked anything.

After a few days and emails, they came back asking me if I saw their colleague's email response, which was about an unrelated issue! Like I have problem X, and they come back like "hey, did you see my colleague's response to problem Y"? (they don't read previous tickets nor pay attention to what's going on).

To charge me $552 last month for excess shipments (surprise!), they were quite fast. I emailed about the charge, and I got a response within hours. Money is money, I guess.

So here we are. With a $199/mo membership, we are waiting over a week to fix something that is generating a significant support debt and taking a lot of time.

If they treat like this someone who brings almost 10k shipments a month, I cannot imagine what they'll do with smaller merchants.

I hope they do read this review and answer ANY of the many emails we have sent since asking for help since. The issue is not resolved, and they are just ignoring it. We are thinking about escalating this with Shopify.

Seriously, these people have over 3k reviews. They won't give a damn about you as they are well established now. I never experienced this kind of behavior from them before. Not sure why they dropped the ball.

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