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Delight customers with branded tracking page & delivery update

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Crook and Staple

Doesn't support most UK services with Royal Mail so it just ignores them... Used them for years but they don't seem to have any interest in fixing this - it used to work...


At first it worked well, but now there is an annoying bug which has never been resolved for months!

Some tracking codes will display WRONG DATA (from other tracking codes!!!) and SEND WRONG NOTIFICATIONS to my clients.

When you check with 17track, it is clear that Aftership is mixing in Bullshit data.

So you often end up having an automatic email being sent to a client saying his package was taken by Customs or lost/ that the customer needs to pay an extra fee, when it actually didn't even leave China yet. Or that it is in another country like the Netherlands when it never meant to be there.

The customer answers desperately and then you have to explain to them that your email is wrong, the aftership tracking link you sent them is also wrong, and they have to disregard that all and next upcoming messages.

I even had some customers canceling/ chargebacking me due to Aftership sending wrong tracking code updates :(

So you get an extra support burden, you lose clients and you are paying USD99 for it! Congrats!

I have reported it 5 times, but they don't ever contact their developers to correct their mistake. They simply correct individual cases, but never the root cause of the problem that keeps generating new bugged tracking notifications.

That is why I am strongly thinking of moving to another Tracking solution that does not mislead my clients.

Unfortunately I can't recommend this app to anyone.




The app isn't tracking correctly my orders.

Is showing tracking information for a tracking X in the tracking Y! My customers are going crazy, because it's showing that the orders was delivered (in another state) but it wasn't.


We were automatically billed after the free trial period expired without notice or the ability to select a pricing program. Even worse, they do not respond to support emails.


UPDATE!!STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP!! I HAVE NOW BEEN CHARGED OVER 200 GBP AND THEY REFUSE TO REFUND THE MONEY! This app does not work 99% of the time. Totally ripped off, charged 130 for one month!! Not transparent with pricing and customer service is ignoring my messages regarding being overcharged. STAY AWAY!

Le Royaume du Chat

It never worked for me. It doesn't track Aliexpress standard shipping at all. Very difficult to set correctly. Does anyone made an easier app hereabout ?

Pokit Innovations

We installed the app to keep track of our fulfilment process. We set up the app and we installed both the Shopify app and the fulfilment supplier app on aftership.
Aftership synced orders twice from both sources and created duplicated tracking numbers for almost every order. It was a bit of a nightmare.
Aftership shouldn't sync orders with the same Name or ID, or at least flag it as a duplicate.

Got It Here


This app does not work. Simple as that. The emails that it sends to your customer look like they were written by a three year old, and the links that it includes in the body of the email have a typo that sends your customer to a 404 page. Same issue with the tracking links that it posts to your customer's order information on your store. The setup videos are for an earlier version of the app, and are no help to setup the complicated code revisions that are required to get even the smallest amount of functionality out of this app. I wrestled with the code of this app for almost an hour before I realized that even if I were able to modify it enough to make it work even a little bit, it would never provide the full functionality that it promised. I promptly uninstalled it and politely requested a refund for my subscription that they force you to pay if you want to get "full functionality" out of the app. The free trial version is extremely limited it what it can do, and even the few options that it provides are only semi-funtional. My refund request was denied. Their reasoning for not refunding a full month subscription that was used for less than an hour and did nothing more than send several unprofessional and useless emails to each of my customers over the last 3 days was: "Our system does not allow us to refund for the plan you have already choose because it is now a subscription plan." So download this app with caution.

There any many other apps out there with better tracking, and much lower monthly costs.

Stay away from this one, it's a complete waste of money

Pine Street Clinic

AfterShip was OK until they just changed their pricing (November 2018). Email notifications weren't super customizable and there were other limitations/issues, but it was fine. But now that they're charging more than $100 a year for the same service, it's definitely not worth it.

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