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13 de junio de 2020

Good working age checker.
Unfortunately no option to change the submit and the Year/Month/Days into another language

4 meses usando la aplicación
Northern Apps respondió 14 de junio de 2020

Thanks for your review - really valuable feedback!

I absolutely agree that the app should support users of all languages and have modified the app to allow the submit button text and date input labels to be editable!

Fecha de modificación: 4 de abril de 2020

Whilst this app does what it says, it causes multiple issues.

Specifically it causes issues with banner resolution.

After installing the app we noticed our homepage banner had become blurry, we contacted Shopify to which we were given this reply:

"Hi Kurtis!

My name is Nate, and I'm with the Theme Support team at Shopify.

Geelyn reached out and let me know you were having trouble with some images loading blurrier than expected.

After taking a closer look at this issue, we have ruled out the original theme code as the cause. We have tested the original theme code, checked settings and preferences in the admin including the domain, and have run other tests to see if we could narrow down the cause.

We believe the issue is caused by leftover app code related to Age Checker Plus, an uninstalled app. As this is third party code, we are not able to troubleshoot further or provide support for correcting the code.

Shopify app developers provide support for their apps, including troubleshooting and install/uninstall help! We recommend you reach out to them for further assistance by visiting their app store page, and clicking"

So after figuring this out, we now need to alter our code to reverse the issue.

Please don't use this app if you have no coding experience as it will leave you in the hands of this app's developers to fix your issue.

Update: Within a couple hours we had an E-mail from the developer in which he gave us full insight on how to remove the code to free up our banner resolution to be poor.

Everything seems to be working now.

Estados Unidos
9 días usando la aplicación
Northern Apps respondió 12 de abril de 2020

Thanks for reporting this and sorry that our app didn't work out for your shop. I'm happy to share that the following improvements have now been made so that new users won't experience the same issues.

1. Firstly, the app will not run when it is not activated.
2. Secondly, the banner resolution issue has been identified and fixed!


Fecha de modificación: 1 de febrero de 2022

Die App ist sehr gut. Man kann Sie überall platzieren. Per Pop-up auf der Homepage. In der Produktseite oder im Warenkorb, hier kann man die App auch als festen Bestandteil mit Checkbox intrigieren, sodass der Kunde erst nach Kontrolle zum Checkout gelangt. Die App bietet mehrere Möglichkeiten zur Überprüfung. Der Support von Chris Extra-Klasse. Schnell, freundlich und flexibel.

7 días usando la aplicación