Age Verifier by OTG

Age Verifier by OTG

開發者:Open Think Group, Inc.

Customizable pop-up app to restrict access to your website.

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1-click install (no coding)

Add an Age Verification pop-up to your website without any coding. Simply click the Add app button to install now.

Mobile Responsive (any device)

Your Age Verification pop-up is mobile responsive and will look good on any device; Desktops, Tablets and Mobile Phones.

[Customizable Buttons] or DOB

Customize ALL of the text and buttons for your needs. Create an Enter/Do Not Enter or 18+/Not 18 or use the Date of Birth option (DOB)

有關 Age Verifier by OTG

Age Verification – Is a customizable pop-up app to restrict access to your website. Created by Shopify Experts at Open Think Group based in Salt Lake City, UT.

Why Age Verification?

If your Shopify store sells age restricted products such as; alcohol, wine, tobacco, ecigs, or vaping products... Age Verification is an important first step in blocking access to underage visitors.


  • Define a minimum age (18-21+)
  • Enable/Disable Date of Birth selector
  • Set Cookie Expiration Hours
  • Any URL can be set to the [Exit] button
  • Headline is your own custom text
  • Message box is your own custom text
  • Fully responsive and works on desktop, mobile and tablet devices
  • Built-in "Preview" (so you know what it looks like!)
  • No coding needed
  • We are have been Shopify Experts since 2011.


Q. Is Age Verification pop-up Mobile responsive?

A. Yes, the pop-up is fully responsive.

Q - Can the Cookie duration be set?

A - Yes it can.

Open Think Group is a trusted Shopify Expert and Shopify Partner



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5.0 5 顆星


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Sin City Sex toys

This is a great app, very reliable and trustworthy, would definitely recommend to any store that is not underage appropriate.

Kinky Toy Store

Good app that does what it claims and is reasonably priced. Once installed the app cannot be turned off without uninstalling it. I am confident the developers will add this functionality soon.

E Juice Steals

This app is awesome and works like it suppose to