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Agile CRM

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5 reviews
Price: From $8.99 / month Free Trial: 365 days More info
  • Agile CRM is All-In-One CRM with integrated sales, marketing and services modules. Most cost-effective CRM in market starting as low as $8.99 per use per month.
  • Agile CRM is suited to small and medium size businesses. Sell and market like fortune 500 companies.
  • Trusted by over 10,000 businesses globally, Agile CRM is # 1 choice for best all-in-one CRM, best-in-class support and affordable pricing.

What is Agile CRM and how does it improve my Cart?

Agile CRM is a full-fledged Sales, Marketing and Service CRM, built for eCommerce companies, and ideal for Small and Medium businesses. While Shopify allows you to build an online store, we help you to make the most out of it. Agile engages your users to increase conversions while they are online, then keeps them coming back to your Shopify store with personalised emails and a dynamic social suite.

Online Engagement - Engage shoppers at every turn

  • Discount Coupons - Pop-up discount coupons to shoppers at just the right moment. Turn browsers into customers.

  • Exit Intent - Combat Exit Intent with Agile's smart pop-ups that display personalized offers at the precise moment when a visitor is about to leave a page.

  • Newsletter Subscription Forms - Display newsletter subscription forms based on user behavior.

  • Web Grabbers – Web Grabbers – Define web rules to show personalized pop-ups to your web visitors with accurate information based on their activity, purchase history, geographical location or time spent on a particular page.
  • Offline Engagement - Build your workflows visually

  • Cart Abandonment Emails - Address cart abandonment by reminding customers to finish incomplete purchases; email them timely coupons and offers.

  • Email Newsletter Campaigns and Tracking – Choose from Agile's wide range of free email templates and run mass, and personalised newsletter campaigns. Automatically track email activities and follow-up with the hottest leads.

  • Responders - Set rules to perform certain actions (include in a campaign, remove from a campaign, tagging, adding notes) when a particular condition (a user visiting a particular page, signing up, clicking an email link, etc.) is met etc.

  • New Arrival Emails - Send welcome emails to new shoppers who added to their cart or made purchases.

  • Feedback Emails - Collect feedback from shoppers about their experience with your store.
  • Extras

  • Automated Lead Scoring - Score your leads automatically when they open/click email links or browse your website. See hot leads bubble to the top of your list, and convert them into purchases.

  • Web Analytics – Gain insight into customer behavior and real-time web activity with Agile's contact-level web analytics.

  • Reports - Agile's reporting features go far beyond traditional CRM reporting, providing eCommerce companies with growth, cohort analysis and conversion metrics, along with drill down metrics and periodic email reports.

  • Contact Automation & Sync - Anyone who subscribes to a newsletter, signs up or makes a purchase automatically, becomes a contact in Agile CRM. Retain these contacts and engage them through Agile's huge range of intelligent campaigns.

  • Data Sync - Enjoy hassle free data sync between your Shopify store and Agile CRM app. Sync important information like Contacts, Purchase logs and Payment history of your customers on daily, weekly, monthly or just once between the apps. Scale up your sales and market like a pro.

  • Event Triggers - Leverage on Shopify Event triggers that let you trigger actions whenever a Shopify event occurs, helping you automatically follow up with online shoppers.

Why Agile CRM?

Agile has all the features to enhance your cart under a single roof. Its powerful tools include cart abandonment workflow, exit intent technology, intelligent pop-ups, automated promotional emails based on user interests, email statistics, web analytics, and many more. Don't waste
time with multiple plugins. Join the Agile family and start selling like Pro now!

Free for 10 Users

We offer a free version with 1,000 contacts & 5,000 emails for up to 10 users. Try out Agile CRM and sell like the Fortune 500, today!

Sell faster. Track metrics. Increase conversions.

Agile CRM reviews

5 reviews
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UPDATE 22.01.2017 - Canceled my subscription. In my opinion product is not stable and in quality far from that it should be.
Customer service is India based, be careful to use this app. In one day you could lose all your data, like me...
Oh, yes and they tried to give me bonus, if I will remove this review :)

It seems nothing has changed for almost 2 years. I'm trying to start work with AgileCRM for 2 weeks, there is lot of bugs...
For example basic functionality- Shopify customers don't sync daily.
Customer support is very bad... only emails and very late response...

Of course AgileCRM has interesting features, but if there isn't working even basic features, then what worth your product...? Im starting to looking for other solutions.


UPDATE (March 2015): We ended up going to the free account and ultimately closing it after Agile announced that they are doing away with free accounts a week ago. The system, although with great potential, is still way too buggy and not well documented. We suffered embarrassment several times throughout our experience with Agile due to bugs or lack of documentation (one example: sent a test/unfinished email to thousands of our customers; second example: sent a promo email several days too early due to deletion and re-creation of an incorrectly set campaign trigger).

Finally, no Etsy integration which we truly need.

Back to two stars - a long paid trial and couldn't make it work at the end.

UPDATE (Oct 22, 2014): I was contacted by the CEO of AgileCRM who had read my review here (two weeks after it was posted). He was very cordial and offered to personally call and assist in resolving the issues I had mentioned. Two of the issues were solved pretty quickly: multiple "noty popup" (due to issue 1) below - because I had entered the API Key as many times as the app asked me to, the app had ended up with multiple insertions of the code needed for AgileCRM to work on my Shopify store). More issues remain to be solved and Manohar (the CEO) continues to be proactive in his desire and effort to resolve them. Because of his being proactive and because of his personal efforts and involvement I'm upgrading my rating to 3 stars (was 2 initially). I will continue to post updates and rate revisions as new improvements to the AgileCRM SAAS are made.

- - -

- The AgileCRM system was well thought out as a feature set
- It's relatively affordable price-wise - $9 a month for one user if you pay one year in advance or $14/mo. if you pay monthly. I don't know if this is really a part of the Pros - other CRM's have similar pricing. Still, there are yet others that are quite a bit more expensive.

- The AgileCRM app for Shopify doesn't work (see 1 below). I have to use their dedicated dashboard on their website.
- Data syncing between Shopify and AgileCRM keeps resetting itself to "Only once" - it doesn't want to save the "Daily sync" option. If I want this to syncing with my Shopify store daily I have to go in daily and move the selection to "Daily" knowing that it won't save it and it will be back to "Only once" when I come back a few minutes later
- Many of the features of the service still don't work or don't work properly
- The sales call center is out of the Philippines (I think that's what the guy said)
- The tech support is in India - emails get answered next day, no name - just Tech Support. Even I can tell that the English proficiency is at best average (I'm not a native English speaker myself)
- There is no documentation on how to set up or use AgileCRM. There are a few videos on YouTube, but they are done in a very amateurish way and hard to follow and understand - at least the couple of videos I saw
- One of the two main features in the AgileCRM's WebRules feature (which is one of the few features that could potentially make AgileCRM a powerful system) - the "Noty Message" doesn't work (see 2 below)
- Facebook widget integration doesn't work (see 3 below)
- The Social aspect of the CRM boils down to basically two streams of my Twitter account - my tweets (Home) and my wall (Mantions). They worked in the beginning and since have stopped - they keep trying to load but never actually load any content. Basically useless at this point

1) I installed the AgileCRM app in my Shopify admin. It asked me for my Shopify URL and the AgileCRM API Key. I entered these - it never saved them. Any time after that when I came back to the app from within my Shopify dashboard it asked me for the same initial information and it just froze there - never went any further. Basically, I am forced to use AgileCRM through their dashboard - the Shopify app is useless at this point.

I alarmed the tech team immediately upon installing it and was told that they will be working on fixing it. They even requested access to my Shopify store dashboard so they can test and see for themselves (they could have tested on a Shopify partner/testing account (free) to verify that it doesn't work). It's about two weeks since I told them about it and the app is still not working.

2) This "Noty Message" Webrules feature should, if working properly, pop a little blurb in any of the corners of your website page - much like the "Chat Now" popups in bottom right of many websites show up. Well, it does pop up but it's not one - more like nine or ten of them stacked on top of each other - same content repeated multiple times. Basically, unusable. I suspect this is something like a For Loop in JavaScript misbehaving and it should be super-simple to fix, but again several days after I received a confirmation that they will address the issue - nothing. Still not working.

3) I tried to integrate with my Facebook (my company's FB) account and was asked to sign in and authorize. I did that. I got multiple Facebook widgets trying to load in the widget area at bottom right - they are several - not one, and they never quite load - just keep spinning as if trying to load but never actually load any content. I tried to disconnect but I still get one FB widget with no content - just a header and an empty content box.

A bit more..

There is a potentially powerful feature called Campaigns. I tried to set up one Campaign, designed to catch visitors who get to the checkout pages but abandon and never complete the purchase. I couldn't set it up and had to email for assistance. I received a (timely) response that someone will call me to help me out with the campaign set up. I requested a particular day and time and also requested a confirmation that the time I requested works for them as well and they will in fact call me. I received the confirmation. On the confirmed day and hour I did not receive a call. I received a call two hours later. The tech person - clearly not calling from the US - took close to two minutes mumbling trying to apologize for mixing up the time zones - Central vs West Coast. I could not take advantage of having the tech guy on the phone as I was no longer at my desk. And, quite frankly, I wouldn't even have the patience to complete this call - the person was soooo slow that I had to even help him finish what he wanted to say.

At this point, for some of the features that aren't working and that I've mentioned above I've decided to not even bother to email because I am certain that they won't be addressed - at least not within reasonable time. There are probably a few bugs that I'm forgetting to mention.. That's ok - my review is becoming too long as it is.

To sum it up, at this point I don't think it's worth it bothering and wasting time trying AgileCRM - at least not until 1) they fix all their bugs, 2) put together some documentation that can walk a new user through initial set up as well as Campaigns, Webrules, Triggers, Web forms, etc set up.

I am a very patient person and often - an early adopter. In this case, though, my patience is starting to wane and I am already thinking about jumping ship and going for a different CRM. I want to believe that they will fix the issues so that I don't have to go through the trouble of finding and setting up another CRM, but based on my experience so far I doubt that anything will be done within reasonable time.

By the way, the only reason why I gave two stars and not one is the fact that if executed properly and everything working, the system would have had some nice, powerful features. It's great as a feature set, but the level of execution is sub-par. Still, if anything changes for the better while I'm still on the AgileCRM platform I will post updates accordingly.


Outstanding in every way! I decided to leave bigcommerce just to get access to the agilecrm integration as they only integrate with shopify currently.

Customer support is top notch! Im on the pro plan and absolutely love the 2 way email sync. Its amazing how much time it saves just seeing all the emails the customer and I have sent each other.

It also helps me realize contacts that I have made commitments to or customers that have been repeat buyers.

I love agile crm! I went with agile over my infusionsoft account as well.


Same issues here. Great idea but still has a number of bugs that need to be worked out.

Very little tech documentation to help you out as well.


Thanks for posting your review, Sivani Designs. I am also having all the same issues you are. The Shopify contacts not syncing automatically and changing to only once from daily is annoying. The developer team is supposed to get back to me in the next 24 hours with a status. This CRM has a lot of potential as long as all the features are working. If they don't resolve this by the end of the week I will have to look for another CRM, which just sucks.

From $8.99 / month

We offer a free version with 1,000 contacts & 5,000 emails for up to 10 users.

365 days


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