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14 januari 2023

Although I have not yet used it a ton, it has been fairly easy except for when i wanted to do a price change on only certain products within a vender.. it literally didn't show all the products, so instead i had to do the whole vender collection, then manually adjust those 5 products back.. time will tell if it is a good app.

Canadian Grooming Distributor
Ungefär 3 år användning av appen
8 februari 2021

The App is good. In future I like to see some additional functionality. I had some problems but they resolved it very fast.

Igračke Plus
Ungefär 3 år användning av appen
1 september 2021

I have been using this app for almost 3 years now and for the most part have enjoyed all the benefits of the app. It is very easy to use and rarely have we had issues. It has some great options for setting your price changes on a timer. My biggest issue is the slow response from support. If there is a problem, I don't see any quick turn around in response time and there doesn't seem to be a phone number available to call for help. For a paid app, I would hope that there would be more communication available between you and your clients. Very frustrating when having to deal with deadlines and price changes need to be activated.

Studio Six Art Supplies
Ungefär 2 år användning av appen
Redigerat 8 augusti 2019

Very easy and simple to schedule price change.
The only things is that the app work only with google chrome, I've first try to use it with mozilla and safari but the app doesn't work.
With the help of Francesco we have identify that the problem where the browser. Maybe in the future the app will be compatible with safari and mozilla?

Thanks for the help and the very quick responsive of the dev

La Magie du Naturel
Nästan 2 år användning av appen
StoreQuarters svarade 8 augusti 2019

Hey, thanks a lot for you review! It's precious for me to understand what can be improved.

About the date format, this is quite curious because I wasn't able to reproduce it. It could be related to how languages and date formats are managed by Shopify admin, but I am already working on standardizing it by my side.

About the price comparison feature, I already answered to your email. It uses the "compare at price" from Shopify, so probably it's related to the layout. Let me know by answering to the email, I am here to help :)

EDIT: re-sent, I previously answered to the email you used to write me. I actually forwarded my answer to the email associated with the shop.

24 augusti 2021

Great app worked for me and still using it. Though users interface needs to improve to meet up with the sleek functionality it provides.

10 månader användning av appen
StoreQuarters svarade 25 augusti 2021

Hey! Thanks a lot for your precious review! It made our day! Feel free to let us know what you would improve in our interface, feel free to drop a line to our support team! ;)

27 november 2020

I have been using this app since 2019, and I'm trying to use it again and it's not working. Can anyone please help?

Ungefär ett år användning av appen
StoreQuarters svarade 27 november 2020

Hey! Thanks for reaching. May I ask you to open a ticket by sending an email to ?

We will help you as soon as possible! Thanks for your patience and for your review!

20 juli 2020

This is a great app. I can show directly to the customer discount price on the product page. i recommend for a new shop.

13 dagar användning av appen
StoreQuarters svarade 4 augusti 2020

Thanks a lot for your review! Feel free to reach if you need anything! :D