Ahia! ‑ Easy Price Changer

Ahia! ‑ Easy Price Changer

by In Crescendo S.R.L.

The Best and Smartest way to Edit Prices on your Store.

3.9 of 5 stars(104 reviews)

Flexible and Fast!

Choose which products you want to change prices for and we will do it for you. At ~250 prices/minute.

Schedule and Restore

Schedule price changes in time with no limits and set a restore date if you want to do limited-time offers!

Discover our Price Intel Tools

With our Price Intel Tools, we can give you hints about when to change your prices! See description for more.

About Ahia! ‑ Easy Price Changer

Why lose your precious time to do something boring like changing prices? Ahia! Easy Price Changer can do it for you, whatever you need to lower your prices for Black Friday or raise them for some of your products only.

“What does this app do?”

Ahia is like a colleague you can ask for help to change prices on your store. All you have to do is to say “change all the prices of my products by lowering them by 20%”. You can do an impressive amount of things with it, like:

  • choose which products to target: all products, specific products, or maybe by collections, vendors, types, tags, and price range;
  • automatically round all the prices to the nearest 0.99;
  • add tags to the products you changed prices for, so you can create collections or use them in other ways;

We don’t have any limitations on the number of price changes and products you can work with!

“Will this app slow down my store?”

No way! We do NOT install any code on your theme. All the changes you do with Ahia will be made on your product prices and nothing more.

“Will this app work quickly enough?”

With our custom made engine, Ahia can change up to 250 prices per minute. This is the best performance possible right now and we constantly work on our engine to improve it. So, expect this number to change ;)

“Can I schedule a price change?”

Sure thing, that’s the reason Ahia was born to. You can run a price change immediately or schedule it in the future. You can also schedule a price restore of the old ones whenever you want! A perfect fit for limited time offers!

“What if something goes wrong? Can I go back to previous prices?”

Yes! For every single price change, we save the changes we did for at least 30 days, so you can revert your mistakes and be sure everything is ok.

“Price Intel Tools? What is this sorcery?”

I made this app because I wanted to change prices on my store without wasting time. However, we are working on new ways to help you. Price Intel Tools are a series of tools we are building to use our technology to suggest when to change prices to improve your conversion rate and sales… It’s Price Intelligence baby!

“Is this app Partner friendly?”

Of course! If you are a Shopify Partner and you’re building a store for a customer, you will be able to enjoy Ahia! at full potential. Once done, you will transfer the store to your customer, and the app will remain installed with a Free Plan. No hidden activations or unwanted fees.

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Pricing 3-day free trial

Free Plan


  • 3 Price Changes / Month

  • Change prices to all products only

  • Low Priority Customer Support

Monthly Plan


  • Unlimited Price Changes

  • Schedule Changes and Restores

  • Highest Priority Support (1/2 Business Days)

  • Filter products to change

  • All-Inclusive

Yearly Plan


billed at $149.99 once per year

  • Unlimited Price Changes

  • Schedule Changes and Restores

  • Highest Priority Support (1/2 Business Days)

  • Filter products to change

  • All-Inclusive

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

3.9 of 5 stars

The overall rating reflects the current state of the app. It accounts for all app reviews but prioritizes the most recent ones.
  • 5 of 5 stars
    74% of ratings are 5 stars
  • 4 of 5 stars
    3% of ratings are 4 stars
  • 3 of 5 stars
    2% of ratings are 3 stars
  • 2 of 5 stars
    4% of ratings are 2 stars
  • 1 of 5 stars
    17% of ratings are 1 stars

Most recent reviews

Campus & Co Neche Pembina

I have used this app for several months now and was impressed with the functionality. So when it went from being free to costing $15 a month i subscribed feeling like the app was worth it. However the problem came today I had an issue with a price drop that resulted in my having to shut down my store until it was resolved and I could not get any response from Ahia on this issue despite repeated attempts from both me and from Shopify Support. Now if the app was still free I'd feel that was fair enough, but if I'm paying $15 a month for this app I expect to get support when I have an issue. update: A few things; your response that I received was at 11:00 local time and I had sent in the request for help 5 hours earlier. If you had simply asked me I could have told you what the problem was and what price change we had the issue with. Second, as to the actual problem I had I thought that removing the price change would restore the prices. Why is there not a warning message that comes up when you remove a price change that says "do you want to restore original prices before removing this price change?" That would have prevented the whole problem right there. Update 2: When I got the response from you asking to reinstall the app I responded within minutes that I had reinstalled the app hours earlier. 4 hours later when I could get no further response, update, or confirmation you were working on it I fixed the problem myself. As to the warning message I know with absolute certainty that no warning message came up when I removed the price change. I clicked remove and it was gone, and I didn't even realize until an hour or so later when the prices weren't changing back that I had a problem. I will admit that I find it ironic that exactly 24 hours ago when I was messaging asking for help I could get no response and now at the exact same time of day I'm getting a response within minutes because I'm leaving feedback others can see. I'm not trying to be unfair, but I honestly feel that I got very poor service.

Developer reply

January 22, 2021


we're really sorry about this. We received your first message yesterday in the evening and we answered in a quite reasonable time (after 2 hours). We saw that you used our app to do more than 250 price changes, so we needed a bit of time to check your history and price change issues.

I know that this is frustrating, but if you explicitly delete a price change you can't restore the old prices anymore and there's nothing we can do about it.


* my colleague asked you to reinstall the app because we are not able to check anything if the app is not installed, as we don't have any permission to work with your data and your price changes in these situations. We definitely should get back to you and tell you that we were on it. However, as our plans page and our Shopify app page says, our priority is usually in the range of 1 business day, 5 hours are inside that range.

* to be honest, we actually have a warning message with a confirmation in case of price change removal. Here's the proof: https://imgur.com/a/JYjw19m (you can verify it by yourself, however we will make it bolder to be sure it's more effective);

I know that this is really frustrating, we do our best to help everyone in need of help but we plan security mechanisms like the warning message with a confirmation request.

UPDATE 2: you're not getting an answer because you left a review. As you can see, we answer every single review. Also, your review was 12 hours ago, night time in Europe where we're based and work.

Also, we answer every single support ticket. I am not saying you're unfair but you left a very negative review within the same business day.

Finally, I don't have any reason to lie here, where everyone can see and easily verify that this message exists.

If you feel that you got a poor service I can't say anything. I didn't deny it. However, we're NOT lying about anything here. This includes our confirmation message.


J'aimais beaucoup cette application qui était gratuite et du jour au lendemain il fallait payer 14$/mois pour utiliser les fonctionnalités !

Developer reply

January 18, 2021


your review is quite unfair, to be honest. We notified our customers a lot before Jan 3rd, (communications started 2 months before) so this was not a surprise for our merchants. We sent a lot of notifications, both via email and in-app.

If the price is not acceptable for you I understand, I am not forcing anyone to use this app. However, I would never dream to leave a negative review about your store because I find your prices too high.

We are a business like you are and we have expenses. An app is not something "magical", as a business owner, I am sure you can understand it well.

Have a nice day :)


I have used this app till I was locked out and told to pay 15.99 to use it. One, it was more expensive than other ones on the markets and it was offered for free to start with. I'm ok for a developer to charge but this hijack is way too high. If it was priced from day one at this price, my decision would have been different.
Just removed the app and gave price reason update: Locked out of basic functions as you know. As I said, a developer can price his or her products, you have to make money. No doubt! If given your price bracket from day one, I won't be choosing it and that does not mean other people will not be choosing it. Good luck in your endeavours. Update:
hi developer, you have made a valid point, but a price comparison is also a form of customer feedback, maybe not 1star but it is for competitor analysis and should be taken on board.
From free to 15.99 is a jump and yes, feel free to price your value. But you should also expect customer on the lower scale, who came to you based on your pricing and features to look for other providers who fall into the bracket they can afford. As I said, it does not have to be free so appreciate the fact that you have to price it up.

Developer reply

January 10, 2021


we started sending communications for our new pricing at the beginning of November. With both in-app and email notifications, to be sure it wouldn't be a surprise. It wasn't a surprise for hundreds of customers that are choosing our paid plans.

Also, we decided to avoid any kind of feature lock to every price change created before Jan 3rd, even for those scheduled after Jan 3rd.

No one "locked" you anything you used freely, no one is forcing you to use our app. I would never allow myself to come to your shop and tell you the prices are too high and leave you a negative review. I wouldn't just buy anything.

Have a nice day!

UPDATE: I totally respect your opinion 100%. Honestly, this just seemed too much (in my opinion) for a 1-star review only for the price reason, given the fact that a review like this one will have a negative impact on our business.

I would accept any kind of negative feedback (and I gladly did, in the past) if it can help me improve my customers and my business. I would leave a negative review on your products if something goes wrong, but not if the price is too high. Because this would mean that I am not understanding a business. And I am sure you understand what's behind a business because you run one. Cheers!