Donation and Charity Widget

Donation and Charity Widget

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Easy to use

Engage your customers to support a social cause, with a single-click.

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Support a social cause relevant to your business.

Quick Integration

No interference with payment gateway.

Sobre Donation and Charity Widget

Aid On is a micro-donation enabler that allows e-commerce sites to fund social projects through their users. This helps many real NGOs to benefit through a new fundraising channel for their social projects. We collaborate with companies with a social mission and trusted NGOs to support social projects with a high impact on the community.

Our mission is to provide innovative ways for companies to support and connect with social projects. We have been doing social work for more than 30 years in different fields like health, poverty, education, food security, and the environment. But this donation widget is a step to make donations more transparent and easy for the donor.

This app provides users of an e-commerce website an option to donate small amounts each time they checkout. Our app keeps track of the donations by users on your platform. If a user chooses to donate, the amount gets added to the cart total and the payment happens through your existing payment gateway. We do not interfere in the payment process. We track the donations and report to you the same.

We partner with trusted NGOs with high impact projects in different fields. You can choose the social project that you want to support. We overlook the social projects and make sure the amount donated by your users is creating a multi-fold impact. We help you and your users to see the social impact through photos, videos, and reports. Our aim is to make charity a habit of people.

This is a chance to create a social impact and change the lives of thousands just by enabling your users to donate small amounts through our app.

Kindly contact us if interested - mob no. : +91 9930265684, email-

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