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8. Mai 2024

I was assisted by Lydia. It took some time to get the reviews done due to issues that beyond her control.

However, I feel this is a good app to use once the issues are sorted out.

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30. Januar 2024

Everything is nice and user-friendly; however, there is a small issue: the "carousel review" mode does not show reviews for each product. In my store, all product reviews are shown everywhere instead of being shown for each product! I hope this issue will be solved quickly because it doesn't help my customers to read specific reviews.

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21. Dezember 2023

I am using this app to capture reviews and upload reviews from other platform. Basically it's free and you get what you paid for. Uploading reviews in csv doesn't work properly. It either gets stuck in uploading state or just doesn't do anything. It's very amateur app but it serves the purpose for those of us who are looking for free options.

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Air Apps hat geantwortet 22. Dezember 2023

Dear IntegrityHub store team,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on our app. We appreciate your honesty and are glad to hear that the app is serving its purpose for users seeking free options.

We apologize for any inconvenience you've experienced with the CSV uploading feature. Your feedback is valuable, and we'll certainly look into improving this aspect to enhance user experience. If you have any specific details or examples of the issues you encountered, please feel free to share them with us. We are committed to making the necessary improvements.

We understand that, being a free app, there may be limitations, but we aim to continually enhance our offerings. If you have any further suggestions or encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We're here to assist you.

Thank you for choosing our app, and we appreciate your understanding.

Best regards,
AirApps Support Team

28. Dezember 2023

unfortunately I had to delete the app as it was importing reviews in the original language and not english however the star widget still appears, can you help please?

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Bearbeitet am 19. August 2023

UPDATE 3: I managed to fix the issue myself. The maximum number of reviews which can be imported in a single CSV file is 600. In the full month that I was waiting on a solution, no one thought to tell me this and it isn't written anywhere on their Import Reviews page. I had clearly explained that my issue was trying to import 4,000 reviews and that many were not going through. Their response was "our dev team is working on it, just a few more days", and "just a few more", and "just a few more"... this went on for a full month, and I only got updates when reaching out to them (never the other way around). Very unprofessional overall. But the app is decent otherwise, the customer service is great in most situations. Somehow they just epically failed on this particular issue. So, in some situations, you might be on your own to figure out a solution. Might be worth paying for a different app if you don't want to risk it.

UPDATE 2: The same major issue below (unable to import reviews) has still not been fixed. It has been a month since I submitted the issue. Tech support has barely contacted me on this issue, has basically been ignoring me entirely. They were super-helpful with everything until I had a serious issue, and since then it seems they are trying to deliver such poor service that I just "go away". It's very frustrating and has been costing me a great deal of money, delaying my store launch. I have never had a technical issue take this long to resolve, for any product I have ever used.

UPDATE 1: I have had an issue with importing new reviews from CSV and incorrect reviews being stuck (un-deleteable) on my site. Their customer service reps are very kind and helpful but this issue has taken well over one week and still has not been fixed, nor am I clear on what the problem even is or why it is taking so long. This is causing serious delays on my store launch timeline. If they fix this issue soon and with a good outcome, I will increase my star rating.

Abby was very helpful in correcting my issue. Would recommend this app! It seems to be going well so far.

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11. September 2023

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