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Unified customer data platform for physical and digital store


Unlimited Marketing Campaigns

Run unlimited email campaigns, SMS, surveys and smart coupons to both physical and online shoppers. Personalize based on in-store visits and

Customer Data Platform

Unify online and offline shopper profiles and behavior in a single CDP and cross-promote your stores.

Built for Brick n' Mortar

Designed for retailers with physical stores. Collect user data from shoppers visiting your physical stores.

有關 Aislelabs

eCommerce meets Brick and Mortar

Aislelabs Customer Hub provides Customer Data Platform (CDP) for unifying online and offline shopper data. Use guest WiFi as first party data source for shoppers visiting your physical stores. Consolidate online browsing and purchase transactions from Shopify with in-store visits to create a true 360 profile of each shopper. Use built-in full-featured marketing across email, SMS, advertising, surveys and coupons to engage with your shoppers, both online and offline. Create personalized campaigns using AI-powered data-driven marketing platform and measure the ROI for both eCommerce and Brick and Mortar stores.

Aislelabs is the only CDP built for retailers with physical real estate. Granular behavioral data is collected, in an opt-in manner, from visitors to both brick and mortar and online stores, even if no purchase is made. Aislelabs supercharges retailer's marketing and customer insights teams and allows them to attract new shoppers, bring back loyal customers, and increase sales.



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