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Edited November 22, 2019


OK... AND THIS IS WHAT? https://prnt.sc/q0rgig

Pura Tribe
Time spent using app: 23 minutes
AiTrillion replied November 22, 2019

Hi Clara,

It seems like there is some confusion. Our team has checked your store and the popup is coming from the privy app and not from AiTrillion.

Please check screenshot here - http://prntscr.com/q0qbea

Still, if you need any assistance, please let us know and we can help you in removing any popup which is creating a problem in your store.


Edited December 4, 2019

***Note, long review. Please read in full***
Originally I installed this app as a means to establish a customer loyalty rewards program with a points expiry feature. Since installing and exploring the app now use it for most of my CRM uses. It has email marketing, WEBSITE reviews, PRODUCT reviews, loyalty points systems as well as tiers to reward high purchasing customers. The push notifications let me reach customers when when they aren't on my site which is great! It automates workflows which saves me time in all these aspects plus gives me analytics on just about every aspect. This really does replace the majority of apps for me.
After having the app for a little while the responses for customer service have become longer and longer. Initially they where keen to keep me happy and help me out but the majority of time I'm waiting about an hr for a reply as opposed to a few mins in early stages. This is why I dropped a star.
I have also found the app slows my page down a lot according to google page insights. It was recommended that assets originating from AiTrillion servers be compressed (namely using GZIP). I brought this issue up on a Sunday and received a response Monday saying the assets didn't come from AiTrillion which where clearly identified my google as AiTrillion server assets. I dropped a star for that.
I have contacted support again and received the response "I have escalated your issue to the tech team".
Personally, I'm not holding my breathe for the result.
Update #2:
After a bit of back and forth between the AiTrillion tech team, AiTrillion CSOs and myself. The speed issue seems not to be as bad. I have learnt that google page insights isn't a great tool to use anyway.
I had a scrolling issue when viewing my customer list. I'm using a laptop and after confusing conversations between myself, the CSOs and tech, I screen shared so tech could see it and it turns out I need to scroll with 2 fingers to make the list scroll. This would be similar to using a mouse wheel on an external mouse. It's now functioning. I would usually have uninstalled an app that didn't work 100% the way I liked it but this is worth keeping.
I feel confident that the issue resolution times are picking up and the app is functioning as it should. So I increased the review back up to 5 stars. Now, I'm happy with the app.
I am sad that the chat feature is gone and replaced with a contact form. Having a chat there felt like someone was always there to assist me. I have submitted a form and will find out how long the response time is.
- I got a reply within an hour. Still sad to see the live chat feature go though
CHECK YOUR BILL! The app charged me for 2 usage fees. Minus 2 stars for that as I shouldn't need to keep checking my bill each month. I should be able to trust an app I have installed. Currently on chat to both Shopify and AiTrillion. I will add to the review once the outcome is established.
So AiTrillion have decided to hold an invoice and double bill me! What a bloody joke! No way! DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP! Shopify won't help either. I can't believe they condone these scams. Therefor I hope more merchants speak up. Not only to the apps but to shopify itself. WE CAN BE ONE
These guys ignored my emails as well as shopify's emails for days. Shopify had to actually put app credits on my account in order to refund me. AiTrillion even rang me to ask if there was any issues. What the heck!? No communication between the team. Don't be under the impression this is just because they "messed up" a charge. This is because they don't care either. You're not going to get help, they don't want to resolve issues once they know they aren't milking you for every cent you have. This is the most obvious scam around. At one point in my short time with the app they even wanted remote access to my computer! No way! I hope shopify takes this scam down before anyone falls for it!

Inspiration Online
Time spent using app: About 1 month
AiTrillion replied May 10, 2020

1000+ Stores Are Now Powered By Aitrillion.com . Checkout the 100's of reviews clients just posted this month. We know you are one of our BEST CRITIC & we would to keep critics near us so that we can improve. Give it a try again with tons of new features added in last 4 months. Sellers are saving $1000's of USD during Covid19 . We love to help.

September 16, 2019

I really liked the idea of this app and the quick response to some of my questions. However, the Shopify store lists a 14 day trial and then $9 booster plan. But when you download it, all of a sudden the lowest plan is $29. I do not need all of the features- only loyalty but I was interested in exploring the other options. I have more than 1000 contacts so my price now is $60+. I would have paid that but I didn’t appreciate that the up front cost in the store was misrepresented.

Amber Locket
United States
Time spent using app: 8 minutes
AiTrillion replied September 17, 2019

Hi Laura,
Thank for showing your concern & as you have already mentioned we are very quick in responding to any queries. We tried to reach you yesterday too. Our pricing is very clearly published on our website & is same on Shopify. You were caught in these scenarios within that 5-minute window when we were publishing new discounted pricing for all. Please see on our website we have a new pricing structure "lower than earlier for all with many users" published on Sep 16th itself. I would really appreciate if you can give us 5 minutes to speak & trust you did show in our app. We promise you will love the app & cross integration of triggers between Loyalty, Review, Push Automation. Please email me on md@aitrillion.com & I will work personally to help you.