Slide Out Cart

Slide Out Cart


Quicker Checkouts are Just a Click Away!

3.7 별 5개 중(3 리뷰)

Allows Upselling

Upsell additional items directly to your cart!

Increase Conversion Rate

Slide Out Cart creates a far better user experience and increase Conversion rate!

Fully Customizable

You can customize Slide Out Cart. Add text, title, promo code. This allows a significant increase of the conversion rate!

Slide Out Cart 정보

Enhance the customer experience and increase your average order value with adds a sliding cart preview that can be accessed from anywhere and acts as a One-Page checkout. No need to take your customers to a separate order page, allows customers to browse relevant products, include promo codes, and check out products from the drawer itself that is accessible from any page. Additionally, your customers can also know about any ongoing announcements from the Announcement bar itself. Here are the features available in the app :

  1. Upsell via Recommendation: Create a smart checkout drawer, where the customers can browse other products related to those added to the cart. With the related product add-on, you can upsell multiple additional items and add them before checkout.

  2. Announcement Bar: Banner blindness may cause customers to ignore any pop-up banner while shopping. With the dedicated Announcement bar in the checkout drawer, you can display custom announcements inside the cart section. The colors and fonts are customizable to avoid design conflicts.

  3. Cart Display Customization: Don’t want the cart to occupy precious screen space? You have the option to choose between a Slider or Pop-up, via a user-friendly layout, to display the cart drawer as per your wish and usability.

  4. Customizable Buttons: Customize your drawer layout as per your convenience. You can choose the buttons to be displayed on the cart drawer.

  5. Related Products Module: For every product added to the cart, you can display related products in a slider form and the customers can add them to the cart with a simple click.

  6. Promo Box: Everyone loves to get a discount. Add a Promo code box to your cart drawer for the customers to avail any special discounts by entering promotional codes. You can also include a Shipping Progress Bar that indicates the remaining amount for getting free shipping.This can increase the overall cart value and increase sales opportunities.

  7. Admin Dashboard: Manage everything related to Slide Out Cart with a user-friendly dashboard that displays all the relevant information upfront.


  • Display the cart items on any page.
  • Increase average order rate with related products displayed as a slider.
  • Cart checkout button Customization as per your design theme
  • Easy design change support to match your store theme
  • A discount field for entering promotional code
  • Free Shipping Progress Bar

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가장 최근 리뷰

Allure Boutique WY

This app shut down our website. Our "add to cart" button no longer worked when we installed this app and it took days to get it figured out and running again.


I previously used this app and it was amazing. I changed my shopify theme and somehow things stopped working. Enter: Customer service. They were fantastic. They personally went into my shop, edited the code to make things work good as new. I'm so happy with the app + how quickly they were there to help. Add this app today!

개발자 회신

2020년 10월 21일

Thank you for taking time out and leaving us such a wonderful review here. This motivates us a lot to come up with better solutions and services. Do have a look at our other apps as well, you might find some of them useful for your store.
Once again thank you from QeRetail team.


Foram is always very helpful in resolving any issues.
They are always available to chat, answer every question, and seem to be constantly improving the app. They helped me with customization that I needed and they came through with a solution and it works great!
We can't say enough about them...Thank you QE Retail.

개발자 회신

2020년 8월 25일

This review made our day! Thank You for taking time to review us here.
We're grateful that our app could help to enhance your online selling experience. We will continue the efforts to serve you better.Once again thank you from QeRetail team.