Order Updates with Alexa

Order Updates with Alexa

開發者:Matthew de Noronha

Customer order & delivery updates to an Alexa enabled device


'Alexa, where's my delivery?'

Enable your customers to request order and delivery updates by just asking their Alexa enabled device.

Delivery status notifications

An order's been placed? It's been shipped? It's out for delivery? Keep your customers in the know with automatic Alexa notifications.

Automated delivery tracking

Track over 600 couriers across the entire delivery process. All done with easy automated courier tracking.

有關 Order Updates with Alexa

Order Updates with Alexa gives you the power of voice

Effective customer communication is vital for any successful ecommerce business. Customers want to be informed, heard and valued. Yet, general customer service is slow, phone lines are expensive to run and customers frequently struggle to connect with a retailer that doesn't appear to respect their business.

Enter Order Updates with Alexa. Order Updates gives your store the monumental power of voice. Smart speakers have become a vital part of our everyday lives. With big retailers already capitalising on its powerful impact on customers, it's time for your store to not get left behind.

From a stronger brand connection, reduced customer services times and happier customers, the benefits of smart speakers are undeniable.

A new superpower for your store

Order Updates with Alexa gives your store the capacity to send alert notifications to a customers Alexa enabled device for key points of their order's delivery - from received, fulfilled, shipped, out for delivery and finally delivered.

Not only that, customers have the ability to say at any time 'Alexa, ask Order Updates where is my delivery?' to get an immediate update on their order. Whether that order be crossing internationally, stuck somewhere because of a problem or with the courier about to be delivered.

Local retailers

Order Updates with Alexa also maximises the communication of local retailers. Our Local Order Updates plan gives your store full control, allow you to let a customer know through Alexa exactly when your driver is on the way.

Big retailers that deliver locally, especially food retailers, understand the importance of keeping the customer informed. Don't get left behind, Order Updates with Alexa gives you the same power with one of the most exciting and fast growing consumer tech devices around.

How does it work?

Order Updates with Alexa makes things easy. The app automatically keeps an eye on your deliveries using your orders' tracking information (for non local plans). With over 600 couriers and 35 different delivery update messages, Order Updates can keep your customers in the know.

Order Updates also provides expected delivery times, custom courier messages and also alerts courier issues, to maximise your store's customer communication.

Take advantage of an exciting and impactful messaging channel, all with one app and 1-2 minutes of set up. That's all that's required to supercharge your store, giving it the ability to reach right into customer's homes.

Maximise your brand, improve your customer service and tower above the competition, install today.



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定價 7 天免費試用


每月 $9.99

$0.03 per tracked order from customers who've enabled Order Updates

  • 'Where's my delivery?' Enable customers to ask for order/delivery updates
  • Automated tracking with over 600 couriers


每月 $15.99

$0.03 per tracked order from customers who've enabled Order Updates

  • Everything in Basic plan
  • Notifications: Automatically notify a customer's Alexa enabled device at key points in their orders' delivery


每月 $1.99

  • For merchants who deliver locally
  • Send an Alexa alert when order's been received/on the way
  • Allow customers to ask for a delivery update

* 所有費用均以 USD 計價。
** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

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