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17. Januar 2023

I've had a lot of questions and Leo & Lily have always been there. Both of them have spent a ton of time with me over chat fixing problems I have created for myself. I am forever thankful for both of them! The app? It is a bit clunky in my opinion. If you don't do things in the exact correct order or you need help. And there is a lot of clicking need to send a product. I wish it were all automated.

Babybug Nursery Boutique
Vereinigte Staaten
3 monate mit der App
30. September 2022

Today, it gives me more motivated to work on my shopify store. I have struggled before by importing products that never show in my import list. And now, I am happy because Daisy help me how to import products easy. I would like to say thank you to Daisy. I am very much appreciated it and I feel no doubt that I choose Aliexpress as one of my artner in the business world. Thank you and more success in your company.

The Thunder Road Motor Sports
3 monate mit der App
21. Februar 2023

This app is good to find more diverse products than other apps.Also, it is convenient because you can edit options and product names before putting them on the store.However, there may often be errors when uploading items to the store. Except for this point, I am satisfied with everything about this app.

one touch away
19 tage mit der App
8. Februar 2023

The app is easy to use when finding products and pushing them to your store. Although I had an issue when my first order came because it was not fulfilled correctly but Jennie from the support team just started her night shift checked the order for me and confirmed that the order is fulfilled just waiting for shipment. After that she walked me through the steps of fulfilling the order correctly and in an easy way through the app. She was a star. Thank you very much

Vereinigtes Königreich
2 monate mit der App
9. Dezember 2022

This app is really helpful, if you need any help with anything for your AliExpress Dropship, don't search it up or figure out your own way... just contact the support team and hopefully you'll get LEO to help. Leo is great! he took me step by step to teach me how to make orders and more! it was great, thank you guys so much!!

Vereinigte Staaten
3 monate mit der App
Bearbeitet am 8. Dezember 2022

Lily was very helpful and awesome to work with in finding horse related items, the search funtion is not finding readily what I need. Hopefully will get better.
I may need to stumble around abit to find what is needed - but I am sure there are plenty of product I can add to my store. I am even upgrading!

La Casa Saddlery
Vereinigte Staaten
5 monate mit der App
6. März 2023

Daisy was reallllllllly helpful. I only knew a little about all this stuff, not that I couldn't research on my own but she went all the way, showing me how it's done and the pros and cons of doing it right. I appreciate your help Daisy, you're a great professional.

Higher Empire!!
19 tage mit der App
7. März 2023

Has all the features i need and all seem to work pretty well, it has really good support with fast reply times which definitely makes the whole experience better. 10/10

Up and Shipped
7 monate mit der App
28. Februar 2023

Hi I love the app I think is truly effective and the best one out there.

I have a question too. Is there any way to import products from outside of Aliexpress/Amazon? I am looking forward to add products from a certain website(not from aliexpress), but I do not know how to do it.

19 tage mit der App
19. Juni 2023

Vincent has been brilliant, has been extremely helpful, way above and beyond my expectations - THANK YOU! Not only helped me with my issue but also offered inspiration and motivation to keep going. Thank you Mate, you service will never be forgotten.

Brevin Trading Co
2 monate mit der App