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2020년 10월 18일

Not working, support is not helpful, really waste of time. Compare with Oberlo, Ali order process is slow, takes long time to auto complete the address. And today the Ali app is dead and asking me to install the App, I'm done.

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답글 FireApps개 2020년 10월 18일

Hi there,

Here`s Raymond from Fireapps Customer Support Team of Ali Orders and we are truly sorry for this inconvenience caused.

Related to your concern as following:

1. As you mentioned "support is not helpful", unfortunately we have not seen your conversation between our agent and you. Therefore, please tell us the agent`s name whom you have contact, so we will re-check with them.

2. "Ali order process is slow, takes long time to auto complete the address", you are talking about Auto fulfill orders, right? If yes, please share us how long does it take?

3. "And today the Ali app is dead and asking me to install the App, I'm done", as we have checked again, our app is still working fine, so you please elaborate your concern "Ali app is dead and asking me to install the App" and we can help you further.

Could you please re-install our app and let us have a chance to support you with the highest priority? We very much appreciate your business and hope that you will remain a valued customer.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards

2020년 4월 17일

Desinstalei o app e continua a cobrar, gostaria que resolvessem essa questão, o quanto antes. Aguardo!

Heyy Brasil
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답글 FireApps개 2020년 4월 19일

Hi there,

I'm Raymond from FireApps Customer Support team, and I am very sorry for the inconvenience may caused to you.

As I have checked your account on our Shopify system, and see that you installed our app on November 12th, 2019, and then uninstalled our app on March 25th, 2020.

Please be advised that you have to uninstall our app, then the subscription will be canceled as well, and you won't be charged on next billing.

For more detail can be found here: https://help.fireapps.io/en/articles/2001251-how-to-cancel-quit-terminate-pause-fireapps-subscription

If you have any further concern, please feel free to contact us via our live chat, or email at support@fireapps.io

Best Regards,

2019년 12월 1일에 편집됨


Hi yeah, how come your system doesn't notify me when certain products I imported to my store through you are no longer available? I thought that you kept track of whether or not it was in stock? Also why do I have so much trouble locating the products I loaded to purchase for dropshipping? I have unfortunately and regretfully put my store on pause and it is not open now because I HAD TO DELETE EVERY PRODUCT IN MY STORE because not one of the original supplier stores could be found again whose products I had originally pushed to my store... like what is the purpose of this app? Why did you not notify me that the products I loaded through your app were no longer available? ANOTHER THING is that YOU DO NOT AUTO FULFILL ANY ORDERS either! That's all just false! Do you know what AUTO FULFILL means? It means I don't have to order anything. It means my customer orders and their items are purchased and their address is entered for the delivery of those items AUTOMATICALLY... USING THIS SERVICE HAS CAUSED ME ALOT OF PROBLEMS AND IT IS ALL A BIG LIE! YOU DON'T STAND UP TO YOUR CLAIM AND SHOULD BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS FOR ALL THE EXTRA WORK AND BACKLOG I HAVE SUFFERED BECAUSE I TRUSTED YOUR APP TO DO WHAT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO DO! I am probably going to miss the Cyber Monday sales opportunity too. You will be hearing from my UCC Attorneys soon!


I am looking at these reviews and the dates on these good reviews have been altered! I see the same companies and the same 5 star reviews that were there when I downloaded this app 7-8 months ago! Those reviews were not left in November of 2019 I assure you that. Go see if any of these stores exist... then you'll see the trickery! These are just some of the stores I remember seeing the same reviews from MONTHS AGO... Cashmere Ridge, Clothes Attic, King N Queens, StylzMallz, Claire, Showbizify

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답글 FireApps개 2019년 12월 5일

Hi There,

I'm Johnson from FireApps Customer Support team, and I am very sorry for the inconvenience may caused to your store.

Unluckily you have not replied to my follow-up via 3 emails previously, so I could not help you better. Therefore, I would like to rewrite it here in case you have any chance to see it.

1/ Other fulfillment programs in general, and our fulfillment program in particular only can help you to save the consuming time by filling your customer's information to your orders (make sure they've left full information needed). None of existing apps can let customer orders, their purchased items, and their addresses are entered for the delivery automatically because supplier always wants to take a look, and check it again before fulfilling to make sure that everything is fine.

If you want, I surely can make a note to our Business Development team to consider about this idea in the future version.

2/ About notification function, I would like to inform you that the progress of checking and updating product status will be proceeded daily. However, in order to keep servers working in peak performance, and ensure all the things stable, we have optimized the process to be better. Each store daily will be updated with:
- ALL products which are having orders.
- 50 oldest products without order

More details can be found here from our Help Center in case you missed it: https://help.fireapps.io/en/articles/3378742-will-my-product-info-be-updated

3/ All reviews you are seeing in Shopify store here are real reviews from our existing customers, and there is no way to make fake reviews.

If you have any concern, please feel free to contact us via our live chat, or email at support@fireapps.io.


2021년 3월 19일에 편집됨

I’ve used this app Auto order does not work with this app when products are shipping to Uk with the issue about province They keep telling me issue is ali express when it’s there app but other softwares auto order works fine to ship to Uk via ali express The solution is your software needs to put other on province tab on ali express website and the seller will use postcode and address to ship products it’s simple as that

Online24-7 Shop
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답글 FireApps개 2021년 3월 19일

Hi there,

Here's Daria from Ali Orders - AliExpress Dropship Support Team and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Regarding to your concern, because AliExpress has made some updates in relation to auto fulfill orders , so our app cannot get the section as province to fulfill your orders, our Dev team is finding the root cause and try to update to fix the issue as soon as possible.

You are having an active chat with my colleague, please let them know if you need further support.

Ali Orders - AliExpress Dropship Support Team

2019년 5월 24일에 편집됨

This app is essentially a reskinned Oberlo rip off. I typically wouldn't mind...

It is INCREDIBLY clunky, however. The only reason I am not switching back to oberlo is because I can't... Oberlo will only pick up orders that I imported with Oberlo, not any other apps.

When I am editing my imported items, often it won't save. For example I will write a whole paragraph description, then hop to the image tab to look at the item and come back to the description-- all gone. It slows me down a lot and it doesn't feel safe or comfortable working. I constantly copy any changes so I can paste it again because 4/5 times, it will disappear.

Wish you could edit the "item cost" value before you push to store, too.

When I import a product that's a single variant, the app adds an unnecessary variant, causing annoying issues.

I cannot reorder images, from the looks of it, either.

All of the above issues mean I need to clean the item up myself in Shopify after import.

There is no option to make "push to store" import the item in an unavailable state. I mean, the item will be avaliable on my store as soon as I push it-- it might be alright if the app let me fully edit what I need to, but it lacks many features so I need to import at a quiet time, and hope no customers see the ugly, unfinished product

Think that's all... Oh, quick mention to customer support. They're typically quick to reply, and pretty cute.

Yeah. I typically use Oberlo, this time I thought to mix it up and use something else... I regret every minute of it.

Blood Moon Gothic
앱 사용 기간 11개월
답글 FireApps개 2019년 5월 24일

Hi Marisa,

This is Ken from Ali Orders Customer Support team.

Thanks for your feedback, I did check it carefully and below are my comments:
- About the issue which have been missing your description was edited, we have checked and it's working fine though (Even in the Import List and Edit product section). We can check this issue for you, please help us to send the staff permission to email support@fireapps.io with Apps, Products and Orders access, we can check and get back to you with better result.
- Item cost: this is the price of your product on Ali Express, so we are not allowed to change this value. This value is only used to estimate profit and update new product price if you have turned on the option "Auto update price" in our app dashboard > on Product list.
- Our app allowed to checked/unchecked as well as change the position of your product image in Import list (before pushing to shop).  You only need to drag the image to the to the position where you want.
- About the product which don't have any variants on Ali Express but when you have pushed it to shop, it was showing. We are improving on this, and hopefully, it will be remained within 24 hours. We apologize for this inconvenience may have caused to your store.
- About the push and Unpublished product will be considered on our next version update, thanks for your opinion so so much.

Once again, on behalf of Ali Orders team, I would like to apologize for this situation which happened to your store.

And thanks for your opinion which helps us to improve our app function better in future.

If you have further request or concern, kindly help me to contact to our apps chat box, and I would love to follow up and help you.


2022년 5월 12일

hi my alidropship account wont link with aliexpress when ever i press "link to aliexpress" and then press authorize it keeps going to "Error Code: param-url.domain.not.match" with a authorization failed, how do i solve this

앱 사용 기간 10개월
답글 FireApps개 2022년 5월 17일

Hi Tanner,

This is Marry and we're deeply sorry for your unexpected experience with our app

Regarding to your concern, it's a known issue. For making it clear, AliExpress has made change recently and this affects our app as well, also this issue is related to AliExpress code, so we need more time to check, once it's done I will let you know soonest. Meanwhile you can import or fulfill your order normally because this issue is not affecting anything on these main functions

I have seen that my colleague is following your case, he gives you a clear explanation as well as solutions for your case, please kindly check and let him know if you need further support.

Ali Orders - AliExpress Dropship Support Team

2023년 2월 8일

Unreliable and also they lost my account details and they didnt accept I had 1 years account with them. All the job I had done lost and also the products connected with them.And this was to blackmail me to to start paying subscription for the app- DO NOT USE it will mess your shopify store

SalesWorm Co
앱 사용 기간 8개월
2019년 4월 16일

3 hours of my life wasted on a "customer support" that can't even navigate the app. It took the person ('Ken') literally 2 hours just to understand that I needed to un-fulfill an order. And of course I didn't receive any help. What a huge waste of time this app is. Also, it has all sorts of bugs. Stock numbers are updated randomly even though the option is turned off. We can't order from a single page, even though the option is there. And you can't even un-fulfill an item. So if there is a single error in the already fulfilled order, there is nothing you can do. I've never had such a bad experience with customer support in my life. Ali Orders, not even once.

앱 사용 기간 6개월
2022년 11월 18일

I used this app as an oberlo replacement what a headache. I have 63 products that come with so many variants and not only does it not pick the original stores that were linked, I have to manually redo the mapping for each variant.

Ethnic Extensions
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2021년 1월 9일에 편집됨

said free service yet they charged me and said this is limited to 7 days only . my lawyers said this is totally misleading they stole over $100.00 off me now Shopify ask them for a refund they refused to reply was not until i cc my lawyer did they reply ALI ORDERS IS A SCAM they dont push all your orders then when you complain they send you a link never explain or say its problem they are working on it but never fix the issue.. don't trust !!! FREE
Import AliExpress products in 1-click Auto fulfill orders in 1-click Auto-update product stock and price Auto-select price for new products so they don't have free plan this is misleading!! they even have on there app FREE -7 DAY TRAIL again not clear . -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Everything in Free plan Bulk import products Bulk fulfill orders Merge products to push sales Solve AliExpress Captcha Affiliate API and lets now be honest with all your lies should we ann >>> ok cool pasing my complaints app not working again today same thing same response >> see all the colours are not important with the photos this will cost me so much time so what am I paying for this has been so much drama you keep sending to so team that never fix it never reply so please don't respond with the same thing bet you do. FireApps - Premium Apps for Shopify Stores sent Today at 17:29
i've forwarded all concerns to our dev team to check and will give you an answer asap.
You sent Today at 17:30
asap FireApps - Premium Apps for Shopify Stores sent Today at 17:30
please keep patience, we're checking it for you and put it on the highest priority as you can see again what am i PAYING FOR ? SCAM!! THEY STOLE MONEY BECAUSE THEY NEVER OFFERED OR GIVEN ME THE SERVICE I PAID THIS IS WHY I AM TAKING THEM TO COURT !!! THEY REFUSE TO DO THE RIGHT THING MY LAWYERS ARE NOW on top of this shopify have asked them to refund me they refused to reply until i said i was going to sue them!! i will past that email shopify sent me saying they will try again ... so don't believe fireapps fake lies!!! Updated what they said blackmail much and Shopify said they never contacted them 4th January 2021
Hi Andrew, We're sorry for all inconveniences that caused to you. As per check, I see that you have uninstalled the app and left a negative reviews on shopify. Once again, we deeply apologize for all unfortunate experiences Could you please give us a favor to remove that negative review on shopify and give us one chance supporting you? After discussion with our team and manager, we decide to contact Shopify and will refund for your latest app billing as our truly apology. Please consider and let us know your decision if you accept our apology and remove that reviews

앱 사용 기간 4개월
답글 FireApps개 2020년 12월 30일

Hi there,

I'm Anna from Ali Orders - AliExpress Dropship Support Team and we are truly sorry for this inconvenience caused.

There are two main issues as following:

1. App charges issue, we are now offering two plans including Free and Premium plan with 7 trial day. As I have checked your account on Shopify partner and seen that you chose your Ali Order paid plan with 19.0 on August 29th 2020 and until Dec 12th 2020, you uninstalled our app (https://prnt.sc/wdflzw). From the time when you approved charge for paid plan with 19.0 on August 29th 2020, you have spent two billing on September and October. In conclusion, there was no double charge.

2. Deleted products issue, because of synchronization system, the error sometimes happens, as we have checked your case and seen that you are having an active chat with my colleague and they are fixing your issue as soon as possible, please let us know if you need further help.

Best Regards
Ali Orders - AliExpress Dropship Support Team