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2019년 4월 16일

3 hours of my life wasted on a "customer support" that can't even navigate the app. It took the person ('Ken') literally 2 hours just to understand that I needed to un-fulfill an order. And of course I didn't receive any help. What a huge waste of time this app is. Also, it has all sorts of bugs. Stock numbers are updated randomly even though the option is turned off. We can't order from a single page, even though the option is there. And you can't even un-fulfill an item. So if there is a single error in the already fulfilled order, there is nothing you can do. I've never had such a bad experience with customer support in my life. Ali Orders, not even once.

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2021년 1월 9일에 편집됨

said free service yet they charged me and said this is limited to 7 days only . my lawyers said this is totally misleading they stole over $100.00 off me now Shopify ask them for a refund they refused to reply was not until i cc my lawyer did they reply ALI ORDERS IS A SCAM they dont push all your orders then when you complain they send you a link never explain or say its problem they are working on it but never fix the issue.. don't trust !!! FREE
Import AliExpress products in 1-click Auto fulfill orders in 1-click Auto-update product stock and price Auto-select price for new products so they don't have free plan this is misleading!! they even have on there app FREE -7 DAY TRAIL again not clear . -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Everything in Free plan Bulk import products Bulk fulfill orders Merge products to push sales Solve AliExpress Captcha Affiliate API and lets now be honest with all your lies should we ann >>> ok cool pasing my complaints app not working again today same thing same response >> see all the colours are not important with the photos this will cost me so much time so what am I paying for this has been so much drama you keep sending to so team that never fix it never reply so please don't respond with the same thing bet you do. FireApps - Premium Apps for Shopify Stores sent Today at 17:29
i've forwarded all concerns to our dev team to check and will give you an answer asap.
You sent Today at 17:30
asap FireApps - Premium Apps for Shopify Stores sent Today at 17:30
please keep patience, we're checking it for you and put it on the highest priority as you can see again what am i PAYING FOR ? SCAM!! THEY STOLE MONEY BECAUSE THEY NEVER OFFERED OR GIVEN ME THE SERVICE I PAID THIS IS WHY I AM TAKING THEM TO COURT !!! THEY REFUSE TO DO THE RIGHT THING MY LAWYERS ARE NOW on top of this shopify have asked them to refund me they refused to reply until i said i was going to sue them!! i will past that email shopify sent me saying they will try again ... so don't believe fireapps fake lies!!! Updated what they said blackmail much and Shopify said they never contacted them 4th January 2021
Hi Andrew, We're sorry for all inconveniences that caused to you. As per check, I see that you have uninstalled the app and left a negative reviews on shopify. Once again, we deeply apologize for all unfortunate experiences Could you please give us a favor to remove that negative review on shopify and give us one chance supporting you? After discussion with our team and manager, we decide to contact Shopify and will refund for your latest app billing as our truly apology. Please consider and let us know your decision if you accept our apology and remove that reviews

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답글 FireApps개 2020년 12월 30일

Hi there,

I'm Anna from Ali Orders - AliExpress Dropship Support Team and we are truly sorry for this inconvenience caused.

There are two main issues as following:

1. App charges issue, we are now offering two plans including Free and Premium plan with 7 trial day. As I have checked your account on Shopify partner and seen that you chose your Ali Order paid plan with 19.0 on August 29th 2020 and until Dec 12th 2020, you uninstalled our app (https://prnt.sc/wdflzw). From the time when you approved charge for paid plan with 19.0 on August 29th 2020, you have spent two billing on September and October. In conclusion, there was no double charge.

2. Deleted products issue, because of synchronization system, the error sometimes happens, as we have checked your case and seen that you are having an active chat with my colleague and they are fixing your issue as soon as possible, please let us know if you need further help.

Best Regards
Ali Orders - AliExpress Dropship Support Team

2022년 6월 30일

competley useless support, app is full of bugs, constantly tell us for over a month that an update is being launched in a few days - every time a lie. super basic functionality doesnt even work like showing cost of product in the profit loss chart (which then only shows revenue and no profit making it useless). will be switching to another app soon, this company is a shables how its run, crap apps like this should not be launched until they work properly

Cheap Snow Gear
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2022년 9월 10일

this app is completey poorly designed, basic stuff doesnt work like replacing out of stock products and your whole product description is wiped, it doesnt work and is unusable.

Rugged Motorbike Jeans
앱 사용 기간 4개월
2022년 7월 13일

absolutely stupidly developed, basic functionality missing, key functions missing like replacing out of stock products (wipes description), no sales chart showing profit or costs, clunky, full of bugs and terrible slow support that does nothing to fix the dumb stuff in this app

Wooden Earth
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2019년 6월 12일

Changing over is terrible
The customer support have no idea what they are doing and the app is buggy

House of Dasein Kink Toys and Apparel
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답글 FireApps개 2019년 6월 13일

Hi there,

Firstly, we apologize for this inconvenience may have caused to your store.

I am Ken from FireApps Ali Orders support team, and I did check your concern carefully.

Since the issue related to SKU, and our app has no idea about SKU since it's related to Ali Express suppliers, so we highly recommend you to contact Ali Express supplier stocks with their own SKU if they don't have it.

This issue will happen again, if your product on Ali Express doesn't have any SKU, thus the solution is please help me to try to find another similar supplier, and override it with new supplier with SKU, then you can simply order your product.

Secondly, as I informed you earlier, Ali Pay is not supported with our app. We only accept the normal payment as filled in your bank card issued on Ali Express, and pay for it.

If you paid your order with Ali Pay, please help me to contact to Ali Express support team, to let them know this issue clearly, so they can help you to fix this.

In case you do not want to contact them, you will need to fill in tracking code manually to our app, so the Order status will be updated.

Next, in order to get more understanding more about our Ali Orders app, I suggest you to spend sometimes to check on our Help Center at https://help.fireapps.io/ali-orders. There are plenty of articles there which will help you to understand the flow of our app.

Besides, when you switch from another App (for e.g. Oberlo) to our Ali Orders Apps to use, we basically will sync all the information of your product from Shopify to our app. Note that we are not getting any information directly from another Apps to our app. Therefore, as long as those information contained on Shopify > we will sync them to our app.

I hope this might be helpful for you.

Please send us a ticket to our app chat box if you need some more help.


2022년 7월 10일

even after you say there was a big update, its missing so much basic fucntionality making it unusable. 1. it is impossible to replace products without wiping out all of your product descriptions!!! this is madness, why dont you have a checkbox to not overite the description, do u think anyone can use this funtjon like this? 2. the graph on the homepage only shows revenue. this is 100% useless without also showing cost of product, how does anyone know the profit of their site? als you have this data, just add it. It is bizarre this app is launched while it works so badly.

Cheap Surf Gear
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2019년 9월 21일

The worst app I have ever used. The support for the app is terrible. Orders I placed for my customer were sent to wrong address. I set the "shipping from origin" to USA, However, when my customer ordered, even though the order showed shipping from USA, it was shipping from China. Do not use this app.

앱 사용 기간 3개월
답글 FireApps개 2019년 9월 21일

Hi there,

This is Lynn from FireApps Customer Support team, and I am sincerely sorry for the trouble you met.

Firstly, I did check from our chat system, and found that Petey provided explanation to you in a previous chat that our Ali Orders app can only help you fulfill the information on AliExpress (AE) -> order the item for you, then sync the information from AE to Ali Orders app (and your Shopify store as well). That means our Ali Orders app could not manage about the shipping matter. It belongs to your AE's supplier, and out of our support scope.

Besides, since you did re-install our app, please feel free to contact us if you have any further concerns on this.

Thank you for your understanding.


2018년 12월 21일

I tried to be patient because this app has potential.

Common and frequent problems:

- Product import issues: some import with $0 pricing, have fun with the clients buying one item for $20 and 47 other items for $0.
- App doesn't update Shopify with tracking numbers automatically. Have fun with 500% more emails from clients asking for an update on tracking information.
- Some orders are completely missed, you won't noticed until you review the orders manually or the client complaints. Have fun knowing you lost money instead of making money, two weeks later.
- If you have oberlo installed forget about it, it will load all the products and orders from oberlo even though you have no ability to do anything with those orders from the aliorder's dashboard, what's the point of this? who is the genius who came up with this idea? But to make things interesting some orders do overlap so for the fun of it I have to double check every single AliOrder orders with Oberlo to make sure there's no overlap and I do not end up shipping out two orders to the same client.

It seems like the Ali Orders app orders is more concerned with trying to steal Oberlo clients to their platform than providing a working product that caters to their client needs.

I do see them trying to improve the app and make improvements but in my opinion they should have not launched the app if the basic functionalities don't work.

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2022년 4월 18일에 편집됨

Unfortunately, the product cannot be transferred from the category page of the application. I have not been able to transfer products for more than 1 week

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답글 FireApps개 2022년 3월 22일


Here's Brian and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

First of all, we're so sorry for late response. Secondly, the error when pushing your products from our app to Shopify, it's because of synchronization system between Ali Order and Shopify, I have seen it's now working fine.

You are having an active chat with my colleague, please let them know if you need further support.

Ali Orders - AliExpress Dropship Support Team