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Ali Reviews - Import product reviews from AliExpress in 1 click - Product review app

Ali Reviews - Import product reviews from AliExpress in 1 click - Product review app

Developed by FireApps - Premium Apps For Shopify Stores.

539 reviews
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  • Boost sales up to 30% by importing tons of AliExpress reviews in 1 click.
  • Build customer trust and increase conversion with authentic reviews.
  • Easy to use with fully responsive utilities and outstanding style options.


Ali Reviews─ a must-have app for store owners who are running a dropshipping business with AliExpress─ enables you to easily import authentic AliExpress reviews into your store, attract more shoppers, build great trust, boost sales by 30% and get insights.


Reduce Purchase Anxiety

The presence of ratings and reviews is the most important factor that can affect purchase decisions, build buyers’ confidence, increase conversion rates and reduce website abandonment.

  • Approach customer by objective reviews

  • Develop your store's reputation

67% of shoppers say that either reading or writing social media reviews and comments influences their online shopping behavior.

PwC, Total Retail Survey (2016).

Boost Your Sales

Not only that reviews, the information that matters most to buyers, displayed prominently but also that the most relevant information is summarized in scannable formats that make buyers easy to consume and help them make better decisions quickly.

  • More lasting satisfied customers

  • Up to 30% increase in revenue

73% of shoppers like to read online reviews prior to purchasing a product.

Nielsen, Global Connected Commerce (2016).



★★★★★ http://bit.ly/2nTJ4AE ★★★★★



Before beginning, make sure that Ali Reviews extension is added on Chrome. To import reviews:

1. Go to Apps on your Shopify store and select Ali Reviews

2. Access "Get Reviews" and search for the product

3. Click ADD REVIEWS and enter an AliExpress product URL then NEXT

4. Select options to filter which reviews you want to show.

5. Wait a few secs and check the result.


  • Bulk actions: Publish, hide, filter and manage reviews quickly and easily.

  • Display settings: Country, personal info, avatar, image, trust seal, date and time.

  • Fully customize style: Edit text, Color, CSS with eye-catching themes and layouts.

  • Oberlo Integration: Import products and get reviews from AliExpress on Oberlo at the same time.

  • Default reviews: Automatically show default reviews for each no review product.

  • Review page: showcase all the most satisfied customer reviews on a detail page.

  • Translation support: Translate the local text in the app into your own language and reviews into English.

  • Photo attachment: Your customers are able to upload real images into a particular review.
  • Add the extension: http://bit.ly/ali-reviews-chrome

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Ali Reviews - Import product reviews from AliExpress in 1 click - Product review app reviews

539 reviews
  1. 5 stars (403 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (46 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (14 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (9 reviews)
  5. 1 star (67 reviews)

Omg. Their customer service is all bots. I bought the pro version and there are no reviews showing up in the app. I emailed them 4 times and i keep getting automated help replies that have nothing to do with my question. I hate companies like this. And the best part, it’s a fake review app and look at all the fake reviews they used here!! Nobody says great that many times in a row!!


Terrible, doesn't work. Refused to refund, after I used it for less than a hour, and found that it wasn't working.

Contacted them about the refund, and they claimed this wasn't "part of their support."


Très déçu de cette app sois disant gratuite !
Avec la formule gratuite vous êtres très limiter et n'avez accès à presque rien. 10 produits maximum. J'ai donc pris la formule à 9.99$ et encore une fois ont est limiter, on ne peut pas modifier les textes en anglais, pratique sur un site en français.... Passer votre chemin ;)


I installed the app twice on the same day and uninstalled the same day. They charged me twice for this and never returned on my refund requests. They even did not reply to the emails sent by Shopify agents related to my case. Very poor customer support.

Charging twice for the installation of an app shouldn't be a business model.

Very disappointed.


Paid the pro version to add reviews to unlimited products, but was only possible to add reviews to 1/3 of my store. Deleted the app 30 min later. Support took 5 days to answer and they said they don´t charge unless you use the whole month. Was charged today, I feel I was robbed! If you want to get conned, use this app.


Would have given zero starts if possible. Not good app! Not working properly! No response! Not good customer service! Overall = waste of time and money!! Don't download this app if you don't want to lose money


Load of rubbish not one click you can do the same with a free version of Ryvio waste of money


Does not work properly, even to write the review you need to write more than 30characters


Pathetic app, doesnt work, couldn't even recognize even 1 review


its not work.Waste of time to use this app.No one support me
When I want to import product reviews from aliexpress its not allows .You must Upgrade to the Premium version .So its not Free .I want to ask them why its write here as free

From $0.00 / month

Dedicated to dropshipping store owners with AliExpress. Get FREE social proof to increase conversion rates and boost sales.


Ali Reviews for Chromefree


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