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30. maj 2024

I was having some issues getting Discount codes working the way I needed them to. Specifically, having multiple codes active but only allowing 'One Per Order' and combining that with a couple of Automated Discounts (Specific Product and Free Shipping over £50) - I spoke with Swati, whose support was above and beyond. He walked me through the solution and Tested in 'real time' showing me Screenshots of the progress. My knowledge and confidence in the product have both increased even more. Outstanding Product, Outstanding Support. I highly recommend.

KJ's Sizzling Scentz
Mere end 2 år bruger appen
28. maj 2024

As a Shopify merchant constantly looking for effective ways to increase sales, I’ve found the AIOD – Automatic Discount app to be an absolute game-changer for my store. This app offers a comprehensive solution for creating and managing a variety of discount offers, all aimed at boosting sales and enhancing the customer experience. I would like to give a special thanks to AIOD technical lead, Chirag Patel, who has been incredibly helpful throughout my journey with this app. I highly recommend AIOD to fellow Shopify merchants. It’s not just an app; it’s a strategic partner in driving sales and enhancing the customer shopping experience.

Wheel&Barrow Home
Mere end 2 år bruger appen
3. juni 2024

Exceptional app with great customer service. Team is very responsive and understands requirement very well. They help you do custom offers that are not available in features of the app with custom coding. Great app to boost your e-commerce store!

Cirka et år bruger appen
27. maj 2024

The team at AIOD has made switching from another Volume Discount app to AIOD a seamless transition. The main reason why we switched is because this is one of the only apps that allows volume discounts to be done by Shopify POS.

The support is what makes Apps like this worth using, as they have been able to address issues that have come up.

The App itself comes with a lot of different deals and discount options.

The support team has been great in replicating how we were displaying discounts on the product and cart pages.

The only small issue is that the volume discount only shows the percentage in the chart, instead of automatically showing the deal price based on the percentage. We can manually enter and set the deal price, yet for 1,000's of products that isn't a great option.

Other than that, the app applies discounts and doesn't seem as glitchy as the other discount app used.

Easily can recommend All In 1 Discount App.

14 dage bruger appen
8. maj 2024

Fast and usefull service! Really helped me and approved both my experience and our customer's experience!

Mere end 2 år bruger appen
11. april 2024

The app works great. Had some issues with the setup. But I reached out to live chat and Swati was incredible. Within 15 minutes Swati had fixed the issue and added an additional feature. Going above and beyond!! The cost is reasonable too and can do multiple promotions.
3 måneder bruger appen
2. april 2024

The search is over! We needed an app that would allow us to specify POS or web and allow discount rules for certain collections based on customer tags. Simple in concept, but very difficult to find the right app to do this. This app does it!!

We needed wholesale pricing on POS only, as we have a separate website for wholesale customers to log into. We wanted to protect our customer-facing retail site from any complex discount rules, but still allow in person wholesale checkout via our POS terminals. This has been an incredibly hard problem to solve and we have tested numerous apps.

We didn't want any theme changes, so finding an app that would allow us to specify POS only and set rules based on customers tags has not been easy. This app does everything we were looking for, without forcing theme changes for POS applications.

Interface is clean and easy to understand. I did have one issue (totally my fault, a case sensitive tag issue), but I did contact customer support and they were prompt and courteous in their reply. They solved my problem quickly (again, not their fault either) and even added some functionality we needed to make this app perfect for us.

So far I am incredibly happy with this app and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a similar application.

Panhandle Palm & Rock
17 dage bruger appen
15. maj 2024

Works great!
I had some problems with the installation, but got fast and great support from Chirag.

Cirka 2 måneder bruger appen
14. juni 2024

great app - does everything you need and the support team is super helpful with custom tweaks! I can see our conversion rate climbing :)

4 dage bruger appen
2. maj 2024

Great app! Easy to use. The customer support is really helpful

Cirka 2 måneder bruger appen