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Free All-in-one Bar by Hektor

Free All-in-one Bar by Hektor

Developed by Hektor Commerce

8 reviews
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  • Display your store’s announcements easily with a beautiful responsive popup bar.
  • Display announcement on both top and bottom of the browser with a beautiful sliding bar.
  • Customizable responsive designs with countdown timer, call-to-action button, geo-targeting and much more to spice up your store.

★★★★★ Featured Top New App by Shopify ♥ May & June 2017

More than 1000 stores use this app to announce offers & promotions and increase sales

If you are just starting out or running a successful ecommerce store, this app with countdown timer is a must have app for you. In retailing business, it's very important to communicate with customers efficiently and effectively. Thanks to this free all-in-one bar app, it is very easy to do so.

Store announcements. Free shipping bar. Count down timer. Hello Bar. Promotion Bar. Welcome Bar. All in one.

Get your message noticed. Broadcast urgency for your promotions & offers.

All-in-one bar is a must have addition to your existing store. Adding urgency and scarcity to promotions and offers is a great way of driving conversions. Encourage more customers to take decision now by telling them about special offers and make them act fast. This app makes creating any kind of announcements super easy, efficient and fun.

What you can do with all-in-one bar app?

  • Display your shipping policy summary and provide clarity and confidence to your shoppers.

  • Announce your upcoming or ongoing sale with a scarcity countdown timer and get your shoppers excited

  • Offer a coupon to your shoppers for a specific collection and increase conversion rates

  • Display your support email and phone number and build trust and authority in your shopper. This technique is proven to increase conversion and revenue

  • Display personalized display and help them in navigating your store

  • Display any emergency notice or changes to reduce support tickets
  • This All-in-one bar supports html and plain text. So the usage is only limited by your imagination.

    Installs in a few clicks and no technical skill needed

    We believe in keeping things simple. Our app is built with powerful algorithm in backend and very easy to use dashboard. Every element of the all-in-one bar is customizable and can be configured in a few clicks.

    ☞ Click here for a live demo

    Our support is great

    We test and maintain our apps regularly. In case you find a glitch or bug, send a support request and we will fix it ASAP. Every issue and problem is addressed with highest priority.

    We also believe in co-creation and community spirit. So feel free to say hello and send us your feedbacks and suggestions :)


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    Free All-in-one Bar by Hektor reviews

    8 reviews
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    Wicked awesome and simple to use!


    Very useful app. I was looking all over the place for an app that has geo-targeting. My only criticism is that the bar has a close button and you can't turn it off. I'd like my bar to stay on permanently. Otherwise, this is an awesome app!


    Perfect for my e-store needs. Helps to make the site look busy and having a feeling that it interacts with the customers.


    Great free notification bar! Does what it says.

    I like to keep people aware of shipping issues, Chinese New Years/other holidays, etc.. Anything where I can proactively let the customers know and put their mind at ease is a great thing.


    Most awesome app! Thanks its free


    Besides the fact that this app is completely FREE (so awesome!) it integrates perfectly with our website and was really easy to install. It also has helped a whole lot with our marketing and traffic to our online store! We give this app 5 stars across the board! Thanks for creating an perfect app :-)


    This app is easy to use and enhanced our website nicely, resulting in increased traffic to our store.


    Nice free app. It serves well its purpose. A nive to have would be to able to also show the message bar maybe flying sideways or popping up in the middle of the page, and to be able to add different message banners that could be set up to certain pages only and not all. So far I'm satisfied.


    Free All-in-one Bar app by Hektor is absolutely free to use. No matter how big or small your store is, it is completely FREE.

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