All‑in‑one Bar

All‑in‑one Bar

par ShopClimb

An announcement bar for anything - with tons of features

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Create urgency

We've included a powerful countdown timer so you can easily drive sales from your bar.

Highly visible messaging

We make sure your customers see every message, sale and notification you want to communicate.

Make it personal

Use geo-targeting to message only to certain parts of the world. Fully customize the design to match your store.

À propos de All‑in‑one Bar

Whether you are starting out or are already running a successful Shopify store, All-In-One Bar is a must have app for you.

Clear communication with your customers is key to increasing sales and building a relationship with them. Thanks to All-In-One Bar, it's very easy to do.

Use it for

Store announcements. Free shipping. Count down timers. Welcome messages. Promotions. Holiday messaging. Literally anything you want to message.


Encourage more of your customers to take a decision immediately by telling them about special offers. All-In-One Bar makes creating any kind of announcement extremely easy to setup and customize.


-Show your shoppers that you offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount. -Announce your upcoming or ongoing sales and include a countdown timer. -Offer a coupon to your shoppers for a specific collection. -Display your support email and phone number to build trust and authority with your shoppers. -Direct users to a featured product or collection. Display any emergency notice or changes to service.


All-in-one bar supports HTML and plain text so you can display almost any message you can imagine.


We believe in keeping things simple. Our app is built with a simple dashboard so any Shopify store owner can easily create and launch custom announcements. Nearly every element of All-In-One Bar is customizable and can be configured with just a few clicks.


We offer a 100% guaranteed full-access trial for 14 days. Try it and see the increase in your sales. Timer Plus will pay for itself easily each month. All it takes is just one extra sale.


We are 100% US based and looking forward to helping you. Our passion is helping Shopify store owners grow their businesses and we understand the importance of fast, reliable customer service. We'd love to hear your suggestions and product enhancement requests as we'll be making continual improvements to this app.

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  • Countdown, Call to Action Button Text, Link, Bar Position, Enable/Disable Bar close button, Date formate, Set color, text, border, button.


$5 par mois

  • Open Links In A New Window
  • Countdown To Timezones
  • Beautiful Bar Animations
  • Show/Hide bar on Specific Pages
  • 30+ fonts
  • Custom CSS

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4.4 de 5 étoiles

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the application looks "promising" but ... it doesn't work. support also doesn't respond. where should I look for instructions?

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This app has served me well for 2 years and I have had no problems with it. If you consider installing it then definitely do!

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great little and easy to use app! your link that asks for the review is not actually redirecting here its going to here:

also just a suggestion which i think will make your app even better! please allow for colours to be chosen with HEX numbers like #868788 etc..