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Virtual Fitting Room That Helps Your Customers

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Less Returns & More Sales

Enhance engagement, increase conversions, & minimize the need for multiple size purchases & as a result, cut the return rates.

Increased Conversion Rates

The accuracy of our Virtual Fitting Room drastically decreases returns due to size by guaranteeing size satisfaction for your customers.

Smart Inventory Tracking

The ProFiT insight tool shows data about your customers shapes and sizes so that you can optimize merchandising and product development.

Sobre ProFit

We know your struggle

We know that your biggest headache with your online clothing store is the large number of returns. We also know that the majority of these returns are due to poor fitting or wrong sizing.

But what if you can reduce the return rate by almost 85% just by understanding your customers’ body shapes and by giving them the right size and fit every single time. Our system automatically matches the size chart of each product in your e-commerce store to always recommend the most appropriate size.

Sounds Awesome? Well, keep going!

Introducing ProFit – The single, most effective tool your online clothing store will ever need. An easy to use Virtual Fitting Room that will save you all the undesired headaches by:

  1. Analyzing your customers' body shapes and sizes based on their usual previous fitting with famous brands, then our world-class artificial intelligence and algorithms will do the rest for them.

  2. Recommending the most suitable sizes, with a 98% accuracy, for the apparel your customers are looking at. Accurate product recommendations positively promote activity on your platform and turn regular browsing into sales

  3. Taking out the guesswork and risk factor for your customers and reducing the return rates due to incorrect fitting all the way down to almost 0-5%.

  4. Providing insights into customers and products, along with useful analysis, using pie charts and line charts, allowing you to make useful and streamlined decisions for your fashion retail business.

Boom your business for less than a 200$ a month - quite a bargain, right?

Still thinking? OK, we know you love to try things first before you go for them. You can have the app FOR FREE! up to 500 tries, no strings attached.

Also, you can see ProFiT in action for a demo store below. So that you understand how valuable it can be for your business.

Remember, we are always here for your support through

Don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you have any questions, inquiry, or even a suggestion to make our app better.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

ProFiT Team

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  • For female, male or both clothing

  • Up to 5,00 tries



  • For female or male clothing

  • Up to 10,000 tries



  • For female or male clothing

  • Unlimited number of tries



  • Upload your own logo

  • Change Window size or position

  • User interface theme, fully customize your color scheme

  • Change the text of try button

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King Kracken

Great concept yet I tested on 1 of my shirts. After typing in the info from a customers perspective and waiting for the results. Waited over 5 min. and still did not generate anything. Thinking it was maybe an internet issues I tried it from my phone. Could not even get past the first screen. This app seems to NOT be functioning. Hope they can fix it.

Resposta do desenvolvedor

17 de março de 2019

Thank you for your review and valuable comment. We couldn't find your store name in the stores list that installed our app, have you installed it? If yes, please provide us an access and will be delighted to fix the issue for you.