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Also Bought • Recommendations

Also Bought • Recommendations

Developed by Code Black Belt

430 reviews
Price: $9.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Amazon-like 'Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought'
  • True product recommendations based on previous purchases
  • One-click install. No coding or template modification required


One of the key and most-known features of Amazon is the intelligent product recommendations named 'Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought'.

The Also Bought app brings this feature into Shopify in the most convenient way: you can have Amazon-like recommendations in your store in seconds with zero configuration.

How does it work?

No magic, just science. The state of art of Affinity Analysis.

Also Bought analyses the previous purchases in your store database through data mining algorithms and produces a memory graph with the recommendation information.

The most powerful recommendation engine for Shopify

Also Bought analyses your store full sales history, as well as new orders and product updates in real-time, making it the most powerful recommendation engine for Shopify

How are the recommendations displayed?

When a customer visits a product page, a list of the products usually bought together is displayed.

The widget is fully customizable and you can select the most appropriate location on the screen.

Automatic recommendation is a better approach

Also Bought relies on strong data mining algorithms.
These are true recommendations, much better than selecting related products manually or by other fuzzy criteria: customers are more likely to purchase products that other customers bought in the same situation.


See it in action


The installation could not be easier. It is a one-click process with no coding or template modification required at all.

After the installation, no further action is required. Zero effort, zero maintenance.

Also Bought is mobile-friendly, adapts its size and layout to the screen size and supports touch gestures for easy product navigation.

Configuration options

You can change the following options at any time:

  • Limit the maximum number of recommended products

  • Select the position of the recommendations widget in the product pages

  • Fully customizable user interface

  • Manual recommendations: although we recommend automatic recommendations because they lead to higher conversion, you can also fine-tune manually the recommendations for each product

  • Show random products when there are not enough data for automatic recommendations. They can be filtered by collection, product type or product vendor

  • Show ratings from Shopify Product Reviews

  • Display compare at prices

  • Allow the customer to select variants: their pictures and prices are refreshed automatically

  • Display an 'Add to Cart' button for each product

  • Free SEO report: all stores using this app receive periodically an insightful SEO report

Free support

The app out-of-the-box places the recommendation box at the bottom of your product pages. We can easily relocate the box and tune its styles to better match your theme, just drop us an email and we will do it in a minute.


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Also Bought • Recommendations reviews

430 reviews
  1. 5 stars (418 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (12 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (0 reviews)
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  5. 1 star (0 reviews)

Just got this app a few days ago and I am very impressed. The set up was seamless and easy, the help great, and little thoughtful extras I wasn't expecting. Have a few apps on the site but this one is definitely a favourite so far. It has already had an effect on our orders. Hoorah! Thanks so much folks.


Great customer service with quick and easy installation. I would recommend this application to anyone looking to optimize and display a better range of products.
They were able to customize the layout to match our current custom theme with ease. Very professional and willing to help make the app work for our needs.


So far so good, I am happy with the way the app is working!


Awesome! We would recommend this APP to everyone!


While I haven't had it installed long enough to tell if it's profitable, I can say that the ease of installation and customer service is absolutely above and beyond top notch!


Perfect app. Great tool and easy to setup. And they have the best pricing model of all the similar apps.


Awesome app, I totally love it! it really helped increase my conversion. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!


App works great, support team responds very quickly. Removed global recommendations and random recommendations and only use the automatic recommendations based on sales history and manual recommendations.

Only downside is the order of relevance can't be manually adjusted. Since we only use automatic and manual, it would be nice if automatic showed up before manual as we only put manual for new or rarely purchased items, in which case, automatic would be more important than manual for our store. Leaving items on manual doesn't allow for the recommendations to ever change the visible items and their order without manually changing their order (suggestions will eventually become "stale" to customers.)

Currently in contact with a support member and so far it doesn't seem like there is both an easy AND quick way to confirm if there are enough automatic recommendations to justify removing an item from the manual list.

Still, we give the app 5 stars as it's WELL since paid for itself :)


Just started using this app, the team is very helpful, they have adjusted the theme to match my store style without me asking them to do so, which is amazing! and I will share more info when I use the app for a longer time. Recommend to use this app!


Wish we had found this app earlier! Perfectly fits with our store. Recommendations work really well across thousands of items automatically for subtle cross sell that helps customers find what they want. Ability to promote individual items if required. Reasonably priced. Highly recommend!

$9.99 / month

• The subscription includes a free SEO report

30 days


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