AltoQ Exchange

AltoQ Exchange


Easy product return, exchange, and store credit

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Refund to store credit

Customers can redeem store credit and a discount code in the one order. Increase satisfaction and keep sales funds in your bank account.

Handle uneven exchanges

Exchange for replacement products of lesser or greater value. Full flexibility for merchants to cater for the widest of sales scenarios.

Calculations taken care of

Automatic calculations and draft order creation minimize human error and save staff processing time.

AltoQ Exchange 정보

**Shopify Staff Pick July 2020**

In a single screen, and with just a few clicks, merchants are finally able to exchange multiple products of any value within Shopify and issue store credit.

Getting started

  1. Ensure your store has gift cards enabled (now included on all Shopify plans)
  2. Within an existing order, select AltoQ Exchange from More actions menu
  3. Select the products being returned.
  4. Select the replacement products or issue a store credit of just the right value.
  5. Review & Exchange.

*A summary of the refund, new order and overall exchange balance is shown. All calculations can all be overridden before committing to the exchange.

7 Reasons to choose AltoQ Exchange

  1. More exchange scenarios and flexibility than our competitors. Exchange for replacement products of lesser, equal or greater value than the returned products. If the replacement products are less than the returned products the merchant can choose to return the unused value to the original payment method or as a store credit.

  2. Exchange fulfilled or unfulfilled products. This is useful where a customer has made a mistake on their order and you are now able to correct the order within Shopify before dispatch.

  3. Line by line control if products are restocked to inventory, unlike core Shopify returns which is an all in or all out approach.

  4. Beware apps or advice to use sales discounts to apply or issue store credit. Standard accounting practice deems the issue of store credit and gift cards as a deferred liability. In contrast, a sales discount is an expense and therefore negatively affects your income reporting, product profit margin and profit and loss report. You don't want to make key business decision on inaccurate sales figures or have the tax man on your back.

  5. Your customers can joyfully redeem store credit and take advantage of a promo code at checkout because our app doesn't rely on discount codes.

  6. The calculations for complex exchanges are automatically calculated by AltoQ Exchange to minimize human error and save staff processing time. Of course, merchants have the opportunity to review all calculations before finalizing any exchange transactions.

  7. Built within the Shopify framework for ease of use and peace of mind. There is no need for merchants or customers to visit a third party website to manage exchanges or store credit. Your store sales and customer details are kept securely within the Shopify platform.

What now?

With a 30 day free trial, there's nothing to lose. Install today, make sure you've got gift cards enabled on your store and you're ready to exchange!

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  • Unlimited transactions
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가장 최근 리뷰

Alligator World (by Michele Olivieri)

The app is down for several days now. No responses. Shopify should stop charging for this app until it gets fully resolved.

개발자 회신

2021년 4월 17일

Apologies for the recent technical issue, which has now been resolved. We have sent an email to your support address regarding charges for the app which we hope you will be satisfied with.

Avarcas Australia

This app has been working very well for us until a week ago. I can no longer access via Shopify, I get a grey screen with "’s server IP address could not be found." and no response from support.

The Urban Hippie

UPDATE - WELL COMMUNICATION HAS JUST GOTTEN WORSE, AND SHOPIFY DOESN'T SEEM TO CARE. CANT ACCESS THE APP TO PROCESS ONLINE STORE CREDIT, SO A HUGE PROBLEM. REACHED OUT THREE TIMES AND HAVE HEARD NOTHING. SHOPIFY ASKED FOR FEEDBACK, AND I GAVE IT... AND STILL NO RESPONSE. SHOPIFY HASNT RESPONDED TO FEEDBACK STATING THE ABOVE...FIGURES. This app has a couple good things going for it, but I can never get clarification as to some issues we continue to have regarding the way it works on POS vs online. It has completely screwed up our reports, yet I can't have a phone convo with them, only email communication. It's alittle hard to delve into multiple issues with just email as a form of communication. Why???

개발자 회신

2020년 9월 18일

As you know we’ve been in recent contact with you about your concerns and we don’t want to disrupt the relationship, but at the same time we feel the need to defend ourselves in this public forum.

To date, you have not been forthcoming with order numbers that relate to any of your concerns. Some "transaction issues" were raised by you before you had processed a single exchange transaction with AltoQ Exchange.

We feel that we offer much richer functionality than other established apps in the store for the same monthly price, apps which can only handle even exchanges and certainly don’t streamline the issuing of credit via gift cards. Additionally, we offer a 30 day free trial to give merchants sufficient time to assess how our AltoQ reports can be read together with the inbuilt Shopify reports.

We are eager to help you out anytime over email, we just need an order number from you to be able to provide the detailed assistance you require. For completeness, Shopify, Microsoft and Facebook do not provide phone support either.