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15. November 2022

App doesn't work , contacted customer support but no one is helping. Useless and waist of time. App removed

NiaYou Jewellery
Vereinigtes Königreich
23 tage mit der App
Feed.Biz hat geantwortet 15. November 2022

Thank you for the feedback. We apologize for the unpleasant experience.
Please accept our deepest apologies for the inconvenience.
Our Amazon Specialist had contacted you a few days ago but it seems you had already uninstalled the app.
Creating fine jewelry on Amazon is quite complex and requires quite a bit of patience.
We would be pleased to offer more information, guidance and assistance and have contacted you again.
Please feel free to contact us back.

Bearbeitet am 22. Mai 2020

App and support are a real nightmare! The app does what it wants and there is no proper tutorials, nor a chance to talk to the developer.

Red Star Surf Shop
21 tage mit der App
Feed.Biz hat geantwortet 24. Mai 2020

We are really sorry about the trouble you met. But your reproaches and especially the one we don't answer is wrong, the only day we didn't answer to you was a public holiday in our region.

25. August 2021

I had this installed for two weeks. The app does unexpected things such as updating images on Amazon listings that you've not linked by sending your Shopify images to it. It also started creating skus for things I had not selected, and listing them for sale on Amazon automatically. I had not linked Amazon Mexico, but it started creating live listings within Mexico and listing them for sale. Unexpected behavior is a death knell to an Amazon account. I had not set these things up within the app, and there were no options in the feeds panel (where it was coming from) to stop it. When I asked Olivier over support how to make these things stop, how to unlink Mexico if I have never linked it, and how to make it stop updating images, he told me that these things were not happening and I had nothing to worry about. That's when I uninstalled. I don't write a lot of reviews, but staring at the warning on my Amazon main panel that my account is in danger of being shut down because of all the Merchant Fulfilled orders I had to cancel prompted me to warn others. This app could result in a loss of your account.

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild
Vereinigte Staaten
15 tage mit der App
Feed.Biz hat geantwortet 25. August 2021

We are so sorry for what happened to you, but by default, other marketplaces such as Mexico are not enabled. There are a bunch of options, including enabling or disabling the marketplaces/countries in which one your want to sell. The App is the most comprehensive fully Shopify integrated App on the App store not requiring external solutions to work.
Maybe, because of that reason, and because we didn't exchange longer about your needs, this misunderstanding happened.

25. Januar 2021

Terrible it does not work and their support is rubbish- do not waste your time, this is app will not update your products

Caroline's Wild Horses
Vereinigtes Königreich
6 tage mit der App
Feed.Biz hat geantwortet 26. Januar 2021

Since this App is working well as we can see in the other reviews, we are sorry that it doesn't fit your needs.

15. Dezember 2020

dont even think about using this app. It ruined my whole amazon store by mixing up images and prices. Deleted ASINs and lost all my product reviews that I have aquired over 5 years.

Cobra Foam Inserts and Cases
Vereinigte Staaten
5 tage mit der App
Feed.Biz hat geantwortet 17. Dezember 2020

Sorry, I can't answer your review. You installed the App, and then you uninstalled it. No way for us to investigate your trouble. You don't answer my messages.
This review makes collapsing our business without giving us a chance to answer to this trouble. We would really be glad to help you, but you don't give us any chance. Best regards

1. April 2022

I asked the company to explain to me why they wanted so much view / edit access to my Amazon account, including edit access to financial and customer comms data, they would not give me a reason. To me this is a massive red flag and I deleted the app to protect my Amazon account.

Creative Pet Alliance (UK) Ltd.
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3 tage mit der App
Feed.Biz hat geantwortet 3. Mai 2022

Good afternoon,

We are very sorry to read that our support didn't fill your expectations.

Following your different requests, we did our best to give you as many details as possible. Our company has been audited to fulfill all security requirements from AMAZON and SHOPIFY and you can be assured your client data is fully safe and protected us otherwise we could not be in business.

The Amazon app is a very complete solution, enabling you to deal your seller account the best. That's the reason this app needs a lot of information from you in order to implement all the possibilities.

Regarding the email you sent to us, you are looking after an inventory tracking app. We can provide to you an app suitable to your needs.

Please feel free to contact us back so as we would be able to arrange a call meeting to determine the best solution for you.

Best regards,


Quality support agent

Common Services

26. Januar 2021

I hope this helps someone. Support here is non existant and you can actually get better results with the free shopify amazon linked app. For the almost $400 per year you would expect a seamless and polished product. This is far from that.

Forking Great Gifts & More
Vereinigte Staaten
3 tage mit der App
23. Februar 2023

Does not work. I have no idea what it is doing to be honest. It is so untransparent.

Cannot tell on a product by product basis if it is exported to Amazon or not.

Witch of Scots
Vereinigtes Königreich
3 tage mit der App
Bearbeitet am 23. September 2021

After several days using this product, I have not seen even one product added to my store Amazon, although its logs show that several hundred were successfully sent. When I wrote to support to ask for help resolving this (request below), here is a sample of the condescending and/or factually inaccurate statements that were made: 1. Regarding this blog post ( with PrestaShop in the URL and making up half the content of the post: "No the topic is not about PrestaShop, this is an e-commerce topic, general." Please. Argue with your users who are asking for support. 2. In the same response to my original support request: "In paying plan, we also do provide special assistance to help you to export your products without hassle." I selected a paying plan. I have no control over being forced into a 30-day trial. I would happily pay the $19.99 fee in order to resolve the issues I'm having getting products from my Shopify store to Amazon. So I was frustrated by this statement, since I can't do anything to make time move faster. So please. Increase the frustration of the user who is asking for support. 3. In response to my follow-on request (below), "Barcodes are the sole property of GS1 company." This statement is factually untrue. GS1 is a standards board who licenses barcode prefixes to companies who can use them or license them to sellers. So please. Give inaccurate information to make your user, who is asking for support because they are frustrated, feel even more frustrated and even helpless. I purchased mine from Bar Codes Talk, who is listed as a licensee by GS1. They may or may not have acted in good faith when they issued mine to me; I am pursuing that matter separately. But this support agent's lack of support continued 4. And the straw that broke this camel's back, the support agent sent me this jaw-dropper: "Before we are talking further, could you follow the rules and the laws?" Please. Accuse a user of criminal behavior when they are (1) following the rules and the laws, (2) acting in good faith, and (3) asking you for help. Meanwhile, my questions have not been answered. - What do I need to do (beyond assigning UPC codes) to get my products to export properly to Amazon? - Why does the Scheduler tab show that products exported successfully, even though there is no change whatsoever to my inventory at Amazon? I'm completely dissatisfied and, quite frankly, incredibly angry. This product did give any value to me, and in fact, sucked up a great deal of time and energy that I could have used much more productively. My original support request:
I'm on the trial period of the Amazon app on Shopify. The record on the Actions / Scheduler tab shows warnings on every single item (7,594 of them). Because these aren't errors, they don't appear on the Feeds or Failures tab. These products are not in my inventory at Amazon, so it's like they just didn't go anywhere. What do I need to do to get these items to export properly? From my follow-up, after touching on the provider from whom I licensed my UPC codes:
Here's another mystery: the products I added UPC codes to say in the dashboard that they were successfully exported to Amazon. However, they do not appear in the dashboard at Amazon Seller Central, and the product counts have not changed. The Offer Counts on the dashboard in Shopify match the counts on Seller Central. So how do we "successfully" export 80 offers without the count increasing?

Heart On My...
Vereinigte Staaten
3 tage mit der App
Feed.Biz hat geantwortet 23. September 2021

Hi Heather R. (or Hedwyg), everybody knows or should know, that the barcodes are the sole property of GS1. The barcodes you were using were the property of GS1 and the license to use them was granted to Wisconsin Trails Inc., Madison, US. I'm so sorry you have been foolish by a website that offers barcodes for cheap, unfortunately, this is a common fraud, it happens daily.

13. Januar 2023

Worse app. Does not exclude collections which I dont want to export to Amazon. Rules or no rules it shows the same number of products. I contacted support team and it seems dead people out there.
And now when I checked in payment section then it sows $79 despite of the fact I choose free trial and this is the 3rd day. Pure scammers!!!!

Ein tag mit der App
Feed.Biz hat geantwortet 14. Januar 2023

Good Day, I do apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced.
When downloading the app, you have the option of choosing which collections to sync under Workflow > Collections.
The app is fully configurable and able to exclude products from syncing to Amazon. I would be happy to give you a call and go over the configuration with you. We do online onboarding sessions for you, to make sure you fully use all the features of the app and that they are all activated on your account. With regards to the charges, it seems to be a fee related to your Amazon Seller Account please contact us so we can have further clarification.
I am sorry you were unable to reach support previously, our customer service is one of our priorities and I would like to offer full assistance to you.
We invite you to contact us by email :
We hope to hear from you soon.