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2. Mai 2024

When this app works, it works well to do the things we need.

But the app frequently fails to automatically sync orders from Amazon to Shopify, requiring manual attention and intervention.

Support is usually responsive in writing back to say that an issue will be looked into, but this particular issue has been ongoing for months without resolution. Other reviews confirm that this issue is not limited to our account.

Another tip: during setup, watch that you don't accidentally allow the app to overwrite all of your existing Amazon listings. This happened to us, and we are still correcting product details.

Moments With The Book
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Feed.Biz hat geantwortet 5. Juni 2024

We're sorry to hear about your negative experience and apologize for any frustration this has caused. We have reached out to your email to gather more information and assist you with the syncing of your orders automatically if there's still any. Rest assured, our team is diligently working on improving the automatic sync of the app.

13. Mai 2024

Uninformative customer service and a lack of support documentation

Blue Seas Tackle Co
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Feed.Biz hat geantwortet 4. Juni 2024

We're sorry to hear about your negative experience and apologize for any frustration this has caused. We have reached out to your email to gather more information and assist you with your SKU concern. Rest assured, our team is diligently working on improving both our support documentation and overall customer satisfaction.

Bearbeitet am 17. November 2022

Great app for listing Shopify's products on all Amazon marketplaces.
The app might seem a bit complicated to newbies at first, but hey, Amazon is complicated with all its defaults. But if you deal with it a little, you also understand the clear logic behind it. The idea with the models and rules is awesome and makes listing super easy.
Had previously worked with an app from the competition, but it was nowhere near as comfortable.
The support is great too. Keterson and Olivier do a great job helping out with any problem.
After I was initially enthusiastic, frustration always arises.
There have been many problems in recent months, which could also be due to the new specifications from Amazon. After everything was running reasonably well again, two months ago I had a total meltdown: all the matching groups suddenly disappeared and there was no help from support, no backup! So I was forced to recreate all matching groups :-( I can't imagine I was the only one with this problem either.
Well, because of all the hassle, I'll take off 2 stars for now

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Feed.Biz hat geantwortet 25. August 2021

As you are saying, Amazon is complicated with all its defaults, this is why we are trying to make the integration as smooth as possible. Thanks a lot for this nice and objective review, all our team really appreciate it. Hope to talk to you soon.

Bearbeitet am 10. Juli 2023

Poor communication. Was working well for us, but app goes down but we do not receive a notification.

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Feed.Biz hat geantwortet 26. Oktober 2021

You have an excellent and well-structured catalog, it has been a pleasure to exchange with you, don't hesitate to contact us anytime, we can continue to improve your imports and exports.

Bearbeitet am 22. Juli 2021

After 30 days of using this app, here is the GOOD and BAD.
We needed integration to various Amazon marketplaces, including FBA and FBM, and be able to sync it all to Shopify main store for orders tracking and inventory The app provides many features that cover that and probably a lot more, but we were not able to get to them due to lack of any on-boarding assistance, meaningful support and extremely long response time on an average that took a day or more. In other words, you pretty much on your own.
- Integration (see CONS) with Amazon various international and domestic markets.
- Orders imported seamlessly to Shopify for FBM or from FBA fulfillments.
- SKU matching seamless for inventory tracking in Shopify.
- Ability to turn On/Off sync between app and Amazon per each marketplace. Handy when nothing works and you got many items stuck in limbo.
- You are on your own. Let me repeat that - You are on your own.
- There is no on-boarding help. None, zero.
- Real Support Response time regardless of published notes are as such: Tomorrow. That's the best estimate. Maybe day after tomorrow if your ticket magically does not get assigned to the one and only support rep we ever encountered. So the same guy.
- In case of emergency if you have hundreds of SKU's in trouble on Amazon there will be no phone support, chat support, remote support or anything else you are imagining to be standard as of 2021.
- Integration with Amazon various marketplaces has number of nuances that has to do with SKU matching and ability to track FBA inventory, but you are not going to know that until you deep in. For example, in North America we are still trying to figure out how to track FBA inventory in Canada and USA, since they are under North America Unified Accounts. We are afraid to even think of Europe with many more markets. 7 days emailing (1 email per day) and no resolution to this with support agent (that same guy). Every day you get a new statement that contradicts yesterday's statement. We wait until tomorrow to get a response to yesterday question. I figure another month or so and we get one paragraph of useful help. I am sure the problem could have been solved in about 10min via chat, remote or phone call.
Hopefully by now you are catching the drift of how this works here. If you have a small store (few SKU's) and really good with programming, database and clear understanding of the flow of data or you like exciting midnight surprises with mission critical software, then this is for you. We actually have most of it covered and still in trouble.
If you like to have someone walk you through the process and fine tune what is shown in general video to work for your store, then you are in trouble too. I like to be fair and offer real assessment. I am not afraid to work with company that has one guy that covers it all. But I cannot stand when employees or owners do not take customer's problems personally and seriously and do not care to get involved to see it completely through. "That's not my problem attitude" how good business or software gets in trouble. Take this review at your own risk for all its worth.

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