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20. Mai 2024

since yesterday it seems to have been able to import orders normally, I hope that in the future there will not be a similar situation, and the solution to the problem is also very long, but thank you very much for your help!

7 monate mit der App
Feed.Biz hat geantwortet 28. Mai 2024

We're continuously doing our best to improve our app and we appreciate your awesome rating and support!

19. Juni 2024

Great and intuitive app once you get to know it. Helps a lot with the process of getting started on Amazon. Amazon seemed impossible for us to start ourselves, but this app has helped a lot, and cut down a lot of time spent on product creation, translations and so on and so forth.

Apart from this i want to emphasize how incredible the customer service was. Keterson gave me a tour of the app, and took extra time out of his calendar to make sure that we were on the right track.


Nordic Tests ApS
7 tage mit der App
Feed.Biz hat geantwortet 28. Juni 2024

We're very thankful for your amazing rating! Your support fuels us to improve our app even more!

14. Mai 2024

I am using Amazon Integration Plus to sync my Amazon with Shopify store, so FBM can be fulfilled in all one place. When I set up the connection, the orders transferred across smoothly. I then had some issues around not knowing how to get the rules up and going, but reached out to the customer service team who jumped on a call with me straight away. Very good customer service, thank you Keterson for your help!

Béa Fertility
Vereinigtes Königreich
21 tage mit der App
Feed.Biz hat geantwortet 28. Mai 2024

We're thrilled you had a great experience! Thanks for the fantastic review! We'll share this with him and always here when you need help!

9. Juli 2024

Thank you Keterson for taking the time to help me get started, You explained it very well and helped me understand the process a lot better.

Hollywood Collectibles
Vereinigte Staaten
29 tage mit der App
Feed.Biz hat geantwortet 11. Juli 2024

Thanks for this wonderful review! We will relay this to him! Your support on our business fuels us to improve our app even more!

21. Mai 2024

Keterson is great and very helpul is explaining how the app works - showed us features of the app we were not aware of.

Mighty Well
Vereinigte Staaten
Mehr als 2 jahre mit der App
Feed.Biz hat geantwortet 28. Mai 2024

Thank you for the great review! We'll share this with Keterson and are here to help whenever you need us!

24. Mai 2024

Totally streamlines the process of getting your products into Amazon. The user interface is pretty straightforward if you're familiar with hour Amazon accepts listings, etc. Customer service was amazing as well. Easily scheduled a call to get my questions answered. Highly recommend.

The Kentaro Collective
Vereinigte Staaten
20 tage mit der App
Feed.Biz hat geantwortet 28. Mai 2024

Thanks for the great review! We're glad to hear you're happy with our service!

28. Mai 2024

I received so much help and insight on how to sell and import my product on amazon. He did a great job taking his time teaching me. i was totally lost and did not know what i was doing. I was so close to giving up its crazy

Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa ein monat mit der App
Feed.Biz hat geantwortet 31. Mai 2024

Thanks for the amazing review! Your support means so much to us!

7. Juni 2024

App is fabulous, didn´t know it until now. And the customer service or the walkthrough is exceptional!!!! This customer service is what amazon should emulate.

Vereinigte Staaten
11 tage mit der App
Feed.Biz hat geantwortet 10. Juni 2024

We're very glad to know that you enjoy our app! We appreciate the awesome review!

27. Juni 2024

Solving the problem I have right away.

Fashion Fusion
Vereinigte Staaten
14 tage mit der App
Feed.Biz hat geantwortet 1. Juli 2024

Thanks for this wonderful review! Your support means a lot to our business!

16. Juli 2024

Monsieur Keterson, je vous donne mon avis sur Amazon Integration Plus.

Amazon Integration Plus est une solution remarquable pour intégrer ma boutique en ligne avec Amazon. L'interface intuitive, la synchronisation efficace des stocks et des commandes, ainsi que le support client réactif en font un outil essentiel pour tout marchand cherchant à optimiser sa présence sur Amazon.

Je recommande vivement cette application pour sa fiabilité et sa facilité d'utilisation.

2 tage mit der App