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15 février 2023

You must stay away from this app! I have used this for over 2 years. Worked great until last Summer. Completely stopped working for several weeks. Eventually was somewhat working again and in the last 2 months completely stopped again. Orders do not sync, shipping does not sync, inventory does not sync. I see errors in the logs "Developer is blocked from calling these apis". Even worse, they will never respond to any emails or tickets. They can offer an explanation here, but trust me this is a bad app. I have reported it directly to shopify as well as it is costing customers money.

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : Presque 2 ans
7 février 2023

The app's hard to use, but it gets easier over time if you're okay with tech (if you're not, choose something simpler). The main issue is that the product syncing to Amazon has been broken for 2 weeks straight now. While trying to contact customer support there has been no response from them on when the app will be fixed or anything else to let customers know that the app will be usable. Would not recommend using this app unless you enjoy being kept in the dark with unreliable customer support.

ACME Jeans
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 6 mois
3 février 2023

Charge me 19$ Basic when the basic plan is $14...I send email to, nobody respond me why you charge us $19 instead $14

Boo'tik d'Halloween
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : Plus d'un an
13 janvier 2023

Worse app. Does not exclude collections which I dont want to export to Amazon. Rules or no rules it shows the same number of products. I contacted support team and it seems dead people out there.
And now when I checked in payment section then it sows $79 despite of the fact I choose free trial and this is the 3rd day. Pure scammers!!!!

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 1 jour
Feed.Biz a répondu 14 janvier 2023

Good Day, I do apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced.
When downloading the app, you have the option of choosing which collections to sync under Workflow > Collections.
The app is fully configurable and able to exclude products from syncing to Amazon. I would be happy to give you a call and go over the configuration with you. We do online onboarding sessions for you, to make sure you fully use all the features of the app and that they are all activated on your account. With regards to the charges, it seems to be a fee related to your Amazon Seller Account please contact us so we can have further clarification.
I am sorry you were unable to reach support previously, our customer service is one of our priorities and I would like to offer full assistance to you.
We invite you to contact us by email :
We hope to hear from you soon.

9 janvier 2023

Love the app in how it handles inventory and order management. This is the 1st time in 6 years (5 yrs using other apps) we had ZERO oversells during the Christmas rush because of how it kept our inventory in sync (with other marketplaces pulling from our inventory as well). We use Amazon shipping, and it syncs back to marking the orders fulfilled in Shopify seamlessly. I found customer service very responsive with clear answers to questions and support.

Quest Toys
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : Plus d'un an
20 décembre 2022

Great App. Helpful and responsive customer service. Automation is very goo. Takes a little bit getting used to the interface and understanding how some of it works. But once you do, you're good.

Healo Foods
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 2 mois
13 décembre 2022

Great app which helps integrating your Shopify store with Amazon an easier process. Support very helpful and prompt in their response time. Would highly recommend.

AYU Cosmetics
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : Environ 2 mois
12 décembre 2022

Our online Shopify Store was unable to connect to our Amazon Seller Central- There must be an glitch between shopify and Amazon. We try reaching out to both Shopify and Amazon with no return calls or emails assistance. So we are deleting this app and removing from our 14 day free Trial that we just started yesterday. 12/11/2022

Lovely Fun PETS
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : Environ 6 heures
Feed.Biz a répondu 12 décembre 2022

Dear Lovely Fun PETS team

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We are here to assist you.
Connecting your Amazon account is virtually a 2-click process. Very simple.
We have a tutorial video for that in the app.

We would love to have a chance to assist you successfully connect your Amazon account, and complete the whole integration process. Our support is available 24/7. We respond to ticket/email requests within 1 to 12 hours.

We also offer free live onboarding sessions to all new merchants.
Please respond to our request to schedule a live session.

Best regards,

29 novembre 2022

I used this App for over a year paying $29 a month. Had issues at the beginning and support tech named Olivier would fix it right away. Now over the past month inventory wasn't syncing with new items listed on Amazon. I put in a ticket a some new guy answers and asks a question. I would reply and then no answer. A week went by and I put in a new ticket and he would ask a question again and I would reply. Then I wouldn't hear from him again. At this point I'm getting frustrated. I put in another ticket and he asked another question again and I replied. Again no answer from him. Over 1 month of this goes by. The negative reviews are correct with this app. Customer Service is horrible. LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE!

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : Presque 3 ans
Feed.Biz a répondu 7 décembre 2022

Hi Nurdtyme, we are really sorry to hear about your experience with the support on our app, indeed Olivier was a great problem solver unfortunately he passed away suddenly this year but we hired 3 new support agents to make sure we can back to you in English, French and Spanish 24/7. If our app worked for you for 29$/months for 3 years I am sure we can find a way to make it work for you longer.
We understand your frustration and are here to help.
Best regards from the Common-service team

28 novembre 2022

I'm still learning how to use it, but I like it so far the problem im having is the company i paid to set up my site didnt upload the right API's for my products so im having trouble linking my products

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : Environ 2 mois