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30 november 2021

Je voulais utiliser cette application pour importer plus de 10 000 produits sur Amazon. Le consultant m'a renseigné très efficacement étape par étape et grâce à ses conseils, l'utilisation de l'application est très claire et surtout très accessible. Professionnel et disponible. Je recommande à 100%

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8 oktober 2021

So far it's great! It imports my Amazon MFN orders perfectly. Thanks for all of the helpful customer service too.

Holistic Oils
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Feed.Biz heeft geantwoord 10 oktober 2021

It sounds great to have positive feedback when we are thinking that the worse happens! I mean, we can always share, help, improve. Thanks for this nice feedback and talk to you soon!

30 november 2021

Great app helping the connection between Shopify and Seller Central. We use for stock and order update.

Melume Cosmetics
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28 juli 2021

I finally found the perfect app for me... It does its job perfectly. Recommended! Cheers for the developers :)

Primafila Store
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Feed.Biz heeft geantwoord 9 augustus 2021

Merci beaucoup pour l'équipe de développement, ils ont beaucoup apprécié votre retour, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter à tout moment, nous nous ferions un plaisir de vous assister, quelque soit la question.

10 oktober 2021

So thankful for this app! I was in a state of panic when Shopify cancelled their Amazon channel, and after checking out several other apps, I decided on this one, not only for the best price but for the smoothest transition and the easiest to comprehend. Support has been amazing too!

Era of Artists
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Feed.Biz heeft geantwoord 10 oktober 2021

No words, we asked you to switch from the free version to the paid one. Despite that, you enjoyed it. Your happiness builds our happiness. You can ask us whatever, you are welcome, and we will do our best.

16 november 2021

I used this app to push part of my catalog on Amazon and sync inventory rules and have a not so obvious set-up in terms of SKU mapping. After a few calls to the support that took the time to understand my needs, guess what?? it works fine! I was sceptical in the beggining as Amazon has strict guidelines but finally found an app that avoids me the headache. I recommend you give it a real try it's all worth it in the end.

Unlimited Stories
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Bewerkt 22 september 2021

Great App for Amazon integration with many features. Support team have helped us greatly with set up and provided some online training. Amazon is not the easiest to use anyways but this App is able do all your product mapping, pricing, rules and more in one place. Highly recommend.

DC Equestrian and Pet Ltd
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Feed.Biz heeft geantwoord 23 september 2021

Thanks a lot! We really enjoyed sharing with you last days, and we really appreciate your feedback, don't hesitate to contact us anytime.

22 augustus 2022

My business is primarily based in Amazon US and I have been looking for an app to integrate my Amazon FBA to Shopify. This app has everything I was looking for, easy integration, excellent customer service and onboarding process. Once there is an order in Shopify, the app send the order detail to Amazon automatically and Amazon fulfilled the shipment.

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12 november 2021

An incredibly powerful app that is highly recommended. When shopify first announced they were discontinuing the Amazon sales channel, like many, we panicked and immediately started looking at alternative solutions. After testing 2-3 apps, we quickly learned that Amazon Integration Plus is by far the best and also happened to be the most affordable. The things this app is able to do are absolutely incredible. On top of that, they have great and very responsive customer support (Shout to Keterson for all the help!). The only minor drawback with this app is that it is a bit technical and has a longer learning curve which less technical savvy individuals may find difficult, but more technical people would really enjoy due to the increidble options it offers. Thank you for designing and maintaining such a great app!

NMR Brands
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Bewerkt 2 juli 2021

Mr. Keterson, in my view is a credit to this profession, he's patient, considerate, and inspirational in his approach to helping clients. He walked me through setting up the product information to facilitate correct labeling and setting up products in the prescribed categories according to Amazon criteria. Some of the instructions were a bit confusing to me, as a novice using the Amazon platform, for instance, sizing and coloring rules and "requirements" needed to compete the set-ups. For a novice , I felt some of the instructions took for granted I had more experience than I had; I could have benefited from more detailed explanations, which the Support person calmly provided. My over all opinion , is since so many people are opening up Online businesses who come to this new medium with little to no experience, this App needs to consider this, and make the tutorials and instructions more detailed with examples that are rudimentary . Assume you are taking to a four year old, explaining how to make cookies. However, you do provide an excellent support staff to accommodate those of us who are still trying to crawl before we run.

Audio Files of the Black West
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