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23 oktober 2021

Une petite note pour de grands résultats ?
Mettre ses produits en ligne sur Amazon est plus compliqué qu'il n'y paraît. C'est donc important d'être accompagné par des professionnels qui ont une haute idée de la satisfaction client, ils se plient en 4 pour y parvenir.
J'apprécie et je le fais savoir même si tout est perfectible.
5 étoiles donc pour encourager cette attitude.

Mille Teintes : Le meilleur de la Peinture en ligne
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Feed.Biz heeft geantwoord 26 oktober 2021

Merci pour cette note, c'est très apprécié, nous apprécions aussi de travailler avec un marchand qui comprends la complexité imposée par Amazon et ce que nous essayons de faire pour simplifier les processus. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter à tout moment.

8 september 2020

I have been using Amazon for over 10 years and have found it extremely difficult to maintain this with my Shopify Store. This app will really help keep things up to date. You need to commit and ask for help, and wait for the answer from Olivier and then implement, and if it doesn't work ask again. Amazon is huge and different product types have different requirements, so spend a little time, and Olivier will help you upload your products. The system will then stay updated as you edit your Shopify site.
Olivier lives in the East so the time zones are a little out, but he always replies and gives advice. Stick with it!! And you will find it makes your life easier!

Perfect Charm
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9 januari 2023

Love the app in how it handles inventory and order management. This is the 1st time in 6 years (5 yrs using other apps) we had ZERO oversells during the Christmas rush because of how it kept our inventory in sync (with other marketplaces pulling from our inventory as well). We use Amazon shipping, and it syncs back to marking the orders fulfilled in Shopify seamlessly. I found customer service very responsive with clear answers to questions and support.

Quest Toys
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5 november 2021

This application connects to and synchronizes your Amazon products and sales very nicely. It is, however, a little bit complicated to set up. Customer service is friendly and ready to help. I've tried many different apps to connect Shopify to Amazon, and this app is one of the best.

Kinky Toy Store
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Feed.Biz heeft geantwoord 6 november 2021

In fact, no, our App is not the easiest or best one, it depends on the needs.
However, I'm glad it matches well your needs, and feel free to contact us anytime, thanks a lot for your support.

Bewerkt 16 december 2021

Amazon Integration Plus app creates a harmonious flow connection between our store and our Amazon seller account. It's very remarkable how easily our products are being listed just by following the integration process. The app interface is very straightforward and very flexible to our needs. And to add it up they have a very knowledgeable, kind and dependable, customer service assistant. Thank you so much for your guidance and help Keterson!

MSY Invest ( Art-Of-Deal )
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8 februari 2022

I met with Keterson Navarre on Google meet. Keterson was very helpful in explaining how to exporting items. He was also very patient and took his time. I am very happy with my call today and will not hesitate to meet with Keterson again.

Frio Ice Chests
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6 februari 2022

Great app, great customer service. We use the app in multiple stores and had some feature requests that had been implemented very quickly.

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14 oktober 2021

Let's us easily integrate the seller fulfilled orders from Amazon. If there are any questions or problems, the support team reacts fast and efficiently.

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12 mei 2022

The App works very well, and support is great!
The best thing is that it saves you hundreds of hours of work.

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Feed.Biz heeft geantwoord 13 mei 2022

Thank you very much for your feedback.
It is a pleasure to accompany you in the development of your project.
Please feel free to contact us, should you have any question.
Best regards,

Quality agent

Bewerkt 31 maart 2022

This is an update to my previous review. I have been using this APP for several months now and must say that this App is the best I have seen. On top of that the team's support is Amazing. They become part of your team. We considered and tested several Apps to integrate our store with Amazon. This was by far the best App. It has a lot of functions to map and manage how your products are published. It also does a great job with orders and inventory management. Their support team was also great. Thanks Keterson for all your help

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Feed.Biz heeft geantwoord 19 september 2021

The popular brand which reviewed our App just before you did the same; they tried all the Apps. Thanks a lot for your appreciation, it makes us feel so good, 10 years we are working hard but, in the end, with a lot of satisfaction from both sides. Thank you so much for your outstanding comment, we do really appreciate it.