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7. Juli 2024

Overall, my experience with CedCommerce Amazon Channel has been mixed. The application itself can be good, but it's very inconsistent, especially when uploading products. The process of uploading products has been frustrating due to this inconsistency.

Initially, I hired the team behind the application to help me upload and manage my products on Amazon. At first, they provided great customer service with good communication, which was the main reason I started using their services. However, over time, their service quality has declined significantly. It has become incredibly difficult to get in touch with anyone for assistance or support. The lack of responsiveness and deteriorating service quality have made it nearly impossible to rely on them for help.

Considering the current state of their service, I am contemplating switching to a different application for my Amazon needs. The decline in customer service and support availability has made it challenging to continue using CedCommerce Amazon Channel effectively.

KRE Prime
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11. April 2024

I wanted to give this app another chance after last year. we have over 100 emails and they never got us up and running.

Today I had a video call scheduled and they no showed

Luxe B Co
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
6. Juni 2024

They are very fast at respnding and getting you in a meeting, but the listing was incomplete and baffled, the more you sell the more money they make, they basically become a partner, better list it yourself unless you dont want to optimize your listing which is essential to the sales, so I dont know if I can totally recommend.

Imperfect Mind & Body
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13 tage mit der App
10. März 2024


I deleted this app a month ago, yet I continue to be charged monthly for it. Despite its removal from my Shopify store and my lack of usage, the charges persist.

Thank you.

Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
5 monate mit der App
18. März 2023

Praveen gave me great service today and he is the first person that I think really cared to help when I chatted with their support team. I am very thankful to him.
However, the app has given us nothing but issues from the first day of using it over a year ago. We have been put on probation by Amazon a number of times due to inventory levels not syncing correctly, products being listed that we no longer have in stock, and many other items. We never had issues like that with a previous provider.

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5. Januar 2023

This app started out great for us. It allowed us to do our Amazon shipments from within Shopify which gave our warehouse team just one interface to use.

After 9 months or so of using the app we started getting errors. Orders weren't syncing properly to Shopify or back to Amazon. This lead to a huge amount of work from our team to try to fix a bad situation. It almost lead to us losing our Amazon account as our account health. And of course it started happening in Q4 which is crunch time.

Puffin Drinkwear
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15. August 2021

Great in theory, if it actually worked. Only reason I gave it 2 stars is because tech support actually did try to help, sort of. After not being able to quickly come to a solution, they asked for my email address to get back with me after they had a chance to look into it. Two days now and no reply. One thing I really can't stand is when apps are released before they are truly ready and working.

Farmhouse Fudge
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11 monate mit der App
Bearbeitet am 21. Juli 2022

Initially I found the Tech Support and App fairly good. However as I progressed using the App any changes I made to my products, deleting or uploading them would make errors that would not clear until a Tech Support person was notified and then a day or so later they would be okay. I persevered with this until the most recent time when all products became glitched due to updating them all. On speaking with Tech Support this time (same consultant) he persistently asked me many times over to upgrade to a $399 package so that the Support Team would automatically fix the errors without me having to notify them to fix them. It is not that I've become aware that the App will always have issues and it's just humans in the background who manually fix everything, quicker if you pay more. Also pretty perturbed about having to say 10 times I didn't want to upgrade before he would agree to fix the issues - which incidentally 4 days later still no products where fixed up uploaded to Amazon. Switching to another App that will work and not be hounded to spend extra.

Bushranger Sunglasses
7 monate mit der App
CedCommerce hat geantwortet 3. Januar 2022

Thank you, Bushranger Sunglasses for the appreciation. The true meaning of an integration app is to reduce the manual work & provide you with an automatic process.

Our primary goal is to provide an automatic process to reduce the manual works of sellers. When seller installs the Amazon integration app into their Shopify store then the app before uploading them on Amazon marketplace, firstly import those products into the app then after making it as per Amazon marketplace' guidelines products can be uploaded in bulk via the app.

After uploading the products, the Amazon integration app enables the automatic syncing for inventory & price from Shopify to Amazon marketplace also when any order is placed on the Amazon marketplace the integration app automatically fetches those orders & create them on the Shopify store.

Also, Send the shipping details for Amazon orders from Shopify to the Amazon marketplace. It reduces a lot of manual work.

We have provided the help sections(including FAQs, Videos, docs) for your assistance. Also, assign a personal account manager who is always available to assist with 24*7 availability on email, calls, Skype, WhatsApp, Online Live chat system.

To test the app, we offer the FREE plan with the app so that you can before choosing the subscription plan; you can check the app properly. Also, for the small business & the established business, we have several pricing plans. Based on your products' catalogue & order syncing, we have differentiated the plans. We offer monthly & yearly plans. You are free to choose the subscription plans accordingly.

We are always open for discussions on Suggestions, requirements, concerns, always feel free to reach out to us!!

Stay connected !!

Team CedCommerce

16. April 2023

This app has some issues that may negatively impact your experience. Unfortunately, if you sell in multiple Amazon markets, you may face some difficulties with SKU connections as the app does not support multiple connections. In addition, there have been instances where products have randomly stopped syncing, causing confusion and frustration. For example, the SKU's may contain random numbers, preventing the correct import of orders.

While the support team is responsive, they are unable to provide solutions to these issues, leaving users with a partially functioning app. This can be a frustrating experience for those who rely on the app for their business needs.

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Bearbeitet am 12. September 2022

Poorly structured application - multiple failures with unsuccessful publish to amazon- waste of time

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