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31. Juli 2023

Initially the app is great and does what you would expect it to do. The issues come later when the syncs are not consistent and do not update all your product and product listings. The suggested solution for me today was to manually sync inventory for products that have not synced in 5+ days. Why should one have to manually sync inventory on an app that is supposed to do this as an automated process?

Support is there, but sometimes slow to respond and not super helpful even with detailed questions. For now, the app is still working for us, but there may be a search for a better alternative down the line.

Good Sports
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4 monate mit der App
4. Mai 2022

The app will help with getting my products uploaded to Amazon once I learn to work through the errors. The customer service chat is great. It's better than having to wait 24-48 hours for a response. Assuming my templates work as expected, I'll upgrade the rating of 3.

Dobson Products
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Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
18. September 2022

One of the customer service replies to another shop's 2 star feedback goes like this... "Also, assign a personal account manager who is always available to assist with 24*7 availability on email, calls, Skype, WhatsApp, Online Live chat system." First of all, a personal account manager is not available to assist 24*7 unless they're an android. Furthermore, I go to chat this morning and there actually is a person sitting in the chat box but they are there to tell you the customer service is closed because it's the weekend and they only want to take your details. That is not 24*7 service. I mainly pointed out the language error above because when you do get customer service, there is a language barrier when it comes to getting help with the more complex parts of the app. Unnecessarily complex parts. It all seems good on the surface but that's always the case with all of these apps. When it comes to the nitty gritty after 10 hours of hard work, you find out all the pitfalls... and then you can't get help. Another gripe is the templates. We can clone them and make changes but many some sections of the cloned template goes blank and has to be redone anyway. It's all very non-intuitive. At least in it's defence, every other etsy and amazon app has major issues that just seem batty. Another thing is that I wish the customer service would just say they don't know something instead of making up long sentences and throwing in some strong accent to try to confuse us. My reply is "so you don't know" and then response is silence and shock that I figured it out. I contributed some rephrasing to some of the helper sentences in the app and I suggest you fix them up so people can get through the setup in under 10 hours or whatever. Cheers

Asia Sell
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Bearbeitet am 18. Juli 2022

CedCommerce has apologized for the delay and the Issue is still being worked on. I am told it is an amazon issue and Amazon is still working on it.

A M Exclusive's Community Store
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CedCommerce hat geantwortet 13. Dezember 2021

Thank you very much, AM Exclusive's Community Store

We are glad to know that you found our app the best fit for your business.

Our app has multiple features which you can check out as it updates the tracking information on Amazon if you have already fulfilled on the marketplace. Also the app import all/selected products from Shopify to the Amazon integration app then after preparing the listing as per Amazon marketplace' guidelines, through the app, you can easily upload the products on Amazon.

Once you list all products on the Amazon marketplace, the automatic syncing for inventory run parallel from Shopify to the Amazon marketplace. When you start getting orders, the app automatically fetches & creates those orders into your Shopify store also sends the shipment information from Shopify to the Amazon marketplace.

You don't need to be worried to check orders every time; you get the notifications on time,

The Template section reduces all your manual work.

We assure you of our availability 24 * 7 in all possible ways through skype, calls, emails, Whatsapp, or whatever the sellers prefer.

Team CedCommerce.

Bearbeitet am 28. Februar 2023

It is a very slow and complex process to list our products on Amazon.

We are making progress and customer support has been helpful.

We are still experiencing errors though, hopefully we get things running smoothly eventually.

Witch of Scots
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Bearbeitet am 23. Januar 2022

My experience out of the gate with this app was horrible. I gave it one star and was going to delete it and go back to my old one. I wrote a review telling how bad my experience was. Massive amounts of old orders brought in and nothing would link or work. Since nothing would link right no orders came in or they came in with the wrong item on them. It was dong better but It is so slow to sync my quantities I got dinged on amazon because I had to cancel a order that I had no product for. If this app synced faster than it does that wouldn't have happened. I'm trying to like it but when it's costing me my metrics it's hard to.

Fuller Fabrics
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9 monate mit der App
1. Juni 2023

I downloaded the app and have been working with it, but I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with it, so that's why the three stars. I found when I got to the attributes I had no clue what to click on, so I contacted customer service and they set up the attributes in the first product so I'm waiting to see what happens.

Little Jaspers
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18. Dezember 2023

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