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12 de agosto de 2023

Just switched over from codisto/marketplace and wish I had only done that sooner!

Back story:
I’m new to e-commerce after having spent my career working in services so far and was brought it by a small company to clean up a store that had a very messy back end and much of the store wasn’t linked, linked properly or had errors connecting products from Shopify to amazon. 

The previous software and why I switched:
Codisto was very difficult to use and not intuitive. The linking of items was overly complicated. In an age with artificial intelligence and UX designers that are readily available to make things intuitive and user friendly, this software was unreasonably difficult to you. And didn’t have quick and easy user-guides that addressed the tasks that are most common/Necessary. They do have videos but that is buried within longer videos of info not relevant to me right now.
Some of the support staff was amazing and some got hyper focused on issues that were a symptom of the problem and not the actual problem (focusing on the lack of a SKU number instead of the SKU and all my work not saving when I hit save).

THEN they were acquired by Shopify and rolled out a new version that wasn’t ready for release. Some one that was a new higher up in the company chose a date and made a demand instead of releasing a fully functional piece of software when it was ready. NOTHING WORKED. I had to put all my staff helping me clean up the store on hold. Two of the issues were escalated to DEV and no time frame was given on a fix. I lost a whole week of productivity. All of my work from the first half of the week was gone, just when I had thought that I understood the software and could finally make progress. 

So then I switched to CED!

So far the experience has been amazing. I was able to easily install the app. I connected with support on a video chat just a few hours later and they walked me through the set up, how it works and was able to get much more of our store online just by importing our Shopify store than I had been able to do in WEEKS with codisto.

The matching of items works FAR better than codisto. The support is amazing and fast, there are multiple options to connect and they will take the time to make sure to understand and address the issues instead of talk down to you as though you don’t know what you are talking about. 

I wish I had done this immediately when I began in my current role. DO NOT bang your head against the wall with codisto. I highly recommend CED. 

Shabad has been amazing working with me to correct the few issues and setting corrections that I have needed to make the transition smooth and has gone above and beyond. Thank you

An Intimate Affaire
Estados Unidos
1 día usando la aplicación
13 de julio de 2023

Ok so let me tell you... I get quickly frustrated with tech and it's all super overwhelming. I started with the free plan until I learn how to figure things out but we had over 200 products to upload. After a quick chat with Mannu and him explaining why I'm running into some of issues, I went ahead and upgraded and we hopped on a google meet call with screen sharing where he personally helped me set everything up in a matter of 15 minutes.

And I should add, the free plan has been intergrading smoothly and quickly for several months now with Shopify and Shipping profile... they just stop syncing after the 50 orders lol so I'm happy to finally not worry about that.

Highly recommend this!!!

919 Supply Co., LLC
Estados Unidos
7 meses usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 28 de abril de 2023

Its taken me a while to get everything set up because I am new to all of this and not very good with technology,but I am getting there and the ongoing support has been fantasic. I have had more help again today and the instructions have been clear and easy to follow so I have been able to set up template, sync and upload my products which is a big step for me. I have also been offered an additional support call over google which will be helpful to check everything and correct any mistake i may have made. I couldnt have done any of it without the support given.

Red Jasper
Reino Unido
4 meses usando la aplicación
6 de julio de 2023

My experience with CedCommerce has been nothing short of exceptional. As a Shopify store owner looking to expand my business onto Amazon, I was in dire need of a robust, easy-to-use integration system, and CedCommerce delivered just that.
From the outset, the platform stood out with its user-friendly interface, making the otherwise daunting task of product integration a breeze. Every feature seemed tailored for convenience, from bulk upload functionality to real-time sync - it was evident that CedCommerce has given a great deal of thought into the needs of their users.

The highlight, however, was their stellar customer service. The support team was always ready to go the extra mile, providing swift responses and comprehensive solutions to every question I had. Their technical expertise, paired with their evident commitment to customer satisfaction, made the entire process incredibly smooth.
CedCommerce not only helped me broaden my sales horizon but also provided me with the tools to manage and optimize my listings efficiently. Their detailed analytics gave me key insights into my business, aiding in the successful navigation of the Amazon marketplace.

Boutique des Arts Martiaux et Sports de Combat
2 meses usando la aplicación
7 de diciembre de 2022

I really love a great app, but I adore a great support team even more. I’m currently using the Amazon by CED Commerce and loving it. Getting everything set up was really difficult because of account setup errors on my end. No matter what time of the day or night I reached out, someone was there. They spent countless hours helping me backtrack and repair, tirelessly working until we had it figured out and I was selling on Amazon. They even helped me set up my templates and products. I can honestly say that I couldn’t have done it without them. I plan on looking into other apps they have developed for my Facebook store. Lisa, owner of

Ideal Place Market
Estados Unidos
29 días usando la aplicación
CedCommerce respondió 19 de diciembre de 2022

"Hello Ideal Place Market,

We always try to provide proper and instant assistance to our sellers so that don't face any kind of trouble. Great to hear such appreciative words from you.

We also appreciate that you explored yourself with the app properly.

Hope you have liked the wonderful features of the app such as bulk uploads, inventory management, profiling, templates, etc.

Stay connected with us.
Team CedCommerce"

10 de agosto de 2023

CedCommerce Amazon Channel App provided me expert customer support to add products to Amazon from my Shopify Store. The CEDCommerce Amazon app connects directly to Amazon Seller Central merchant accounts in all countries where I am already connected as a merchant. Initial setup is a bit detailed, but it allowed me to list directly from Shopify to Amazon in multiple countries, by creating templates and then cloning listings for each product listing. The AI feature is a amazing, making the listing process very straight forward. I had a great support team leading me through the process, and am looking forward to adding more listings from my Shopify store to Amazon, and also adding links between Amazon product and Shopify for up to the minute inventory control. It is a very good experience using this app, and I highly recommend this app for Amazon sellers!
Michele Benjamin Jewelry Design

Michele Benjamin - Jewelry Design
Estados Unidos
28 días usando la aplicación
16 de mayo de 2023

I'd be happy to help review your integration application, CedCommerce Amazon Channel is an integration application provided by CedCommerce, a leading e-commerce solutions provider. The Features and Functionality, Ease of Use, Compatibility and Integration, Performance and Reliability, and Customer Support are top-notch. I tell you i tried Codisto and it was not worth it, But CedCommerce is really wonderful. The Support person told me about the marketing and Shopify SEO to build sales.

From the moment I reached out to inquire about their service/product, the team was incredibly helpful and responsive. They promptly addressed all my questions and concerns, providing me with the information I needed to make an informed decision.

When it came time to utilize their service/product, I was blown away by the level of professionalism and expertise displayed by their team. They went above and beyond to ensure that my needs were met, and the end result exceeded my expectations.
I highly recommend Amazon by cedcommerce to anyone in need of their service/product. You can trust that they will deliver outstanding results and provide an experience that will leave you impressed. I will definitely be a returning customer, and I'm confident that others will have the same positive experience that I had.

Once again, a huge thank you to the entire team at cedcommerce amazon Keep up the fantastic work!

365 Nail System
Estados Unidos
1 día usando la aplicación
8 de septiembre de 2023

It has truly transformed the way we manage our data and workflows. Here are five reasons why I give it a solid 5-star rating:

User-Friendly Interface: This application boasts an incredibly intuitive interface. Even if you're not a tech wizard, you can quickly get the hang of it. The menus and options are well-organized, making navigation a breeze.

Reliable Performance: I've been using this integration tool for several months now, and it hasn't let me down once. It handles data transfers and synchronization flawlessly. Our data remains consistent and up-to-date across all connected systems.

Extensive Compatibility: This application supports a wide range of platforms and software. Whether you're integrating with CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, or other business apps, chances are this tool has you covered.

Customization Options: One of the standout features is the ability to customize integration workflows. You can tailor the connections to meet your specific business needs. This flexibility is a game-changer for businesses with unique requirements.

Outstanding Customer Support: Whenever I've had a question or encountered a minor issue, the customer support team has been responsive and helpful. It's clear they care about their users and are committed to providing top-notch assistance.

In summary, this integration application has simplified our operations, saved us time, and improved our overall efficiency. It's a must-have for any organization looking to streamline their processes. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable integration solution

Reino Unido
29 días usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 21 de septiembre de 2023

New information:
After getting contact with the support again, our issure is resolved. Thank you for your help. Now I am able to give 5 Stars.

Review from September:
We have massive problems with the handling time the tool is communicating to amazon.
Every time I try to reach the support, I get a new person who is not knowing about the issue. The problem is still there since weeks!
No end in sight!
Basic functions seems to work propperly but if you are a professional seller with different handling time for individual products for example, this took might not the right choice for you.

Bavariashop - mei LebensGfui
Alrededor de 2 meses usando la aplicación
17 de junio de 2023

I'd be happy to help review your integration application, CedCommerce Amazon Channel is an integration application provided by CedCommerce, a leading e-commerce solutions provider. The Features and Functionality, Ease of Use, Compatibility and Integration, Performance and Reliability, and Customer Support are top-notch. I tell you i tried Codisto and it was not worth it, But CedCommerce is really wonderful. The Support person told me about the marketing and Shopify SEO to build sales.
Seamless Integration: Customers may appreciate the ease and efficiency with which CedCommerce Amazon Channel integrates with their existing systems or platforms, allowing for smooth management of Amazon listings, inventory, and orders.
Robust Features: Users might praise the software's comprehensive range of features, such as bulk listing management, real-time inventory synchronization, order fulfillment, and automated pricing updates. A robust feature set can significantly enhance the selling experience on Amazon.

Time-Saving Automation: Positive reviews might highlight the software's automation capabilities, which can help sellers streamline their operations. This could include features like auto-listing creation, inventory

Reliable Customer Support: Responsive and helpful customer support can be a key factor in customers' satisfaction. Users may commend CedCommerce for providing prompt assistance, resolving issues efficiently, and offering guidance throughout the onboarding and integration process.

Performance Analytics: The availability of comprehensive analytics and reporting tools within CedCommerce Amazon Channel could be appreciated by users. Sellers may find value in the insights provided, helping them make

26 días usando la aplicación