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Fecha de modificación: 21 de abril de 2023

While it is very complicated, customer service is willing to hop on a Google Meets or similar call and walk you through what is needed if you can't figure things out for yourself.

Addictive Gifts Co.
Estados Unidos
26 días usando la aplicación
CedCommerce respondió 27 de abril de 2023

"Thank you, for your appreciation.

We are incredibly grateful that you took the time to leave us this note. CedCommerce values put Seller satisfaction as a top priority; thank you for contributing to making it more useful & user-friendly.

Our app has many features, you can look into them and our customer support team is always there to walk you through the steps and process.

Please feel free to discuss this with us whenever you need any help from our side.

We look forward to serving you again.

Team CedCommerce"

10 de julio de 2023

It is really good, for a start, probably I will detect more of it's quality once we start using it extensively - this first phase was setting the basic parameters, which was done fast and easy with the good assistance from the CedCommerce support

Alrededor de 5 horas usando la aplicación
11 de julio de 2023

Good service de saien !j'ai été bien servis et il à prit le temps de parler lentement car je suis pas bon en anglais!

5 meses usando la aplicación
30 de marzo de 2023

Great assistance from the team. The services were prompt and the availability of the team for assistance is great.

Wear London
Reino Unido
14 días usando la aplicación
CedCommerce respondió 3 de abril de 2023

"Thank you, Wear London!

We are glad to see your positive feedback and happy to have an excellent client like you. The integration app always focuses on automation. It easily integrates your Shopify store with your Amazon seller account so that your products get listed quickly on Amazon, and your orders fetch automatically from the Amazon marketplace to your Shopify store. The support team always here to assist you.

Stay Connected!

Team CedCommerce"

9 de septiembre de 2023

Weill ein fach ist

Haidari. Online.Store
Alrededor de 1 mes usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 27 de octubre de 2023

If you sell in both Canada and the US, it will only generate Orders for Canada, you need to manually enter the order from other region.

Alrededor de 2 años usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 25 de julio de 2023

The application has had a few small issues, but support is very good. They respond quickly and resolve issues generally the same day. Easy to work with.

Cedar Creek Outdoor Center
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 2 años usando la aplicación
20 de diciembre de 2022

Syncing Shopify listings to/from Amazon seems to be a challenge regardless of the app used. Apparently, Amazon just isn't a smooth platform to sync with. But, this app has been the easiest to use that I've found and the customer support has been very helpful.

Bayou Legacy Game Calls
Estados Unidos
Más de 1 año usando la aplicación
CedCommerce respondió 2 de enero de 2023

"Much obliged to you, Bayou Legacy Game Calls, We are excited that you cherished your experience. We invest heavily in giving extraordinary support to each client, and we're eager to get your commendations and appreciation.

Our team is consistently reachable to serve you in every potential manner.

Continuously don't hesitate to connect with us.

Team CedCommerce!!"

15 de diciembre de 2021

The app is really good and saves a lot of work uploading a lot of products in a short while to Amazon. You just need to contact support and they have a helpful team available at all hours to help you upload your products and are patient to teach you to do that on your own as well.
Amazon is particular about many things so you will need to do just a few edits on your own here and there if necessary.
Thank you, guys.

Estados Unidos
Más de 1 año usando la aplicación
CedCommerce respondió 17 de diciembre de 2021

Thank you BIJOUX DAB for your judgment and your recognition.

There are heaps of settings on Amazon, so this may be the purpose behind the complexities. Therefore, we have built up this application for new and old Amazon sellers who are effectively searching for automated things.

The Amazon integration app lists your Shopify products on the Amazon marketplace. As sellers manage online selling through a central location but sometimes they need to update the Title, Description, Price, Inventory, etc. as per the marketplace's guidelines; that is why our development team has given this management in our integration apps.

With this management, without managing the listings from Shopify, you can manage & update the product's information from the App. You need to off the syncing of the particular field from the configuration section of the App that will disable the syncing from Shopify to the App and then, after from the App, update the products' information. After making the changes, you can upload the products on Amazon.

There are many actions to be performed while sending the products for listings on Amazon, so it may take time to understand, but once you become familiar with the setting, it works faster than your expectations.
The Development team is continuously working on the panel to make it more user-friendly and trying to automate all the processes.

Please feel free to share your requirement with us; we will surely consider that and implement it into the App.

CEDCOMMERCE assigned a DEDICATED ACCOUNT MANAGER, always available to provide 24*7 support via email, calls, Skype, WhatsApp, Online Live chat system as well on zoom/g-meet.

The account manager helps you from the starting to complete setup of the Amazon account and helps you get more & more sales on marketplaces.

Team CedCommerce!

1 de octubre de 2021

While we had a rough start with this app and many problems at first the excellent support staff helped us get to where we needed to be and today we are problem-free and the app is working really well

T-H Marine Supplies
Estados Unidos
Más de 1 año usando la aplicación