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Datum úprav: 15. březen 2023

Very burdensome app, with otons of technical errors. Support is responsive but not knowledgeable about the subject, and how to help. Sometimes image and descriptions dont upload with the product and sometimes variants are uploaded as seperate products. Use cedcommerce this is a nightmare. Mariel was decent, but this dude called Mark was trying to patronize me and like "listen before you ask questions" when i've been listening for like 10 minutes about him explaing a feature that i didnt need to use. Mark does not know what he is talking about at all, but acts like a know it all. Rain was also very nice.

Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 23 dny
Vývojář Codisto odpověděl 23. březen 2023

Thanks for your feedback,
All requests are being responded to and our support team are are working with you every step of the way in resolving issues.


21. listopad 2022

I gave the app a three given the challenges I experienced getting inventory with FBA to sync.
I give the customer service a 5+ for their persistence in fixing the problem which they told me they have not seen before my case.....
Great attitude and very patient folks! Thanks Arlie at Codisto.

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Čas strávený používáním aplikace: Asi rokem
Vývojář Codisto odpověděl 24. listopad 2022

Thanks for your review!
We appreciate your feedback and can confirm this is now resolved. Great news on our support team, Arlie will be thrilled 😍

Continued use of our app and with new features being released we hope to improve our star rating 😎 Please reach out anytime!


Datum úprav: 27. červenec 2022

If you are trying to upload a whole of T-Shirts, like my case. It will take months. It's really hard. Despite support helping us, it takes approximately 3 hours to make it happen. If you use a POD or another Integration system do it that way. Support is great, but for stores with a lot of products it's a lot of work.

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Čas strávený používáním aplikace: Asi 2 měsíci
Vývojář Codisto odpověděl 19. červen 2022

Thanks for your review!
It can be challenging at times, but our Support team is well versed in the app's knowledge and available 24/7. Please reach out anytime!


15. listopad 2021

I used to have the Shopify Amazon app for two years which was free. I like the option of having Shopify track my seller fulfilled sales for ease in label printing, to be able to fulfill up to 20 orders at one time and to get my Shopify shipping discount. Now, the Amazon app sales channel was closed, so I was forced to upgrade to Amazon by Codisto. I started with their free package for 50 orders. The first month, I had to upgrade to the paid "starter" plan ($19.99/mo) because I am selling more than 50 orders on Amazon. Month 2, I am again forced to upgrade to the "growth plan" at $59/month, because I am seeing success on Amazon. So, to sell on Amazon, I get Amazon fees and now I'm hit with a Codisto monthly fee and possibly overages. Summary, I went from $0 fees to .19 cents per order. Then it quickly climbed .59-.11 cents range per order. That is an excessive fee per order and cuts into my advertising and profits. I really don't need to be paying $100-200 per month for the convenience of filling several orders at once and to save a few cents off my shipping! Nor do I need more fees, so I plan to cancel this app.

Legi Liner
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Vývojář Codisto odpověděl 15. listopad 2021

Thank you for your feedback,
We are sorry you feel this way, but believe your frustration is mis-guided. Shopify's native app was not upgraded with the latest integration technology. Amazon By Codisto has dedicated resources to respond to integration changes so we are not impacted in the future.

Codisto’s developers and support team work hard to bring you the best, most reliable Amazon integration available for Shopify, with frequent updates and feature improvements, and backed by an excellent customer support team readily available, 24/7.
I have reached out directly for further discussion if you are happy to do so.


27. říjen 2021

This is working fine on individual product listings. However, adding a variant to our listings is confusing and can't seem to find a quick and easy solution. May need to explore an alternate option unless the developers can point us to a solution.

Pepper Joe’s
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6. říjen 2021

We were able to easily convert from the Shopify Amazon app to Codisto in a very short amount of time. Our only problem with the app is the inability to issue credits through Shopify which would then transfer to Amazon through the Codisto app. In addition, we have sent at least two emails to your support team and have never received an answer. It has been about a month since the first email. Other than those two issues we have been pleased with the app.

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Vývojář Codisto odpověděl 7. říjen 2021

Thanks for your review, we appreciate it.
Firstly I want to apologise for the delays you have experienced, this is a very rare occurrence and I have advised in my email directly.
Glad to hear you could install the app and convert quickly 👍
We have many features being added all the time, and refunds through Shopify is one we have on our roadmap.


9. září 2021

Useless. Amazon Channel by Codisto doesn't support FBA for Shopify web orders. ((
Don't waste your time trying it.

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Čas strávený používáním aplikace: Asi 3 hodinami
Vývojář Codisto odpověděl 13. září 2021

Thanks for your feedback.
Codisto is a multi-channel integration tool. We create new channel listings and sync product details, prices & inventory directly from your ecommerce platform. Automatically transfer orders and sync shipment from your ecommerce platform to your Sales Channel. We are not a multi-channel fulfillment app.
There are many apps out there that can perform the task you need.


24. srpen 2021

This one's not ready for prime time. I spent 6 hours trouble shooting through a some listings with their chat support. Then another 2 hours undoing the damage to my Amazon listings. I think I'll just revisit this in a few months and see if it improves with a flood of new users.

Hella Slingshot
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Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 4 měsíci
Vývojář Codisto odpověděl 27. srpen 2021

Thanks for your feedback and we’re sorry we did not meet your expectations.
I understand you had difficulties linking your Handmade slingshots from Amazon to Shopify.
Unfortunately Amazon MWS API does not allow access to the category branches for Handmade products. There is a limitation for Handmade sellers using any integration tool to set or change a product's category when it is listed as Handmade.
We can improve the Handmade listing experience, but at the same time we don’t want Handmade sellers like yourself to miss out on the Amazon opportunity by having to wait, so our support team is available to help with offer sync for Handmade products.