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Bearbeitet am 1. August 2022

I had a great support. However, the titles, thumbnails are not showing right on the Amazon live Page. Also the prices and the delivery time not shown on the Amazon Search Page. The sync is for an unknown reason not working perfectly.

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Codisto hat geantwortet 24. Juli 2022

Thanks for your review!
Glad you had a positive experience 😎 We are pleased to advise we are working on our bulk editor and will notify you once this is complete, we appreciate the feedback!


3. April 2022

Very dissapointed in costumer service I honestly think this might be a great app but the help is not. Often hear how busy they are or they are in different time zones as an excuse for not replying to emails. This app has messed up my amazon store many times be careful what you push try to only do it with help their tutorials are not clear and you can mess up your store. Probably this app is really only good for inventory sync but to build items there are a lot of loop holds no clear instructions on mapping like lower case or even choice of mapping. "Status" is confusing "Inactive" "active" confusing bulk updates bad and manual updates time consuming. I wish I would have gone with another app.
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Codisto hat geantwortet 3. April 2022

Thanks for your feedback,
We are available 24/7 and time zones are requested when you book a Google Meet Session, in order to provide the most convenient time. Your experience is rare and not a reflection of other merchants' comments. We would be grateful for the opportunity to resolve your issues, we have reached out directly.


25. Januar 2022

We have had this app about 2 months now. We do footwear, so maybe that is why but we have to reach out to support multiple times for each product. They work on the error, then try to republish. It is then errored again with a new error. For instance the one we most recently reached out for was codisto stating that nothing was present in a field, but there was, so we had to reach out to support with a screenshot showing the field being populated with a valid property. They said they were looking into it, then asked if we had the UPC, which had already been entered in Codisto, so we showed the screenshot. Then they republished it. We were then told it was syncing to amazon. It then got rejected by amazon and was showing as 'inactive' based on the same error. I will say the support is very quick, but it usually takes a few runs with them to get something published.

Rural Haze
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Codisto hat geantwortet 27. Januar 2022

Thanks for your feedback,
We understand the frustration when continued errors occur. Codisto has resolved large components of Footwear recently and continues to work on this area to create a seamless shoe listing on Amazon. We are working closely with our sellers to reach the desired outcome.


7. Dezember 2021

Really not a fan of this app. It seems to take over the control of the amazon listings and then charges you for all orders that come through because it "manages" the listing. So if you set up the app and link a listing, it will charge you for all the orders on the product regardless if it is FBM or FBA. The fees count up very quickly and it's not easy to track where the charges are coming from. We do not recommend installing it.

Foxhound Bee Company
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Codisto hat geantwortet 8. Dezember 2021

Thank you for your feedback
We have reached out to discuss your situation further and to resolve any confusion. In Codisto, listings can be easily activated or deactivated depending on how you want them to be managed, and orders can be set to FBM, FBA or both. We would very much appreciate the opportunity to find a resolution.


29. September 2021

After 2 hours of online tech support I was finally able to sync orders... Then had to go back and manually enter tracking for most of the orders from the day before... So 3 hours later we are back up and running, I think. Would be nice to have gotten a heads up about this instead of the surprise! Not pleased that we have to pay an additional fee for every order either! Looking into another fulfillment option to see what else is out there... I'm only giving 2 stars because of the 3 hours of lost time. Give me a week and the rating could go up or down

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Codisto hat geantwortet 12. Oktober 2021

Thanks for your feedback.
We're glad to see you are now live on Amazon!
Our fees are necessary for us to grow and add new features.
Please reach out if you have any further queries, our support team are available 24/7.


Bearbeitet am 13. Oktober 2021

Nothing initially worked. Spent 2 hours trying to fix basic stuff with tech support who would place me on minutes-long pauses to come back with a basic question. Basic synchronization of orders did not work. Product listings exchanges between AMAZON and SHOPIFY were not working properly. Orders exchange is useless. I don't understand why Shopify pushes them as the default app. Codisto should not take any money under 100 orders a month, improve their app and charge when businesses can afford them.
Update: still lots of lag time for the apps to sync together. What took minutes now take hours, which initially required further verification to make sure they did happen. To their credit, Codisto has been responsive and the set-up nightmare has finally come to a stop. I cannot understand why Shopify has not negotiated better programs with Codisto. Having to pay them anything under 100 orders a month is unbelievable and a complete disregard to start-ups.

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Codisto hat geantwortet 12. Oktober 2021

Thanks for your feedback
We have explained in our response why your synchronization did not work. We can now see active listings on Amazon.
Please reach out if you are still experiencing issues.
Our support team are available 24/7.


6. September 2021

Amazon is a complete nightmare if you have to create new product listings instead of just being able to link to existing listings, especially if your items have variations. This app has helped slightly, on some items, but nowhere near what I expected. And if there's an error in the listing, all it does is link you to the Amazon error message pages, which are pretty useless. If I wanted to, or understood how to use an Amazon template to list things, I wouldn't need this app. I still don't understand, if this app is creating my SKU numbers for me, then why am I getting a SKU error message and why are you not helping me fix it?

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Codisto hat geantwortet 5. Oktober 2021

Thanks for your feedback.
We agree Amazon can be extremely complex which is why we have reached out several times to you, with no response.
We would really like the opportunity to help you list more of your products on Amazon.
Our Support Team is available 24/7.