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Amazon Affiliate Integration

Amazon Affiliate Integration

Developed by Rank Sol

15 reviews
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  • Monetize your store with Amazon when people search
  • Easy Setup
  • Set it and forget it

Amazon Affiliate Integration

With our easy to use app, you can show Amazon Products on your store related to your products (by keyword).

Example:  If someone searches "Pug" on your store, the app will fetch 10 recommended products related to this keyword.  This way you can monetize every visitor to your store even if you do not have the product for sale on your store.

You can also choose to show the product ads on every product page and/or on the "Thank you page" after a successful purchase.  But our favorite way is:  on the search page when visitors search your store for products.

So now when you don't have what your visitor is looking for, your store will now show relevant ads with your Amazon affiliate link embedded!

You must be an Amazon affiliate in order to use the app.  Join here: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com

You can watch a demo and also see our tutorials on how to use the app here:



NOTE: Our first two reviews came in early when we had first went live.  Our programmers did not let us know our app was live and we did not get to help out our initial users right away.  Give us a try, you'll like it.

Amazon Affiliate Integration reviews

15 reviews
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I sent an email to the merchant explaining that the app didn't work with my store and the only response I got back was 'What app?'... lol pretty frustrating because I didn't hear anything back even after clarifying. I had a completely different experience with Spreadr .. Tejas was very helpful, quick to respond and fixed all of my problems. Check that app out instead if you're an Amazon Affiliate


It does not comply with my theme. I know how to setup AWS, and have integrated successfully. However, very pity , this app does not comply with my shopify theme.


Doesn't work at all. Setup is correct but no amazon suggestions in the search bar


Hi I just want to get hold of anyone who is responsible for this apps?I did try your apps trial but I didn't go on through the subscription totally and removed the apps during trial period but still I was charge twice the monthly amount of $7.00.I just don't understand it.Someone has to give explanation about this.Please contact me asap.Thank you.

Oscar Cesante


For us begenners, this video does NOT help. Ive already got the APP and affiliate account with Amazon BUT no one is telling how to pull products into your store, so that when customers click and buy, it goes directly to Amazon checkout !!!!!!!!!


I can only give it a 3. It does work however as someone mentioned you have to remove your Mcafee app which is not ideal for me. Ontop of that theres the an Error notification saying my AWS key is not registered with Amazon Associate, when in fact the key that is displayed is not mine. The recommended products do show though. There is also a very large issue for me where my shop no longer is "https://" secured. Instead I get the big red "NOT SECURED" in my browser. So the trade off of installing app in my case is just not worth it.


I gave it 4 out of 5 simply due to support problems and installation problems. If you install and you get no output of products. Make sure and check for interactions with other apps. In my case, it was Mcaffee that blocked the Amazon app from displaying results.

I still have a bug displaying to product pages, but have turned that off as of the time of this review.

Other than that, it performs as designed.


This is an awesome app that requires very little effort. Had a little trouble finding the API info but with chat support, was able to resolve it quickly. App is up and running and I LOVE IT!!


Not sure why the other comments are hating. Seemed easy to set up.


zero stars, doesn't do what it should, out of date.

From $7.00 / month
7 days



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