Order Sync By Appiness Tech

Order Sync By Appiness Tech

Appiness Technologies

Sync Amazon Orders to store

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Order Sync Application

Order Sync Application will help you to synchronize Amazon orders with Shopify store with ease.

Pull orders from Amazon

Pull orders from Amazon automatically.

SKU Mapping system

This application has marvelous SKU Mapping system.

Order Sync By Appiness Tech 정보

Note: This application is not a product of Amazon Technologies, Inc. It uses open APIs from Amazon and Shopify to sync orders.

  • How does this work?

In order to sync Amazon orders with Shopify Store, Admin will just have to synchronize the products with Shopify store.

This application doesn’t act as a middleman; instead, it simplifies the order sync & fulfillment process by auto-magically pulling the order directly into the Shopify admin section. There is no manual entry required, everything happens mechanically.

  • Why do you need this app?

The main reason why this one-of-its-kind application was made was to streamline the order harmonization process between Amazon and Shopify.

  • How does it work?

Amazon Order App will be embedded in your admin section, under the Apps segment. With an automatic pull, Amazon Orders from Amazon will be synced with Shopify. The SKU mapping system ensures that Amazon Product SKU gets synced with the Shopify SKU easily.

Admin can set Amazon/Shopify Access Key under App Settings section. Without putting these details App can’t work orders and won’t be synced. Admin can also set notification emails for these scenarios-

SKU Mismatch: If Amazon Order product SKU does not match with Shopify SKU product.

Order Failed: If Amazon order is not placed on Shopify Store.

Amazon Order Fulfilled: If Amazon order is successfully placed on Shopify Store.

Store Owner can check the list of matched product SKUs on “SKU Match Section”. Here they can also verify which Shopify product SKU has been mapped with Amazon Product SKU.

Admin can also check if the Amazon Order is successfully created or if it is pending in Shopify Store, under the Order list section.

If the orders are placed successfully than admin can see the Shopify Order ID.

  • What Happens when Order is not Placed Successfully?

If an order is not placed successfully than there is an option, either to Edit Order details or Re-Process the Order.

Re-Process means, trying to create Amazon order on Shopify Store.

Store Owner can also check the log of products orders under Check Log section.

  • Can a new SKU be made?

Creating a new product SKU with the information received from the Amazon/Shopify Product SKU is also possible. Admin can also verify the Product SKU from Store’s Product section.

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Zen Den Candles

I installed the app and when run - it takes me to a login screen that doesn't accept anything??? Wrote to their support and never heard anything from anyone. ?

Healing Exercise

I could not get my Amazon account sync'd with my Shopify account. I asked for support through email and through the web form but received no response in five days. I will be deleting this app now.

개발자 회신

2019년 7월 18일

We apologize for the delayed response. Our latest updates have worked on the issues you've mentioned and the same problems have been resolved. If other apps don't seem to be working well for your brand, do give our app another shot. We're sorry for the inconvenience caused in the past.