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Amazon channel

by Shopify

Sell on Amazon by listing your products and managing orders.

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In terms of processing the amazon order via Shopify Order page, it's pretty good. It automatically updates the shipment status and tracking numbers, etc. to Amazon Seller Central page. It takes about 15 min to upload.

However, there are a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. It's really cumbersome to list products on Amazon via Shopify. I have a retail store and all of my products are made by other manufacturers and most of them are already on Amazon. So the app supposed to search and find the item on Amazon and link my shop to that existing product listing. This works only half the times. So then you have to create the listing on Amazon Seller Central and try to link the listing to Shopify using this app, but again, it sometimes works but doesn't work in many cases. I keep getting an error message when I try to list my latest apparel collection to Amazon and I have been talking with the support team for over several weeks but it's still now working.
Initially, I thought that by ticking on the 'Amazon' button in sales channel on the product page, it will link the item to Amazon (like it does on, but that button doesn't do anything. You cannot bulk delete/de-list items. You have to individually go into each product listing and de-list. But you cannot search a particular item on the amazon listing page so it takes a long time to find the item that you are trying to edit or delete.
Overall, you cannot rely on this app yet. It needs a lot of improvement.


We are a footwear (Flip Flops) manufacturer that can't list our footwear through the integration. Why would you put out such a limited release?


Speedsquareholder Com

Well the app is helping me with my orders by giving me the ability to print invoices and fulfill them in the Shopify page without bouncing between both web sites to get all my orders out.
Right now amazon is doing more with the sales but I hope to see more sales on Shopify soon. I sell to the world and Amazon has many sites like (amazon.CA) for Canada and (amazon.UK) for United Kingdom so I still must use those but have been told that Shopify is working on bring them on board too.

Sc Equine

I LOVE the Amazon app... It makes it SO much easier to keep track of my orders when they are all in one place!! I have sales accounts in quite a few different places, and I absolutely LOVE being able to see as many orders as possible in one place, without having to pay a ridiculous fee to another app for the service.

To me, shipping labels are easier through Shopify than through Amazon, as well.

The only thing I would like to see added is the ability to create new listings for Amazon through the app... Right now, you have to create a listing on Amazon itself, import the listings, and then you have the option to merge those listings with your existing Shopify listings. I'd really love to be able to send listings from Shopify to Amazon, but I'm sure that will come with time.

All in all, it's a GREAT tool, would definitely recommend it to make life easier.

Savage Field Hockey

So far so good. Being using it for a month or so and getting some sales during our 'off' season. Not as straight forward as hoped, but looking for further growth the coming months at


RUN, do not walk, away from this app. I sell apparel (kaelismith,com), I'm an approved brand on Amazon, my products have UPC codes--in other words, everything you need to sell on Amazon.

Tried listing a product----and have to manually add the images (the feed doesn't send the images), have to manually input the prices (the feed doesn't send the prices), have to manually edit the description (the feed doesn't populate the five bullet points), have to manually do just about everything.

This app should never have been released by Shopify. It's useless.

Mas Swords

I would give a zero start if that was an option. This app is useless at best.


This app does not help those of us with custom dropshipping products that do not require GTIN/UPC numbers. They need to correct this issue otherwise it's not possible to push products on to the AMZ platform without having to manually link every single product.

Artisan Bound Llc

Apparel only, I use Handmade Amazon no use here. Need to be refined.

Coffee Mugs Galore

Perfect. Just what we were looking for. It has helped us link and list all of our products on Amazon. UPC codes work great. We've done about 2K in sales from this app/sales channel

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