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Amazon channel

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Sell on Amazon by listing your products and managing orders.

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Hard Tail Forever

I WANT this app to work so badly. It is critical to have an automated and reliable mechanism to connect your Shopify product catalog to Amazon. I trust Shopify to do this. And I love that they make it free. Great first stab at it Shopify!

For me, connecting to Amazon is mission C-R-I-T-I-C-A-L. I've been using the app for months now. It does exactly what it claims to do...without fail. Fine. However, it does NOT give you the automation or control necessary to be considered a serious tool for powersellers.

Here is why:

*You are forced to synch orders with Amazon. My POS already synch with Amazon. Now I have duplicate orders. Just offer an option not to synch!

*It can not created new listings on Amazon automatically. You have to manually add UPS codes, choose images, and pick categories for every single product you choose to add. Why!? Let people upload a bulk CSV file of UPC codes, and let the app automatically assign them. Default image selection ALL images, unless otherwise specified. Add an Amazon category field just like you already do for Google product categories in the product database. Let merchants upload these categories in a catalog import workflow, just like we already do with Google PLA's.

*Because of the point above, it's impossible to "bulk" add products. Folks, come on! Forcing merchants to upload one at a time? This alone kills the feasibility of using this tool. I will be cycling up to 1,000/month through my store when I'm running at 100% steam in a few months. The app must automate bulk product adds.

*The app does not keep track of the products you've already added to Amazon using the app itself. Just add some indicator to track current Amazon synched products. Easy. I'm actually more interested in a way to see what I "don't" have synched yet with Amazon.

*When printing packing slips using Shopify's Order Printer, it is not clear what-so-ever that the order originated from Amazon. That has created much customer confusion because they don't realize they have received an amazon order.

This is all just off the top of my head. I think there where more issues, but my review is already too long to read.

I'm begging you Shopify. Please prioritize fixing this app. My sales increased 1,000% when I learned how to sell effectively on Amazon. This app is probably mission critical, or will soon be, to more sellers than just me.


Overall its in beta, And doesn't exactly work as they say. But it has alot of promise. It feel like it was a app to check a box so they can say they integrate without actually applying efforts into after release. But ill wait for the update, it could be amazing.

Furnish Spot

Does anyone dropship from Shopify with this Amazon app? I'm wondering if I will sill have to wait 2 weeks for Amazon to pay me or if I will get paid immediately.


Be CAREFUL!!! The whole idea is the make sure your inventory on shopify works with the Amazon inventory. BUT unfortunately how it works in 1 way communication. I setup on a Thurs.. which was great.. all sudden all my orders showed up on website. I still during the weekend processed Amazon orders on the website. The pending sales orders on the website still pending shipping. Even though I processed the orders on Amazon the website did not update with tracking from Amazon (No information flowed to website from AMAZON). So after 5 days I just marked the orders as SHIPPED on website. So unfortunately, it updated the orders on Amazon as shipped 5 days later. So 186 orders were LATE according to Amazon (remember Amazon allows 2 days max to ship out orders). so 186 orders were marked LATE and my metrics took a HUGE HIT 45% of my orders were late. Amazon shut me down on Friday and I begged them to understand what happened. They allowed me to sell but now under the new guidelines that had to wait 14 days AFTER order was processed before they would release the funds. So I was basically selling for a month without dispersment. I sent Amazon tons of messages breaking down each order. How all orders were received on time BUT the ship on date was wrong.... I had to separate website from Amazon. It was a nightmare. Shopify rep told me it was because Amazon does not always relay information to my website. So if your willing to process all orders on shopify website, be vary careful. Amazon metrics are very sensitive to any variance, and if you get in trouble, you have a lot of stressful emails and conversations to go through. My account is back in good standing with Amazon now but took 2 months to get back to normal dispersments. Again, shopify communicates with Amazon but Amazon does not communicate back to shopify. It is a one way street..


The app itself is great, though sometimes a bit slow to update information between say and Amazon, but it does it.

I'm left wondering what is the point with Shopify, however. I have still not had any sales that came through Shopify alone. Amazon does all the sales and I have sent a few through Shopify using eBay.

So is this app only making me think I need Shopify when Shopify is only taking credit for Amazon sales? That's what I wonder. Of course, I need an independent platform and Shopify let me hook up Oberlo and Printful - which while very cool, have ALSO had no sales yet.

We shall see.

Cee Bee Llc

Bit of a learning curve, but it has more than paid for the Amazon Pro account fees and then some. Here are some thoughts after 1.5 months.

I use the Amazon / Shopify integration for drop shipping POD items. Currently I have over 200 listings active and adding more each week.

Despite what is put out, you CAN *link* Shopify items with any item you have created a listing for on However, the Shopify Amazon App will only automatically create and link up a select few *clothing* items in the app itself.

If you want to link your Shopify items with items on Amazon you need to manually create a listing on via a flat file upload or through the "Create a Listing" page. You must then link your Shopify store with your Amazon Pro Seller account and it will scan and detect you listings on Amazon. IF the listing meet certian criteria (in stock, not FBA) you will be given the option to link you shopify and amazon product. Shopify will check your Amazon account about every 6 hours to see if any new products have been added or removed.

This has been a usefull tool (and hey,who doesn't love free :)), but still a bit rough around the edges. It's worth getting and learning to use.

The Daughter Who Sews

We cant rate this because we aren't able to use the Amazon integration. We were told by Shopify (AFTER changing all of our over 3000 listings) that the Amazon integration is currently only for clothing and jewelry. This isn't mentioned ANYWHERE in the information about the Amazon integration that we could find. We wish this worked for us....but it doesn't.


This is still officially in Beta, according to the Shopify Guru's. That being said, we are having MANY issues that makes this almost unusable.

1.The sync with Amazon for orders once shipped used to take 10 minutes, now it takes several hours.

2. The link between products on Amazon and Shopify does not work at least 50% of the time. When you add a new product, you are supposed to link to the Amazon product. You will wait days for anything to show up, and then not everything does. Now, you need to keep inventory in sync in 2 places because when a product sells on Amazon it is not updating Shopify due to the lack of links.

3. Searching for Amazon products to see what they are linked to is terrible, and Shopify admits this. They do not have any way to search, you just have to look through PAGES of products until you may finally find the correct one. If it was never linked, you will never find it.

These are the main issues, but other exist. If they can't get this fixed, it will be an issue. Right now we are stuck every time something sells, having to go back through the list and fixing the quantity in Shopify.

Could it be good, YES! It is a long way from it at this point.


In terms of processing the amazon order via Shopify Order page, it's pretty good. It automatically updates the shipment status and tracking numbers, etc. to Amazon Seller Central page. It takes about 15 min to upload.

However, there are a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. It's really cumbersome to list products on Amazon via Shopify. I have a retail store and all of my products are made by other manufacturers and most of them are already on Amazon. So the app supposed to search and find the item on Amazon and link my shop to that existing product listing. This works only half the times. So then you have to create the listing on Amazon Seller Central and try to link the listing to Shopify using this app, but again, it sometimes works but doesn't work in many cases. I keep getting an error message when I try to list my latest apparel collection to Amazon and I have been talking with the support team for over several weeks but it's still now working.
Initially, I thought that by ticking on the 'Amazon' button in sales channel on the product page, it will link the item to Amazon (like it does on, but that button doesn't do anything. You cannot bulk delete/de-list items. You have to individually go into each product listing and de-list. But you cannot search a particular item on the amazon listing page so it takes a long time to find the item that you are trying to edit or delete.
Overall, you cannot rely on this app yet. It needs a lot of improvement.


We are a footwear (Flip Flops) manufacturer that can't list our footwear through the integration. Why would you put out such a limited release?