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Amazon channel

by Shopify

Sell on Amazon by listing your products and managing orders.

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The Lavender Lilac

takes way to long to load your products onto amazon.

Warrior Styles

Not available to the little guy have to have an Amazon business account and pay the monthly subscription.
Be nice if some of these apps were geared at helping small or new business get off the ground instead of exploiting them financially.


This app is absolutely terrible. I will not be using this for my online Amazon marketplace. Unfortunately, if I want to sell on Amazon, I have to list each products individually since Shopify doesn't allow the same categories as Amazon does.

How in the heck do you not offer a "pet supplies" option? Just absolutely mindblowing!

Barong Warehouse

March 2018:
Back to one star, if possible. My sales increased by 35% with Amazon in the last few months, but so did my anxiety. The app doesn't properly sync inventory and we continuously got orders with 0 stock. It then caused a bunch of customers to complain that we're sending items too late and Amazon suspended our account. Somebody shoot me at this point. After everything...all that work best conclusion is to sell directly through Amazon's own platform using separate inventory. Using this app was a course in what NOT to do in e-commerce.

Dec. 2017:
I'd like to make an update to my review below. After months of going through hoops for Amazon, I was finally able to get my products listed and have made a few sales so far. I gave it one more star just because of this.

The app is not intuitive to our needs as Shopify merchants and you need to take at least 10 minutes per product to list. You also need UPC codes (for each variant) if you are selling your own brand or a trademark. Both can cost you hundreds of dollars, but there are some UPC code sellers who will sell in bulk for a relatively low price.

I will stay on just because Amazon is the largest online retail platform, but I also highly recommend the eBay app. It was far less demanding and all of the products I wanted listed were done so with a few tweaks in about half an hour.

ONE advantage of selling original products on Amazon besides the expanded market: it is so difficult to start that many will be turned off by it and you'll have less competition once you get on there.

Nov. 2017:
Is it just me or is Amazon really trying hard not to get us on their site? Maybe they want us all to do FBA instead? This app and Amazon customer service is horrid at best. I also signed up to eBay and their process was a breeze compared to Amazon's. I still have to set up products, but at least the products went live instantly. With Amazon, I'm still waiting for some third party company to approve my seller permit. I don't even think they exist. It's been almost two weeks and still no reply. I don't want to open another chat with Amazon customer service because they seem to have been trained poorly and can barely understand my English. I'm about ready to give up on this app :(

Mid-Nov: I wish I could give this app another 1 star or negative star. After the umpteenth time with their bad customer service, I finally canceled my Amazon seller account. I will also stop being their customer. This is what happens when a company gets too big. They just don't give a sh!t about any individuals, let alone small businesses.

Putzart Com

This is not the best sales channel, but it has possibilities. One work around for not having to get a paid pro seller account is sign up for Handmade at Amazon and get a seller account free if you make any of the stuff your selling. Then you don't have to buy any UPC's (which you still can on various sites). Once you have a Amazon Store it gets a little easier to create products, but make sure that you use exactly the specifications that Amazon requires. (images with white background, etc.)
Also, if you dropship wit Printful you can create the same products for Amazon Store as you have on Shopify through the Printful/Amazon store integration. This works the best. One side note: ArtofWhere now has full Etsy integration so you can sync all the products that you have ever created for Shopify up to Your Etsy Store. Just make sure you view your synced items on Etsy and hit publish (20¢ charge).


I installed the Amazon sales channel and it is not working at all!!! This is not an Amazon problem, it is a Shopify issue and I have wasted 3 days in the weeks preceding black Friday, and I already paid the $40 to Amazon for nothing!!!! This is horrible, I need help, ASAP. I already put the UPC codes that I have and own, and it's still not working. The app says that I need to register as an Amazon business seller (which I already am, and the number shows on the app already!). Horrible, horrible.


The linking between Amazon and Shopify is very painful. Also there are major limitations on keeping inventory in-sync. If you track inventory from another source like a fulfillment center this will set your Amz inventory to 100 unless you manually track it.

Otc Shoppe Express

EDITED 11-07-2018

There is no search option. If you needed to go change a price, you have to scroll thru so many pages manually before being able to change the price.


This app is okay. Since Shopify built it, I would expect it to have more robust features but it doesn't. Seems like these apps are made for the small business who have time to manually input all the information. Give us more option in the backend so that we can set the prices on Amazon to increase or decrease by certain % or $ so that we do not have to manually input all the prices we want. Other than not having the features that allows us busy store owners to be more efficient, the app is not too bad and does okay job.

Brand By You

Absolutely terrible. I spend $40 to set up a Professional Seller's account, only to not be able to sell for 2 weeks - and getting Seller Support is a NIGHTMARE. No one knows whats going on, I got redirected to a "specialist" 5 different times over the course of 3 days and no one knew why my account was frozen for 2 weeks even though it showed a $0 balance on my statement. Only to realize that the payment never actually went through (and a specialist couldn't figure that out..??). Finally have the payment go through and none of my listings are synced. Try to hook something up and since I have unique products that I make myself I don't have a UPC/ASIN number to put on. But how can I get one of those? Oh you have to register your brand (but wait didn't I do that by buying the Professional Package and hooking my Shopify up to prove that I am a business? - nope) But to register your brand you have to show that you own your business' trademark. Well technically you don't need to trademark your business name to run a business.. So yea I'm not going to spend another $500 to trademark my business name just so I can spend $40 a month dealing with people who can't help me and products that I can't post. Bye forever.

Hott Deals

This Amazon sale app is big crap. Products from my Shopify Store does not scyn automatically and push products to amazon like some other sales app do, instead I have to create listing for every product manually and that would take forever to do it. This is horrible sale app and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone!