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Amazon channel

by Shopify

Sell on Amazon by listing your products and managing orders.

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Really terrible app so far.

1) You can only sync products in 1 category- clothing
2) You have to manually change prices of your items- would be nice if you could just up the price of all items by a percentage.
3) No ability to bulk upload products- you have to do it 1 by 1, variant by variant
4) You can't make any product live on Amazon without filling out every single field, so if you have a lot of products you want to push to Amazon, you have to do it 1 by 1 by 1. Bulk Uploading abilities are a must-have.
5) It forces you to put in a UPC or an EAN, even though on Amazon if you register your brand with them you don't need these things.
6) The list goes on and on I can't remember everything because we decided this isn't going to work for us.

This app is so incredibly important and companies are charging insane amounts of money to accomplish what it wants to do so I hope Shopify makes this a priority.

The American Outdoorsman Footwear

Very Very Buggy......This should not be out of Beta.

Be warned.....unless you sell Clothing you cannot use the App at this point.

Love Shopify and thought this was going to be great, but its nothing more than an epic disappointment.

Sp Retail Llc

App works great for me. Have made a couple sales, and checked to make sure inventory matches up and is being fed, which it is. Able to do entire transaction from my Shopify store without having to go to Amazon. My only feature request at this time is the ability to do a force update, right now the app refreshes data on it's on and does not supply a button that you can click to force the app to refresh data with Amazon on demand.

Ease Living

While this does send my Amazon orders to my Shopify store and then sends the fufillment to Amazon, that is all it does. Inventory is not syncing. Products that I have not lynced through the app I am somehow receiving orders on. I am not able to charge different prices on Amazon vs Shopify (I usually charge more on Amazon bc of fees). Have spoken to the gurus a couple of times without success. This one needs a lot more work.


Don't waste your time, app is not ready yet. Just like most of the shopify sales channels apps this fails big time. It does really nothing, click link amazon products to shopify 4 of my listings show out of dozens. Click create new listing using my shopify products and error can't create any unless your in the fashion category? So can't really do anything.

Just wait until this app is properly designed or go directly to amazon and do it right. Can't believe someone got paid to create this lol

Scoppio Design

Does not connect with selected product Fulfillment.
Your only choice is to manual ship items which is not to helpful when your product
has an fulfillment center other than amazon handling the order.


This is sort of a cautionary lesson to those thinking about trying this, especially those who don't already sell on Amazon. Certain types of stores just aren't a good fit. My store carries mainly limited items and one-offs from overseas brands; we might only have one or two of each item in stock, and we're just constantly adding new items as we sell what we have.

First, signing up for an Amazon Professional Seller account is time-consuming in itself, and it also costs $39. There's no real way to "try out" the Amazon channel before paying that. So you could be out of luck if you figure out it's just not for you.

Because our products were not known to Amazon, I had to fill out a bunch of new info for *each* product. Amazon also has its own image requirements (that Amazon itself doesn't follow), so if you're given images from the manufacturer that aren't 1,000 pixels on one side, you basically can't list an item.

In the end it was clear that it was going to be at the very least a huge amount of work to get my listings on Amazon, and that the time I'd take doing so would be better spent just trying to sell them on my own site, especially considering we only have one or two of each item.

Also, if you sell on Amazon, be aware that you have to abide by their liberal return policies. Since our items are imported, mostly handmade and limited (and also since we have so many people asking us to "borrow" our items), we have a strict return policy and our customers all know it. The Amazon return policy alone was almost a dealbreaker for us.

I guess I expected this to be more of a Shopify sales channel like any other - your products and inventory are still in Shopify and your store policies apply. But this is really just like a sync app between two totally separate stores; one your Shopify store, the other your Amazon store. If you already sell on Amazon or you have a store that's only got a few products but many of them (rather than the reverse), then this might be a good fit. It wasn't for our store.


Wrong link products ... can't edit product on order when push wrong name . Link products show only 5 products

Shabbychicdecor Com

CAUTION USING THIS APP -(((((I am revising my rating at this time. I have reduced this rating to 1 star at this time. This App does not sync tracking ID and carrier service back to Amazon correctly. This leads to your seller performance score in violation and you will get notice of being suspended by Amazon. The work around at the moment is to archive then delete your order at the shopify system and use the Amazon dashboard to handle your order. )))))

Below is my previous comments:

This is a good answer to channel sells with Amazon. To give you a quick summary, the application will fetch from Amazon all of your orders into Shopify and sync back to Amazon the order fulfillment via Shopify fulfillment. Likewise it will sync inventory for you. TIP: set shopify tracks inventory!

I would give this a 5 star but it still needs a few tweaks from the developers. However, this is the first week out of beta so give the folks at Shopify to here what we would like in feature improvements.

Tracking input is not granular, i.e. FedEx not FedEx SmartPost or Ground or Express, etc - same with USPS Priority Mail, First Class and UPS Ground, SurePost etc.

Another reason I cannot give this a 5 star at this time is that it brings all Amz orders into Shopify, regardless of whether you have this product in Shopify or not. I find this a problem because we run 2 stores online with different products. The result is you can only sync 1 store, else you will have duplicates.

FYI - there is a latency on order sync back to Amz, I have notice 1 - 2 minutes. Sometime faster.

I would recommend you giving this a try. Hope this helps.

ThunderHorse Bob


very bad because it just support USD, any idea when it available for other currency?