Amazon channel

Amazon channel

by Shopify

Sell on Amazon by listing your products and managing orders.

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The UniDragon

App fails to keep inventory even, really can't create asins...I honestly don't get why Shopify integration apps are so bad. This one and the eBay one both struggle with inventory, both struggle with properly linking...I think I'm going to just go back to manually adding inventory to all three. I hate having to do it that way, but this app just doesn't do it right. The only app I see that looks like it does it right costs $30 per month plus 2% of my sales, which isn't gonna fly when I'm in this stage of my growth.

Oh and couple more things: There's no search option or sort option, and the inventory appears on the list hap-hazardly. No easy way to unlink all or even individual items. In addition, some items that are listed on Shopify and/or Amazon don't appear on the list at all.

Seb & Han

Do not waste your time to install this app. I been trying last 3 days and it does not connect and it kept going to the same error message and login screen! WARNING: DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME TILL THEY FIX THIS!

Kid Angeles Supply Co.

This app is nothing but utter trash. I'm EXTREMELY disappointed in both Shopify & Amazon in even having this app still up. IT DOES NOT WORK! DO NOT DOWNLOAD AND/OR WASTE YOUR TIME LIKE I HAVE.


Amazon is not a good app to follow or to get involve with it. I will not get the application even if were free.


This is so bad, it's almost impossible to use now. Complete waste of time and effort to try and add automation instead doing more manual crap. Come on shopify it's 2018 not 1999.


GARBAGE! I don't know why this app. is being offered.

The Speedster Club

i was about to expand my shopify channels with amazon but after all the terrible reviews I read I decided not to go. That would be a frustrating and very expensive waste of time

Stuff Evolved

What a useless piece of shit. It has been months and they can't add features that are useful? It takes waaaaay too long to do anything. Adding variants should be automatic, but for each product that has 100 variants you have to manually input the price and choose the variant?!?!?! this amounts to hours of work!!!!

Total Sports Llc

Update 8/14/2018 - You can't remove any deleted or unwanted listings which makes search even longer since it doesn't remove or give you the option to remove them. This app is made for someone that doesn't already have stuff on Amazon so you can easily add your inventory to Amazon. It's not easy to search your items still as stated below because they have no search bar within the Amazon section of Shopify so if you have a lot of products, like we have almost 2000 it takes about a half an hour to page through all your stuff until you find the item you need to change, extremely frustrating.

This app is almost awful, it doesn't link ANYTHING, and then once you link an item it makes it a variant, you can't do a search you have to page through all of your products until you find the one you need to correct, and it doesn't show you what's truly active. If we have to correct a product or pricing we have to go straight to Amazon to do that because of the searching issue. The only thing that's good about this app is that it syncs with our inventory between our web store and all our marketplaces. Amazon app for Shopify definitely needs huge improvements to make life easier not harder.

Airdamour Com

it's not for everyone, this app for a small seller who sells less than 100SKU with big inventory from each SKU if you one of this seller then you can use it with no problem,

if you have more than 300 SKU with less than 25 unit in each SKU then you have a problem, it's not syncing quickly, takes time so if you sell in ebay also you need to be careful about that because you'll start canceling orders and in Amazon big issue,

it's not a bad app, but it's simple and not even for small or medium size businesses,

this app for someone who will never run out of his inventory even in seasons days