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Amazon channel

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Sell on Amazon by listing your products and managing orders.

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Smoky Mountain Fresh Roast Coffee

A week of utter frustration. This is NOT a Channel. Your Shopify Products DO NOT sync to Amazon! This is FRAUDULENTLY ADVERTISED BY SHOPIFY. The link that goes from Shopify is simply an Affiliate link, so Shopify gets to make even more money off of you! I closed the Amazon Seller's account within the week, listing no products whatsoever and Amazon promptly charged me $39.99 and sent an email stating that this may not be all I owe them. Two hours of chat with Shopify Help was only more frustrating as they refuse to do anything about their false advertising. Since it is NOT a Shopify Channel that syncs your products and is only an Affiliate link that gives Shopify a portion of your fee, Shopify has no incentive to put an end to their FRAUD!
Anyone interested in a couple of Shopify stores?

Wonderful Wallart

doesn't work for UK sellers and this review needs to be 30 characters.

Coclico Nyc

Zero stars. Useless. I don't understand why it is so hard to get the product set-up and it blows my mind that a company like Amazon doesn't have a functional, effort-free Shopify app. Whatever sales you might imagine you'd get are not worth the anxiety of this process. We didn't sell directly on Amazon before - it wasn't worth it to us to try and put product on Amazon unless it could sync with our Shopify inventory, we can't manage our inventory on two platforms we are too small a team to find the time for that. So when the app came out we thought it worth giving a try. Every single other integration we have tried has done exactly what it said it would, 30min set up and minimal maintenance. Its April now and we started the setup process in SEPTEMBER. I will say that the person at Amazon who has been holding our hand through this has been absolutely lovely. For her sake too I wish this app was functional, I'm sure her job would be much more pleasant not having to deal with people as frustrated as we are.

Piccadilly New Zealand


Spectrum Laser Lights

Beating a Dead Horse here. Shopify product VARIANTS!

I have about 14 products to list. It was important for me to be able to have another sales channel through my shopify dashboard. Shipping invoicing, all in one place.
Sounds great...sounds easy...right?

The creating the listing process is where you hit a wall. The description page, does not give you an option of creating a listing without a variant. My product comes in one size/color/shape. There are no variants. Amazon and Shopify support both tell me there is an option for NO VARIANTS SELECTED. But there is no option. Maybe in their multiverse everything works with no issues. Sorry, not in my world. I got tired of explaining over and over again so I made a video of the issue, below. BigCommerce is starting to look really good now. Sad!Ap9oaMxUVZBMwYF6317MAYp9wLjSJw


You'd think a behemoth of a company like Amazon would be easier to list on, especially with an app, but no. You are probably best off not using this app and listing directly on their website. I swear, Etsy isn't nearly as big as Amazon and their GUI has always been easier to use, and just gets better. Come on Amazon, spend some money on programming and move into the 21st century already.

Fuel Flex

The integration between Amazon and shopify is very painful. After manually uploading a few test products (which took several hours), I made a good number of sales within the first week and was hopeful despite the reviews on Shopify. Fast forward 2 weeks, and I too got the email notifications about my account being suspended claiming I am selling counterfeit items. I provided as much documentation as I could, but am very discouraged as the items Amazon is claiming are counterfeit have never been listed on the Amazon side. In addition to suspending all sales, Amazon is refusing to pay the remainder of funds collected on my previous sales. This is a huge ripoff and very discouraging. It's impossible to speak to a real person in the sole department that can reactivate my account - PQ seller. Seller support provides a generic response that is not helpful at all. Proceed with caution if you decide to sell on Amazon.

Urban Ave Boardshop

We do NOT recommend Amazon !!!!!! We set up an account with Amazon, Amazon charged a $39.99/month fee for the subscription , we provide all the suppliers invoices for our products, Tax ID number, physical address and website information. After that our Amazon account was suspended!!! No reason either explanation, is this a scam ?
We have been trying to get this resolved , but all we got was an automated reply that our account is suspended.


We reviewed your account and the information you provided, and we decided that you may no longer sell on

For privacy reasons, we do not provide details about our investigation methods. We may not reply to further emails about this issue.


Seller Performance Team

Canine Couture Collection Pa


Only one star

Yeah, and that's for potential. When I came to Shopify, I was promised I'd easily be able to attach my store to Amazon. I sell DOG COATS! Are PET SUPPLIES really that difficult?

I resent Shopify for not yet having this incredibly easy category. Ive been waiting for two years.


Someone, please, take initiative. Don't en a jerk and fix this unfinished app..

Shopify is testing my patience.

Rear Tone

We set up an account with Amazon to take advantage of an additional sales channel. Amazon charges a $39.99/month fee for this, which was charged to our corporate card. Following that our Amazon account was suspended, before we even listed any products.

We have been trying to get this resolved for nearly a week, but all we get are automated replies that our account is in review, and we should ship any open orders and provide supplier invoices for all orders from the last 90 days. Obviously we've never even listed let alone sold anything on Amazon so the automated responses are pointless.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to resolve this or get a direct or responsive contact at Amazon, please let us know. If Amazon should resolve the matter we are happy to revise the review accordingly after actually using the app.

** Update. After literally 7 months of trying to satisfy them by uploading documents at their request, Amazon says "We have decided you may not sell on Amazon. We may not respond to further emails about this case".

Thank you Amazon for wasting my time for 7 months and charging me $40 for it.